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"Many Manifestations Of Anpu" is original art by Sacred Geometry and Visual Healing Artist Dr. Phyllis SHU Hubbard. Anpu is the God of Change ☥ Resourcefulness ☥ The Afterlife ☥ Servant To Lost Souls ☥ The Disenfranchised - a God of Kamit (Ancient Egypt). Anpu is generally represented with the head of a jackal. The motion picture industry consistently casts white actors to represent Anpu on TV and in the movies. Their representation of Anpu is mostly a dramatized version of a dark villain. Social programming also includes the practice of favoring/leading with the Ancient Greek renaming of the original African name. Anpu was renamed “Anubis” by the Ancient Greeks. Instead of being angry about the relentless appropriation of our culture, lets redirect that energy into healing past and current trauma within our lives, sharing the truth so that we can restore the dignity of our ancestors, and understanding ☥ dismantling the root causes of racial trauma.


Smart Art is intelligent visual healing art that evolves with you and helps you to tap into your innate wisdom. The Sacred Geometry ☥ color therapy improves mental acuity ☥ concentration and balances the body ☥ mind ☥ emotions. Studying art that affirms identity ☥ culture empowers you to discover ☥ develop hidden talents. The digital format allows you to use Smart Art as a screensaver, wallpaper and to cultivate cultural competency. Each file is available immediately (without watermark identifiers).


Experience The Power Of Paying It Forward

When you share healing, healing comes back to and flows through you. Order a copy for yourself, friends, family and leaders in your community.


Technical Specifications

287 KB, High Resolution Downloadable Image (signed without watermark)

Afrocentric Art, Sacred Geometry, Healing Visual Art, Art For Black History/Students, Emotional And Mental Balance


Your Purchase Helps Us Prevent The Disenfranchisment Of Black, Indigenous And Immigrant Communities

This original sketch art infused with photo images represents manifestations of Anpu based on his African identity. We cannot wait for others to validate our worth as human beings. We must begin the healing journey of loving and accepting ourselves. Seeing ourselves accurately represented is a vital part of our healing process. 


PHYLLISHUBBARD.COM creates healing art that teaches, heals and empowers us to actively engage in self-care. Please purchase copies for schools and communities to teach students about Anpu and to help restore the dignity of our ancestors through the reclamation of our stolen legacies. 


Your Support Helps Us Empower Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant Communities

Pluralistic wellness information that empowers Black, Indigenous and Immigrant communities is severely underfunded. Thank you for your support. Purchases are cannot be exchanged or refunded, but please know that your purchase helps us to provide wellness content to disenfranchised communities. Every purchase helps us to prevent the disenfranchisement of wellness information to Black, Indigenous and Immigrant communities. 


"Many Manifestations Of Anpu" is Smart Art With Heart

Many Manifestations Of Anpu

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