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Global Wellness Summit

Rutgers University

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Organizational and Community Wellness

Dr. Phyllis' straightforward and humorous presentations blend ancient holistic wisdom with cutting edge research in a way that is fun and easy to understand. She travels nationally and internationally as a Holistic Health Educator and to research indigenous holistic practices to integrate into her healing techniques and workshops. Click here to learn more.

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Learn the secrets of looking good and feeling great while preventing, reversing or recovering from disease.

Our virtual and online learning programs will demystify wellness and share strategies for:

  • Looking and feeling great, increasing energy, improving the quality of your skin

  • Transforming leadership potential from the inside out

  • The stages of dis-ease, preventative health and radiant health strategies

  • Learning how to build a stronger, body while reducing pain and inflammation

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Guiding You on Your Path to Radiant Health

Getting healthy may seem like a long journey, but you are not alone! Your comprehensive INITIAL consultation will generally run approximately 90 minutes long and begins with a detailed holistic health assessment. Applying the wisdom of ancient holistic practices and modern day cutting edge research, we glean the complete picture of your state of health and develop a strategy utilizing a combination of healing tools that are customized just for you. Your plan will guide and help you give your body what it needs to heal itself. You'll also receive a manual with basic information and a comprehensive shopping list to help you get started. PLEASE NOTE: All appointments must be pre-paid in order to be confirmed. PLEASE NOTE: WE HAVE TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED INDIVIDUAL AND GROUP CONSULTATION APPOINTMENTS.  

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