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Ujamaa is a Swahili word that refers to our collective family ☥ brotherhood ☥ sisterhood ☥ the universal bonds that connect ☥ sustain our humanity. We embody Ujamaa by embracing self-care ☥ giving from our excess ☥ cultivating a growth ☥ evolutionary mindset. We are on a mission to produce mental wellness ☥ leadership ☥ healing content uninfluenced by sponsors’ agendas and making it available for free ☥ open access to Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant Communities.

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We endeavor to empower Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant Communities to heal ☥ transmute trauma that we continue to experience and that we’ve inherited from hundreds of years of racism, oppression and disenfranchisement. There is no legion of troops coming to save us. We are our own salvation. We don’t heal when we run from pain. We heal when we face ☥ breathe into the pain, creating space for the pain to transmute into wisdom and dissipate. We fill ourselves up, and from our overflow, we give to empower ourselves and our communities. We need your help to disseminate strategies to heal our mind ☥ body ☥ emotions ☥ family ☥ community. Become a Heal, Nourish or Rise ☥ VIP member on Patreon at:


Heal Level

☥ Beginning at $3 per month 

As you heal you help others to heal. Your support helps to fulfill its mission of producing mental wellness, leadership and healing content and making it available for free ☥ open access to Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant Communities.


Nourish Level

☥ Beginning at $9 per month

As you heal and nourish yourself, you help to heal and nourish others which invites positive energy into your life ☥ healing comes back to and flows through you. Thank you for paying it forward.

Final Rise Level

Rise ☥ VIP level

☥ Beginning at $25 per month

There is no fulfillment like knowing that you have helped someone else to fulfill their potential. My Rise ☥ VIP Patrons help me to fulfill my mission of global healing ☥ empowerment through self-awareness ☥ empowerment and reconnection to the truest part of ourselves.