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Why We Say À

Àṣẹ (pronounced ah-shay) is a word that comes from the Yoruba language. It means the power to manifest an idea or dream into reality. Life is full of unexpected events that disrupt our comfort zones and can often knock us to the ground. How we choose to respond will determine whether or not we are willing to go on the Journey To Radiance. This page offers voices from the community who discovered as a thought partner to help guide their self-care endeavors. We say àṣẹ because we know that we have the power to make it happen ... whatever "it" may be. Àṣẹ!

Practice Meditation While Experiencing Shared Stories On The Journey To Radiance

The images below were created to help you practice focusing your attention. Read the shared stories, then practice switching focus between the strong foreground image and the subtle background image. What additional meanings are you able to discern that can assist you in actively engaging in your own self care? If you find meditation challenging, visit this page often to help you hone your skills.