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Journey To Radiance ☥ Black Panther I ☥

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The nature of a panther is that [they] never attack. But if anyone attacks or backs [it] into a corner, the panther comes up to wipe that aggressor or that attacker out. Huey Newton

Black human rights protestors

I'm tired of bein' poor and, even worse, I'm black, My stomach hurts so I'm lookin' for a purse to snatch ... Tupac Shakur ☥ From The Song 'Changes'

I understood Stanley Nelson Jr. to say that he created The Black Panthers: Vanguard Of The Revolution as a "cautionary tale." His words resurface within me constantly as I investigate what part I can play in our healing and in the restoration of our humanity. Whether we are idle, active, ignorant or enlightened, we all play a part, and it is up to us to continually check in with the truest parts of ourselves to ensure that the part we play moves us closer to love. I am thoroughly fed up with the portrayal of the Black Panther Party For Self-Defense as a terrorist group. However, as SPIRIT leads me through a deeper overstanding of social programing, I have come to realize that so many of our perceptions about the world are either wrong, misinterpreted or at the very least needs to be re-examined. I've been in the process of questioning what I believe to be true and during this process, I've discovered what I can only describe with words as a stickiness attached to my perceptions. It made me think of a spider web because an idea may be invisibly linked or stuck to a perception that I hadn't recognized before. As I meditated on it further, the term webs of deception surfaced, and I took it to mean that which entangles us yet, at the same time, prevents us from seeing how intricately we are connected to each other.

Black male and spider web

Let's allow nature to teach us more about these webs of deception by studying spiders. Our exposition into webs of deception may feel like the wonder of an intricately woven spider web, so please get comfortable and grab your healthy snacks because there will be digressions. Spider webs are sticky because they are intended to capture prey and keep it immobilized until it can be fed upon. Colonization functions like a spider web that traps us:

☥ We are stung and dragged into the web.

☥ We are lured into a place or because we are not paying attention, we walk right into the

web, and it sticks to us, both distracting us from what we were doing and trapping us.

☥ We neglect an area of our lives, and the spider enters and starts spinning its web,

quietly gathering supplies and setting traps. Even if we see the web in a corner of our

home, we may delay in getting rid of it, giving the spider time to multiply in hidden

areas that are out of our immediate sight/reach.

Colonizers function like spiders that hunt via land, air and sea and employ a number of devices to deliver and sustain an array of traps:

☥ The Trapdoor spiders use plant materials and soil to build the illusion of substances

that occur in nature. The "trap door" has a sticky web on one side, that prey cannot

see, and it also has a trip wire made of invisible silk to alert the spider upon capture.

☥ The Portia (jumping) spiders use deception by pretending to be injured/trapped within

a spider web and then attacking the unsuspecting spider through the element of

surprise. It is important for us to overstand the colonizers' willingness to cannibalize

itself to win at any cost.

☥ The Bolas spiders capture male moths by releasing sex pheromones that resemble the

female moth. Having baited the moths with the pheromones, they swing a sticky

mass of silk to trap the moths.

Black man studying nature

As I was preparing for bed, I felt something by my ear. I screamed, jumped and saw a spider run across the bed. I had never seen a spider in the bed before, and I was highly agitated, but I couldn't default to my social programing (by quickly jumping out of bed and running) because I was recovering from a broken bone injury and on crutches. Instead, I had to calm down and deal with the issue. I slowly got up, went to the bathroom, turned on the bright light by the vanity, sat down and inspected my body. Two little spider legs had fallen down inside my bra, which would have normally resulted in more jumping, running and screaming. However, given my situation, I once again was stuck with calming down, grabbing the witch hazel and removing the spider legs from my boobs. I began to realize that SPIRIT had decided to use this experience as an opportunity to teach me a lesson, and I was not pleased at all. I got back into bed and reached for my pillow only to find that the spider was still there, quietly waiting to make a hasty escape. I entered into the zone, moving at warp speed, as I calmly captured the spider in a scarf that was on the bed and carefully carried it to the washing machine, which I filled with the rest of the clothes I was wearing. As I came to bed for the third time, I went off on SPIRIT.

Was all that really necessary!!! Am I not doing good healing work? Why am I being punished?! You know how much I don't like spiders anywhere near me. Really! What was that all about?!?!!!!!

I was truly incensed. I felt punished for absolutely no reason whatsoever. After my rant, it got really quiet, and I heard SPIRIT respond, "Why are you having such a strong reaction? Is there some hidden trauma that needs to be healed?" Damn. That one totally snuck up on me and was attached to learned fears/responses that I picked up in early childhood. The time I spent in Costa Rica with the super-sized bugs in the rainforest had already cured my issues with insects, so why was I tempted to run, jump and scream? This was a sticky lesson for me because as I journeyed beneath the surface of the issue, I discovered that it was actually connected to an unresolved trauma based on a story that I made up in my child mind about God punishing me for no reason. I had forgotten how angry I was at God for abandoning me. It was the only way my child brain knew how to process the trauma of being left alone so much as a child. We must revisit the stories that we told ourselves in early childhood, because they are often riddled with misinterpretations of reality. During my mental health studies, I came across an interesting case of a young boy who was mentally tortured by dreams and feelings of bugs crawling all over him. He was taken to many different specialists, and then it was finally discovered that the root cause of his issue was actually one sentence that he misinterpreted. He had a cold and his uncle happened to be visiting. His uncle said to him, “Oh, looks like you’ve got a bug.” I’m bringing up this example because it is so important for everyone to overstand the fact that we must explicitly check children’s understanding of what we say. That one sentence caused the boy to believe that he literally had bugs inside him and set off what became a series of psychotic episodes. Though this example may seem extreme, I’ve had clients who have:

