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When I was a child, I spent hours rubbing my skin against the arm of my blond-haired, three-foot-tall, white Barbie doll each day. I thought life would be kinder to me if only I could get this black out of my skin. I'm incredibly grateful that my time was spent in vain, and I was able to recover from self-hatred.

That said, it took many years for me to discover my unique gifts and talents which enabled me to unapologetically accept, fall in love with and learn more about my:

Curly Hair

☥ Dark Skin

☥ Unknown Ancestry 

☥ Diverse Cultural Background and Experiences

When I became a healer, I discovered that most people do not like themselves so requesting that they love themselves was too much to ask upfront. I began to teach people how to get to know themselves and connect with their identity as a pathway to self-love.

While preparing for a presentation with a youth organization, I struggled to find realistic and empowering images of Black, Indian, Indigenous, Middle Eastern, Asian, Caribbean and other students to include in my PowerPoint slides. I am a serious homebody and introvert, but these struggles pushed me to do my part to create change. I became almost obsessed with taking pictures and videos of and with people that I meet.


My hope is that becomes a cross-cultural healing haven for everyone that centers Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant People who endeavor to heal ☥ nourish ☥ rise so that we all can master ☥ our ☥ lives. 


If you are a Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant person who has a beautiful, high-resolution picture of yourself actively engaging in your own self-care, please email it to with your written permission, and we'll feature your image on We love pictures of children, but respectfully request that you do not send a picture of a child by themselves. To protect the beautiful energy of children, who can't give permission without a true understanding of the internet, we want pictures of children with at least one adult. Teenagers are welcome to send in images by themselves or with consenting friends. 



Red Doors
Worlds End South Africa
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Even though I have been completely immersed in white culture since early childhood which is tantamount to eating vanilla ice cream for breakfast, lunch, dinner and all my snacks while watching TV, movies, listening to the radio and reading about vanilla ice cream all day ☥ every day  I still continually question my views of White people, actively resist judgment and seek understanding to hold myself accountable to potential biases and fallacies.  

Dr. Phyllis ☥ Shu ☥ Hubbard 
Pyramids in Saqqara, Egypt
Jal Mahal