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The Chakra Emotions Energy Wisdom Quick Start Toolkit = Healing Feelings + Trauma Recovery. The chakras can directly or indirectly influence our thoughts and actions. They are not visible to the naked eye, but they can be felt. Discernment is the wisdom of our chakras. As we begin to understand how these chakras function within our bodies, we cultivate the wisdom of discernment and empower ourselves to transform frustration into inspired actions that catalyze healing.


Conventional Psychology uses what is called an “Emotions” or “Feelings Wheel” to help us identify and name how we feel. However, without an understanding of our chakras and how they energize our emotions, we may struggle to find balance. Indigenous wisdom and healing practices presents a more integrated way of cultivating discernment though the balancing of our chakras → emotions. Use this toolkit to help you apply energy wisdom to all aspects of your life including:

☥  Learning which emotions correspond to our seven primary chakras

☥  Practices and behaviors that help to balance each chakra

☥  Visual images to help you understand the concepts and apply it to everyday life


The Chakra Emotions Energy Wisdom Quick Start Toolkit is an outstanding companion to the Discernment ☥ Wisdom Of Our Chakras blog (link provided in the toolkit) and  is a great gift idea for students, teachers, family and friends. It is an essential teaching tool for Social Workers, Counselors, Mental Health Practitioners and Community Leaders.


The digital format is available immediately upon purchase. 


PHYLLISHUBBARD.COM creates healing art that teaches, heals and empowers us to actively engage in self-care. Purchase copies for family, colleagues and community to promote humanitarianism through daily actions that serve our highest good. 


Experience The Power Of Paying It Forward With Every Purchase

When you share healing, healing comes back to and flows through you. Order a copy for yourself, friends, family and leaders in your community.


Technical Specifications

14.4 MB, High Resolution Downloadable PDF File

Afrocentric Art, Sacred Geometry, Healing Visual Art, Emotional Wellbeing And Mental Balance


Your Support Helps Us Empower Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant Communities

Pluralistic wellness information that empowers Black, Indigenous and Immigrant communities is severely underfunded. Thank you for your support. Purchases are cannot be exchanged or refunded, but please know that your purchase helps us to provide wellness content to disenfranchised communities. Every purchase helps us to prevent the disenfranchisement of wellness information to Black, Indigenous and Immigrant communities. 


The Chakra Emotions Energy Wisdom Quick Start Toolkit = Healing Feelings

The Chakra Emotions Energy Wisdom Quick Start Toolkit

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