Children using art to communicate knowledge

It is vitally important that we periodically check in with children to have them reflect their understanding of concepts back to us. A fun way of accomplishing this goal, especially when we've used cultural idioms, would be to say something like, “Remember when I said not to cry over spilled milk? Draw me a picture that shows me what you think I meant.” When a child asks us “Why?” instead of answering the question, we can show them the answer and then ask them to explain it to us. In this way, we are constantly empowering them while checking their comprehension. We use cultural and other idioms all the time, and children don’t understand them. They don’t speak up about it, because they are embarrassed or don’t want to feel stupid. Instead, they respond by "pretending" that they know what we're talking about which begins a lifelong practice of "faking it" that I end up having to investigate and help them self-correct when they come to me for help. I’m amazed at how many times I've identified twisted ideas from childhood, within myself and my clients, that are entangled with other ideas. These ideological and emotionally ignorant constructs have repeatedly shown up in my research as trauma stemming from not knowing how to heal, disconnection from/disgust with one's physical body and sexual ignorance, debility, perversion and abuse. For these and many other reasons, it is equally important for us to take the time to question our perceptions and monitor ☥ investigate our strong reactions. Often times, just shining the light of awareness is all that we need to set ourselves free.

Once I took the time to investigate my strong reaction, I realized that all of the emotion I expended (my early childhood reaction) zapped my energy while doing absolutely nothing to change the fact that I still had to locate the spider and clean up while taking my time and being careful on crutches (my adult response). Being bedridden forced me to see that there was a totally different response to the event that was slow, methodical and more effective, yet enabled me to move fast enough to capture a running spider.

Nature is not only a powerful healer, but a formidable teacher. I believe SPIRIT also used the spider incident to help me overstand how to find ☥ cleanse the root causes of colonization for the benefit of everyone, including colonizers. Spiders are predators who feed on insects, but they also feed on other spiders. In other words, colonizers will feed on themselves if they deem it is necessary, or to achieve a conquest goal. These are some of the behaviors/tendencies that Indigenous People were explaining to me when they were breaking down the psychosis embedded within the strategy of colonization. The fear that white people have of Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant People (that we want to do to them what they/their ancestors have done to us) is so far-fetched that it is almost incredulous to believe. However, I feel the need to break it down so that we can hopefully crush this fear forever, because it keeps colonizers psychologically trapped in a web of deception that causes them to continue inflicting trauma to protect themselves from retaliation.

Black women engaging in self-care

I'll use myself as an example. If you've read any of my other blogs, you've come to realize that, like many of us, I have experienced a tremendous amount of trauma from white people - not just the inherited trauma from white people of/before 1492, 1592, 1692, 1792, 1892, but the white people of today - of my time. white people have come through my life like bulls in a china shop, often unconcerned about the harm they have caused and behaving like Portias, Trapdoors and Bolas - to the point that it often took me a while to figure out that I had been trapped in their web. It is equally important to assert that I have also experienced trauma from Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant People who have been socially programmed with self-hatred (often from birth). This trauma is generational and has caused us to compete with and sabotage each other's efforts in order to survive in a racially oppressed and hostile world. I have written about many of these issues in my How To Outsmart Our Monkey Mind blog, and invite you to read/re-read/study that blog to facilitate the healing process. The blogs ☥ podcasts on this website are not intended to be a one-time intellectual read ☥ listen for any of us, including myself. They are to be experienced over and over again to help us find ☥ put the pieces of ourselves back together so that we can heal past unresolved trauma. The blogs are longer reads because they are intended to facilitate the process of healing. Healing is not a quick fix, sound bite or one-size-fits-all strategy. Healing is a process. The blogs offer many pathways and processes so that no matter what process you choose, you will find your way.

The images are designed to help us learn how to focus our attention and meditate. The video clips, music, movies, research articles, etc. are included to help us lift our consciousness to the level of the solutions to our challenges. The purpose of the storytelling is to guide us past the drama of the story so that we can learn the lessons that the story was intended to bring ☥ recognize that we are not alone in this endeavor. Our unresolved trauma blocks us from 'seeing' that there are many people out there - all over the world and of all nationalities - who have dedicated their lives to helping us heal ☥ setting ourselves free ☥ co-creating an auspicious ☥ new ☥ healthy ☥ empowered ☥ world.

The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall. ☥ Che Guevara ☥

Understanding the truth and self-correcting with compassion for self ☥ others is an essential first step. I cannot stress enough how deeply this trauma is embedded within our psyche or the importance of healing it in order to restore our humanity. That said, while I will prevent ☥ protect myself from being traumatized by the actions of others,

the reason why I have no desire to retaliate for their past actions is that in order for me to do so, I would have to become like the people who caused harm which perpetuates endless cycles of trauma without solving the problems they've created or healing the harm.

