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Kamit☥ology is a celebration of identity ☥ ancestry ☥ culture procurement and the study of you.
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Love Forgives Note Card
Leadership Excellence Affirmation Strategy Card

Leadership ☥ A Transformative Journey is a collection that stimulates contemplative thought, evolves as your leadership qualities develop and offers strategies for protecting your business from sabotage, cultivating business innovation and increasing productivity, efficiency, creativity, customer loyalty and preserving your health while you earn your wealth. Most of the images in this collection were created to help you practice focusing your attention. Read the leadership strategy then practice switching focus between the foreground and background images. What additional meanings are you able to discern that can assist you in your leadership journey and in actively engaging in your own self-care? If you find meditation challenging, practice often to help you hone your skills. Purchase and share this collection to help us prevent the disenfranchisement of wellness information to Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant communities, make our world healthier and to invite positive karma into your life because when you share positivity, it comes back to and flows through you.

Qigong Exercises Cultivate Sexual Alchemy Wellness Card
Emotional Balance Cultivates Sexual Alchemy Empowerment Mug
Energize Eyes For Workplace Wellness Strategy Card
Emotional Balance Cultivates Sexual Alchemy Empowerment Mug
Much more to come!
Check this page regularly for announcements of our new collections!
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