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Leadership ☥ A Transformative Journey ☥ The Interactive Workbook stimulates contemplative thought, evolves as your leadership qualities develop and offers strategies for:


☥  Protecting your business from sabotage

☥  Business innovation

☥  Increasing productivity ☥ efficiency ☥ creativity

☥  Cultivating customer loyalty

☥  Preserving your health while you earn your wealth


Discover the missing links that keep Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant Communities from evolving and thriving. This innovative journal was created, by popular request, to accompany the video presentation and offer additional resources including:


☥  80+ pages of transformative leadership content

☥  30+ timeless journal prompts and exercises 

☥  Healing herbal support for leaders

☥  Additional healing/leadership practices/resources


Purchase the interactive workbook for your staff and conduct quarterly check in meetings to discuss progress, challenges and opportunities. 


Experience The Power Of Paying It Forward With Every Purchase

When you share healing, healing comes back to and flows through you. Order a copy for yourself, friends, family and leaders in your community.


Technical Specifications

29.4 MB, Downloadable PDF File

Interactive ☥ Experiential Leadership Workbook, Transformational Leadership Studies, Workplace Wellness, Emotional And Mental Balance


You'll find empowering images of Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant People who actively engage in self-care throughout our Transformational Leadership Self-Care ☥ Discovery Journal.


Your Support Helps Us Empower Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant Communities

Pluralistic wellness information that empowers Black, Indigenous and Immigrant communities is severely underfunded. Thank you for your support. Purchases are cannot be exchanged or refunded, but please know that your purchase helps us to provide wellness content to disenfranchised communities. Every purchase helps us to prevent the disenfranchisement of wellness information to Black, Indigenous and Immigrant communities. 

Leadership ☥ A Transformative Journey ☥ The Interactive Workbook

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