Violence and especially murder has repeatedly been the covert or overt colonizer response to slow down or prevent the progress of Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant People. Though their inherited or current guilty conscience convinces them that our progress will result in revenge and retaliation, their warped perceptions keep them from seeing the truth. Colonization is an idea that lives within the minds of people, but it also lives within established systems and structures that make up the foundation of our society.

Ideas cannot be killed, but they can be identified ☥ healed ☥ transmuted ☥ transformed with love.

If we want to stop the evils of oppression, we have to overstand ☥ remove the root causes of and driving forces that fuel these ideas in the minds of colonizers and embedded within our social programming which affects every aspect of our lives. This is the psychosis that robs us of our humanity, and we cannot solve our challenges by lowering our consciousness to the level of the people who created the problem. If we scan the news reports of mass shootings, rogue police officers who resort to violence instead of honoring their mission to protect and serve, citizens who abuse their spouse/partner/children, business people caught in smuggling/trafficking/other scandals, celebrities indicted for manslaughter, etc., we see how these ideas work through our subconscious minds to influence our behaviors. Yet, our response addresses the end result without removing the root causes of these behaviors, and we wonder why they continue to repeat over and over again. It’s as if we believe that these actions spontaneously sprung up from nowhere.

Every action has a root cause and will continue to repeat until the root cause is removed. For example, if a person is allergic to peanuts, they will focus on not eating peanuts instead of investigating why their immune system is overreacting. It is not normal to be allergic to peanuts, so the allergic reaction is the symptom of a deeper issue that we are ignoring even though we think that we are addressing the problem.

This is one of the most difficult concepts for me to explain to people who are attempting to heal. They fail to understand that focusing solely on the symptoms places a temporary band-aid on the problem, which will eventually lead to other, seemingly unrelated, health issues (i.e. other allergies, internal inflammation, etc., will surface). Our unwillingness to drill down to the root cause forces us into a cyclical pattern of behaviors, like a gerbil on a wheel, that is tantamount to sweeping dirt under a rug. We have to think differently to get off the gerbil’s wheel. Our solutions exist in the realm of the evolved ☥ transformed mind.

Collage of ☥ Sekhmet ☥ Warrior Goddess ☥ Goddess Of Healing ☥

That said, how will resorting to revenge solve my problems, when I’m unable to even see a solution in that state of mind? Revenge = succumbing to an emotional addiction to the instant gratification of a distraction that makes me feel better in the moment without actually solving the problem. To make matters worse, how much time and energy would I have wasted on others that I could have invested in myself? At this point in my evolution, though I will study ☥ learn from it, I refuse to allow my mind to be infected by the dark side. No matter how hard colonizers work to force me to live a white-centered life, I'm determined to live a life with SPIRIT ☥ ancestry ☥ culture as my center. However, I will practice self-defense to protect myself from attack by educing my inner Sekhmet, and if guided to do so by SPIRIT, I will offer pathways to healing. Sekhmet is the Goddess of Healing, but she is also a formidable warrior. She is represented with the head of a lioness, illustrating her absolute strength in battle and calm strategic alertness as it is virtually impossible to sneak up on a cat. Sekhmet cannot be easily fooled and fighting her will most certainly end in defeat. I invest my time in Sekhmet training so that I can learn from past trauma, cultivate strength and thwart the negative actions of others in a way that removes the root cause. In addition, I believe that everyone needs to cultivate a personal credo that is co-created with and continually leveled up by SPIRIT. The foundation of my personal credo is oneness ☥ alignment with SPIRIT in my thoughts ☥ actions which includes:

☥ Learning about my history ☥ ancestry ☥ culture

☥ Healing ☥ transforming ☥ transmuting unresolved trauma

☥ Becoming more physically ☥ mentally ☥ emotionally self-aware ☥ astute

☥ Self-care which includes self-defense ☥ self-correction

☥ Living my life rooted ☥ grounded ☥ centered in SPIRIT ☥ taking actions that are solely

driven by inner wisdom

☥ A life-long commitment to the cultivation of cultural competency

☥ Doing my part to offer healing strategies ☥ share the challenges and opportunities of

Black women in fields of study where we have been oppressed such as science ☥ Recognizing that the tragedy and legacy of the social programming of Black ☥

Indigenous ☥ Immigrant People, such as Phillis Wheatley, still exists, has transformed

into an emulation of colonizer behavior and has been expanded to specifically

target African ☥ Immigrant scholars (who are unaware of US history) which

complicates our collective healing process and requires increased self-awareness in

the form of:

☥ An equal balance of compassion ☥ understanding for those of us whose actions are

driven by unresolved trauma

☥ An unwillingness to permit substandard behavior by offering specific feedback ☥

enforcing strong healthy boundaries

☥ Releasing judgment of self ☥ others as I evolve and heal

☥ A commitment to restorative practices as a first response to conflict

As I heal, I've learned how to spot the webs of deception that I couldn't see in earlier years and that placed white people at the center of my attention (the root cause of my unresolved trauma). I've also learned how to strengthen areas that I didn't realize were vulnerable to attack and convert trauma into the wisdom needed to guide my thoughts ☥ actions. Most importantly, I learned that the anger I felt was useless to me unless I could convert it to what Bruce Lee called "emotional content." This is the wisdom that Bat ☥ Celestial Goddess Of Interdependent Opposites teaches us so that we can learn how to be ultra calm ☥ focused in the midst of any situation and make the decisions that serve our highest good, even if required to do so at warp speed. This type of focus allows us to see ☥ feel invisible webs of deception before they can trap us. If the spider can no longer capture us, it will be forced to adapt which opens the pathway for its healing ☥ transformation. Because the prey has evolved to protect itself from impending and invisible danger, it has transformed into a healer ☥ protector of itself and potentially of those who intended to cause harm.

As a result of this transformation, our healing places us at a level of consciousness that is above retaliation and revenge, but the laws of karma and justice will still prevail through the actions of SPIRIT.

If the spider rejects the pathway for healing and continues to weave webs of deception, it will destroy itself in the process. At its new elevated state of consciousness, the evolved prey can now spot webs of deception as they are being spun by the spider which prevents and protects it from being trapped.

Women ☥ the feminine energy are an integral part of the Black Panther Party For Self Defense. While the women ran the free breakfast programs, it would not be uncommon for the women to arm themselves and stand guard while the men cooked breakfast for children of the community. Because gender roles would only split the power of the party, racism opened the door for gender equality among the Panthers. As women stood in and demonstrated their power, they were seen as great assets to the movement. After the dismantling of the Panthers, we witnessed hidden webs of deception in the form of a new dynamic of intimidation of the strength of women, which coincided with the rise of corporate hip hop music that denigrates women. These dynamics need to be examined and healed. This examination must also include hip hop artists who evolved creatively but were murdered before they could share their insights with the world. For example, Changes was recorded in 1992, but wasn’t released until 1998, two years after Tupac Shakur died. We find in this song an exemplification of history repeating itself:

First ship 'em dope and let 'em deal to brothers. Give 'em guns, step back, watch 'em kill each other. It's time to fight back that's what Huey [Newton] said, Two shots in the dark now Huey's dead ... Tupac Shakur ☥ From The Song 'Changes'

Imagine how the following two sentences would sound to sentient beings from another, more evolved ☥ peaceful galaxy: The life of Entrepreneur, Rapper and Songwriter Nipsey Hu$$le is of particular interest to study because his unapologetic embodiment of Pan African love (his mother is Black American ☥ his father is from Eritrea) and his commitment to investing in disenfranchised communities made him a target. He was murdered shortly after purchasing a small shopping center in Crenshaw.

Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant People who spread love and invest in the evolution of our nation get targeted and killed, but to what end? So colonizers can say “See? I am better than everyone after all!?” How does this make our nation strong? Are we any more evolved than the “third world” countries that we judge? Have we taken a moment to look at ourselves? What are we doing? Again and again, when we trace the origins of the negativity between us, we find colonizers at the root cause. The root causes are often mysterious or elusive to us because they are embedded within many webs of deception, often with Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant People who have been psychologically manipulated to do the dirty work on the surface which deflects the attention away from colonizers. The Black Panther Party's demonstration of the empowerment of all people was both admirable and strategic. Though the celebrated strength of Black women seemed to disappear with the systematic dismantling of the Black Panther Party (at least as it appeared to us physically), we witnessed a fresh, new re-emergence of this energy in multimedia with offerings such as:

☥ The Michonne character, a Black woman who establishes herself as a bad-ass katana

warrior and an asset to her community in the midst of an apocalyptic world.

☥ Empowered roles on Star Trek Discovery for the Black female character Owosekun and

technologically advanced rogue ship that is based on love, challenging each other to

grow and helping each other to shine (instead of outshining each other). That said, it

is important to note that Star Trek Discovery focused on an empowered Black

woman who was a first officer and took four excruciatingly long seasons to finally

promote her to captain. There was absolutely no reason why the show could not have

launched with her as a full captain. Captain Kirk took all kinds of risks/made rogue

decisions to protect his crew or thwart danger, yet when Michael Burnham made similar

decisions, she was stripped of her rank. Then, the network announced that Star Trek

Discovery would end with Season 5, representing a huge missed opportunity for the

network to showcase some level of evolution within the industry. Disenfranchisement +

social programming = fewer Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant executive directors, writers

and producers who can create, launch and effectively disseminate multidimensional

stories that truly represent who we are.

☥ Powerful roles for women in the Black Panther movie franchise that showcase

mastery in battle, intellect, political strategy. We must be the authoritative sources of our

history ☥ culture ☥ narratives and continue to provide specific feedback that exposes

These characters celebrate the intelligence ☥ strength of women as a welcomed enhancement to the strength of men, signaling an awareness of ☥ invitation for us to return to our natural way of being with each other and heal our relationships.

Ego games, power struggles and competition are revealed as the saboteurs of our success.

In the spirit of overstanding a concept, we can examine some of the strategic choices made during the age of the pyramids (2700 – 2200 BC) by Pharaoh Menkaure Of The Fourth Dynasty (2532 - 2504 BC) who commissioned the building of the smallest of the Giza Pyramids. His grandfather, Khufu, commissioned the building of the largest pyramid and his father, Khafre, commissioned the building of the second pyramid and the great Sphinx of Giza. The Giza Pyramids are considered to be one of the seven wonders of the natural world. Menkaure was both an engineer and a mathematician, but his ingenuity can be attributed to his ability to be a master synergist of intellect ☥ spirituality. He commissioned several images of himself with Hathor ☥ The Goddess Of Love to his right and Bat ☥ The Goddess Of Interdependent Opposites to his left. Why were these energies so important to him? Our right side is the dwelling place of our masculine energy, and Menkaure strategically places the embodiment of love to balance his masculine energies. Our left side is the dwelling place of our feminine energy, and Menkaure chooses the embodiment of the BALANCE of what we consider to be opposites, which also includes the masculine ☥ feminine energies. What can we learn from these choices? I invite you to sit with these ideas for a while. Take some time to journal thoughts and meditate on how we strengthen ourselves when we tap into our innate wisdom ☥ release the need to suppress the greatness in others. Spiritual evolution happens as realization of truth, either through an instantaneous "ah ha" moment or as an unfoldment of clarity - sort of like a fuzzy picture that slowly comes into focus.

Fania Davis and Dr. Phyllis SHU Hubbard
Me with Fania Davis during her retirement party. Fania is the sister of Angela Davis and a true Queen who carries on the work of the Black Panther Party. She retired as the Founder and Executive Director of RJOY (Restorative Justice For Oakland’s Youth) and transferred power over to the amazingly brilliant Dr. Teiahsha Bankhead. During my time in Oakland, I received Restorative Justice training through RJOY and their collaboration with the Oakland Unified School District. You see a lot of teeth in this picture because I couldn’t control my elation at attending her party during the night that the Black Panther movie was released in theaters in 2018. I attended her party and then went to see the movie the next day. Though I was bummed to find out that I missed the appearance of Ryan Coogler, who made a surprise visit to Oakland’s historic Grand Lake Theatre for the premiere that night as well, I was grateful to have participated in honoring a true legend in the movement. During my first visit to RJOY, Fania gave me a stone that said “Trust.” I still have that stone with me today, and I have meditated on so many aspects of trust. How do we cultivate trust? How do we heal from unresolved trauma so that it doesn't drive our actions and sabotage our efforts ☥ relationships? How do we act upon the trusted wisdom of SPIRIT (our intuition, the God that lives within us)? There is much more for us to learn and my work with RJOY helped me to see the balance between leading with the good that is in all of us while at the same time holding each other accountable to co-created benchmarks for trust. Please add RJOY to your list of trusted organizations to support.

If we analyze the brilliance of Dr. Edwin Nichols' work, we see value systems that reveal where we need to grow ☥ heal (these bullets quote his words and will make more sense if you watch his videos). Dr. Nichols presents what each ethnic group values the most:

☥ europeans groups value acquisition of the object

☥ Afrocentric groups value relationships ☥ equality ☥ respect

☥ Asian groups value cohesiveness of the group

☥ Indigenous groups value oneness (connection) with the Great Spirit

Cultural value systems

The european groups’ value system makes them the most dangerous and destructive, because it causes them to “objectify” people and drives them to win at all costs to acquire the object. But, because acquisition does not lead to fulfillment, they become trapped in webs of deception and endless cycles of “acquiring” to fill a void that can never be filled through acquisition. Indigenous People are the only group with a value system that has the potential to deliver deep fulfillment as well and the blessings of all of the other value systems. Indigenous People know how to acquire what they need without causing destruction to themselves, other people or the environment. However, there is ample room for growth for Indigenous People because, connection with SPIRIT is not enough. My phone is connected to a power source, but I need to understand the purpose of the phone, how and when to use/charge it. Most importantly, as time progresses, I need to evolve my understanding as well as use of the phone in novel situations. It’s important for us to recognize the need for all ethnic groups to evolve in consciousness because each ethnic group is functioning off of a value system based on antiquated experiences. As we evolve and grow, we need to update our value systems. To not do so, would be like attempting to use a 2023 laptop functioning with a 1956 operating system.

In this way, we can see that all groups are in need of evolution ☥ healing ☥ transformation. What’s missing is alignment with SPIRIT in thoughts ☥ actions which facilitates our growth ☥ evolution, and both prepares us for and protects us from danger.

For example, animals tend to be protected from tsunamis because they follow the natural impulse to move to higher ground months before the tsunami hits. People believe that they can outsmart nature or are so disconnected that they don’t follow their inner guidance.

Stay woke cuz all gold ain’t glistening, Choose your words wisely ‘cause the ALL-KNOWING'S listening … ☥ Sa Roc ☥

Black man taking action

When SPIRIT moves us to act, we may not understand why which may cause us to hesitate or ignore the nudge. I make a habit of cleansing my body ☥ mind each season. Shortly after the winter solstice, I felt a strong nudge from SPIRIT to do a cleanse. It didn’t make sense to do another cleanse so quickly, but the nudge was clear. Even though I disagreed and was annoyed by the nudge, I followed the directive. I ended up creating a special herbal blend that made me sleepy for two days (so my body could focus on strengthening immunity), and “mistakenly” double shipped myself a bunch of supplies. None of it made any sense to me. But then about a month later, I started to hear news reports of a pandemic coming and the next thing I knew, we were in the midst of COVID-19. Not only did I feel great and energetic, I didn’t have fear, because my time in the Ayurvedic clinic eliminated fear as a response to dis-ease. The people who came to our student clinic donated their bodies to us because they had been everywhere else and were out of options. With food, water, nutrition, herbs, therapeutic movement, Ayurvedic healing strategies and as STUDENTS, we healed all of them which filled me with a burning desire to bring this wisdom to the world (and especially to Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant People who would be overlooked/ignored), even though I knew that I would face ridicule, hostility, rejection, harassment and no options for seed funding to begin a practice (insurance companies won’t pay for my services). Around this time, I came across Huey Newton’s book, Revolutionary Suicide, which put language to what I was going through in my attempts guide people on their journeys to radiant health. I was initially frightened to move forward because of the Holistic Health doctors who have been targeted for speaking the truth about healing, but the love of healing ☥ people had already consumed me. Somehow I knew that SPIRIT was positioning and protecting my steps. The obstacles that I’ve had to face just to get to the point where I could create this website have been enormous. I wouldn’t have made it this far without the guidance of sages from the ancestral realm like Harriet Tubman who push me to keep going and stay connected to SPIRIT. My experiences in the clinic forced me to see the truth with my eyes and feel it with my hands. Regardless of how much resistance I face, no one can take those healing victories from me, and I have worked diligently over the years to collaborate with western medicine to reduce the stigma.

Instead of thinking about facing your problems, think about what your problems are facing. They are facing YOU. They are facing your luminosity … You transform by speaking about health, then speaking to health, then speaking from health. ☥ Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith ☥

For example, a person who attended one of my workshops approached me while they were in the middle of stage 4 cancer treatment. They were desperate for options. While drugs are out of my scope of practice, I could work with them to keep them alive through the drug treatment with nutrition, movement, meditation and leveling up their daily routines. In this way, their doctor does what they do, and I focus on what happens when they are at home. I was able to help this client keep their hair until the very last round of chemo (which was extremely toxic). But then, their hair grew back and they made it through the treatment with minimal reactions. Most importantly, when it was over, I worked with them for a year to regain strength and get the toxic residue of the drugs out of their body which is an important final step that many people miss. I’ve also worked with people who healed themselves using only holistic health. We can’t heal unless we know what ALL the options are, because there is no such thing as one way to heal. Greed and bullying are the only reasons that I’ve found that can explain why holistic health gets suppressed. Dr. Lesiba Baloyi speaks eloquently about how the western monolithic approach negates the very definition of science.

Holistic health in action

So, Holistic Health has taught me how to make my body a hostile environment for viruses. Viruses are parasites, but they can’t generate energy or synthesize proteins so they depend on the cells of the host that they infect. They reside within and use mucus to move through our bodies, so the first line of defense is to reduce stress ☥ improve nutrition to energize our immune system while simultaneously reducing/eliminating foods that create excess mucus in the body such as sugar, starches, pastas, breads, meat and dairy. Although viruses tend to be the invader that leads to COPD, my 27-year bout with the disease (which was the impetus for my journey to become a Holistic Health Doctor) was caused by acute trauma which catalyzed an acidic environment and enabled bacteria to thrive. Bacteria are considered to be saprophytes (nature’s scavengers). They need acidic conditions within the body, so the first line of defense is to eat a large percentage of foods that mostly digest alkaline (75% is ideal for most people) and reduce stress to prevent internal inflammation caused by emotional imbalances (i.e., heal unresolved trauma). Viruses and bacteria are all around us all the time. A healthy body is difficult to infect, and when a person is also emotionally balanced, their body becomes a hostile war zone for invaders. All of my clients, who showed up with health issues, thought that their nutritional habits/practices were healthy. Most of them were annoyed with me for insisting on going through my holistic nutrition presentation with them. This taught me that our social programming around the concept of health is filled with fallacies. It became fun for me to wait for that moment in my presentation when the light bulbs would go on in their minds as they realized why they needed this education. It is up to us to become more self-aware and actively engage in self-care to ensure that even the most aggressive of invaders will be defeated if/when they enter our bodies.

When we know what to do, we can focus on taking action instead of being driven/manipulated by fear. If we become more self-aware and take immediate action, we can thwart most threats, regardless of how dangerous they may appear.

Even in extreme cases, our action will ensure that invaders only stay long enough for our immune system to create antibodies that ensure their exodus. However, fear, inaction and emotional eating is like a neon “party over here” sign for invaders. During the time that people were scrambling for supplies, I had more than I needed. When I went to the stores, I somehow would get there just when they were letting people in. Most of the time, what I needed was in stock, and I would find myself at the shortest lines. I never spent more than 45 minutes shopping at even the largest stores.

Sekhmet and holistic health in action

My connection to SPIRIT was an essential piece of the puzzle, but it was the alignment in thoughts and actions (even when I didn’t agree) that got me through. It’s amazing that I still put up resistance (which speaks to embedded social programming), but every argument that I have with SPIRIT ends with me eventually saying, “Ooooooh, that’s why you wanted me to do/say/write/eat/drink that.” These thoughts and actions might push us past the boundaries of our comfort zone and cause us to behave outside of our “normal” character.

Though it may be lighthearted and fun, the nudge is clear and intellectual. It will not ever be a reckless impulse.

Sekhmet is a great exemplification of this spiritual alignment because she the Goddess Of Healing which encompasses much more than our understanding of a healer. Healers do not tolerate or participate in substandard behaviors. Healers don’t meditate because their life is a meditation. They continually train their body ☥ mind ☥ emotions. This lifestyle enables Sekhmet to step into her full power as a Warrior Goddess who fights for ☥ enforces isonomy and has an exceptional ability to perceive and thwart impending danger. Sekhmet’s demonstration of absolute strength anchored in the heart of a healer forces potential opponents to honor her benchmarks for trust and cultivates relationships based on healing ☥ trust ☥ abundance instead jealousy, competition and scarcity.

Let's dive a bit into the webs of deception because they have caused so much destruction that a couple of college students formed The Black Panther Party For Self Defense as a response to the incessant attacks against Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant People, including Gender Non-conforming People.

I like to learn something new every day of my life. Charlotte 'Mama C' Hill O’Neal ☥

Trapdoor ☥ The Assimilation Webs Of Deception

Although the true numbers will never be known, we have confirmed evidence of 3,446 African Americans who were lynched in the southern states between 1882 and 1968. During this time, the largest mass lynching in United States history occurred, not with African Americans, but with Italian Americans.

In 1891, David C. Hennessy, the New Orleans police chief was murdered. Rumors quickly spread through town that before he died, he uttered a racial slur against Italians which catalyzed public angst that had been steadily growing against Italian immigrants. At the time, New Orleans was home to the largest settlement of Italians in the southern states. Hungry to realize their dreams of a successful life in America, the Italians became productive merchants and contributors to the New Orleans economy. However, local politicians and businessmen were losing marketshare to the Italians and feared losing power in upcoming elections, etc. These types of power plays create social programming as a device to manipulate the public in order to maintain the current power structure. This programming was developed and executed so seamlessly that people who were born in America and struggling financially began to accuse the immigrants of taking away their jobs and opportunities. Public outrage over Hennessy’s death resulted in mass arrests of Italians, 19 of whom were indicted and one of whom was a 14-year-old boy. No evidence was found that could convict them. Of the 19 who were indicted, 11 were acquitted; however, instead of being released, they were thrown back in jail with the other eight. The acquittals resulted in a public fury and demand for justice. An ad was placed in a local newspaper that summoned the community to gather outside of Parish Prison. The ad read:

Rise, people of New Orleans! Alien hands of oath-bound assassins have set the blot of a martyr's blood upon your vaunted civilization! Your laws, in the very Temple of Justice, have been bought off, and suborners have caused to be turned loose upon your streets the midnight murderers of David C. Hennessy, in whose premature grave the very majesty of our American law lies buried with his mangled corpse — the corpse of him who in life was the representative, the conservator of your peace and dignity.


When the crowd of thousands gathered, leaders such as local attorney William S. Parkerson addressed and led them towards the prison. Eleven of the prisoners were shot, hung outside from lamp posts and/or clubbed to death. The angry crowd did not commit the murders. The murders were committed by an elite group of politicians, lawyers and businessmen, known as the "Committee Of Fifty," one of whom was Walter C. Flower, who was later elected as the 44th mayor of New Orleans. We need to overstand the power of herd mentality to influence our thoughts and behaviors. The "Committee Of Fifty," was referred to as an “execution squad” who strategically broke into the prison to commit the murders and psychologically manipulated the crowd in order to justify the lynchings. People who go along with the herd of oppression and injustice, are not innocent and have a responsibility to serve the highest good of all people. Some of the dead bodies were displayed publicly and body parts were mutilated and taken as souvenirs of the event. I'll digress here briefly to reiterate why white peoples' fear of retaliation is so far-fetched. There is no way that I would ever want to execute someone and rip their body apart to take a piece as a souvenir of my vengeance. My efforts are focused on pushing for isonomy ☥ justice, continually training to defend myself physically ☥ mentally ☥ emotionally and working to heal ☥ empower our communities. The behavior displayed by the white "execution squad" represents a darkness that I do not ever want to emulate. On April 12, 2019, New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell, a Black woman, issued a Proclamation Of Apology to the Italian community for the 1891 lynchings. As I researched this event, I was saddened, but not surprised to read comments from white people, who responded to the story, such as, “Now we have to apologize to the Italians? Where does it end?”

If you're going to be a good and faithful judge, you have to resign yourself to the fact that you're not always going to like the conclusions you reach. If you like them all the time, you're probably doing something wrong.   ☥ Antonin Scalia ☥

What white people fear is that we would want to do to them what they/their ancestors have done to us, and what we want is for them to see their violent tendencies so that they can heal and stop perpetuating harm and preventing our communities from thriving. I do not know how to make that more clear, but we need to keep the communication lines open until the message gets through.

As I searched for appropriate examples of the trapdoor webs of deception for us to study, I thought of an image that I found for my Three Elephants blog. The picture is of three white males and black male holding each other’s hand in the air, but the way the sun hits the males, when we look at the picture, we can only clearly see the white males. I thought the image perfectly reflected the deception of anyone who is not white believing that they would ever be a legitimate member of the “white boy’s club.” I also thought of the many times that white people worked, either directly or through social programming, in an attempt to turn me against Cubans in Miami/Africans of the diaspora, middle eastern people everywhere, etc. The “their taking our jobs” claim is a trapdoor intended to:

☥ Incite support for xenophobia and promote competition between “races” as a divide

and conquer strategy to assert control

☥ Imply secret support/connection to a specific “race” of people to prevent them from

forming alliances with people of other cultures

If we study these intentions, we will find psychosis embedded within the drive to separate people in order to control them. An alternative way to function would be to create an environment where we all can thrive by tapping into to our unique gifts and talents in order to support each other’s efforts. This way of being only works when we’ve released superiority/inferiority complexes and healed unresolved traumas. So, I settled upon an examination of this mass lynching for a number of reasons:

☥ To help us understand how history continues to repeat itself when we don’t remove

the root causes of violent behaviors

☥ To remove the delusions of assimilation into white culture, by invitation or by proving

oneself to be “worthy”

Black man in deep thought

I will double down on the digression here to run our mind in circles for a short while, but I promise to bring us back to 1891. We truly need to heal from psychotic behavior in order to evolve in consciousness. Let’s try my bottle of water experiment. Using just your hands/arms, how many bottles of water can you successfully hold without dropping them? Depending on the size, most people can hold about 12 bottles of water. When you are holding these bottles, where is your focus? Are you focused on just one bottle of water, or on making sure that they all don’t drop? Are you able to focus on anything else while holding these bottles in your hands/arms?

Next experiment: how many times has your mind wandered in the last hour? Do you know? Would you easily be able to count? Do you remember the different thoughts that have come and gone?

The Black Panther Party was a revolutionary political organization. Although its members were leaders of the Black Power movement, they were not black nationalists. Their “black pride” was not based on denigrating whites, but on showing the black community how to take control of its own destiny. The Black Panther Party worked for economic justice and power for all people. ☥ Bobby Seale ☥

Why do I keep bringing up the term psychosis? Psychosis causes a person to lose touch with reality, and it is more common than we think. It is not realistic to believe that we can control 15 bottles of water, but we feel that it is realistic to control the lives of people from other countries who speak languages and embody cultures that we think we understand because we've studied them objectively. Many of us cannot control how many times our mind wanders in an hour, yet we attempt to control the thoughts and actions of others. Colonizers equate power with money and assertion of physical force over people to control resources and prevent their self-determination. Yet, when colonizers take the money and control the assets, they are not satisfied and continue to seek more, often at any cost to themselves, their families, associates, the environment and the people they oppress. No matter how much money/property, etc. they have, they want more - and when they get it, they are still not happy. Their quest to promote an illusion of superiority also causes them to suppress media coverage/research of health issues which keeps them from obtaining the help needed to recover. When I lived in California, I was amazed to see so many white drug addicts, but no one talked about it. The first time I pulled up into the parking lot of a health food store in Berkeley, I spotted a white male staggering out of a car into the store.

White people and drug use

I hiked up one of my favorite trails and was stretching at the top of the mountain when I heard a group of white kids talking to some people who had just arrived. They said, “Dude, we’re like inviting people to smoke with us to help us get closer to God. It’s not like doing drugs, but it helps us to reach a higher plane. It is a sacred smoke, and it helps with our Spiritual quest.” They were eyeing me from a distance, but I wasn’t in the mood to talk so I left before they could get to me. I wanted to tour some of the national parks, but then one of my white friends cautioned me to not go to Humboldt alone because of the fentanyl/meth addicts. Then, I met up with one of my holistic health teachers who lives in the wine country. When I asked her about her beautiful home in the redwoods, she said that she and her husband had to leave because the entire area was overrun with white meth addicts. I was stunned, then I looked into the data and remembered who funds and promotes the data that we see. Colonizers commit suicide more than any other group and are driven by fear of annihilation which locks them in a loop of oppressing others in order to sustain a feeling of superiority - a feeling that they cannot sustain and that the people they oppress don’t believe in no matter how much external force is applied. Winning is the goal at any cost, and they continually push a public narrative that deflects their behaviors and asserts their superiority over others. How is this sane? What are we reaching and striving for? What is the downside to healing our mind ☥ body ☥ emotions or helping others to empower themselves ☥ fulfill their potential?

It's time for us as a people to start making some changes Let's change the way we eat, let's change the way we live And let's change the way we treat each other You see the old way wasn't working So it's on us to do what we gotta do to survive Tupac Shakur ☥ From The Song 'Changes'

Black woman demonstrating yoga and deep insight

Power comes from inside us. It cannot be bought or stolen. The illusion of power can be asserted, but the fact that a person seeks power over another, means that they don’t feel power from within themselves. When I stopped drinking alcohol, I did so because my inner vibration is so high, that alcohol is like a sleeping pill to me. How I feel inside doesn’t come from what I own or possess. It wasn’t given to me by anyone, so it cannot be taken away by anyone. My goal as a healer is to help both colonizer and oppressed to see how we have lost touch with ourselves and provide a roadmap that we can travel to find our way back. Once we tap into this sense of fulfillment that no one can take from us, we lose the need to assert power over others. This may sound idealistic to people who chase after sensations in order to feel alive, but I invite even those people to analyze themselves and think about how long they feel satisfied after achieving something that they worked hard to get. For example, if your whole life is about getting a gold medal, and you achieve it at the age of 25-years-old, what will your life be about at age 26? If you can’t wait to get married, have children and get the house with the white picket fence, what happens after you’ve achieved all of that … and you find that you still don’t feel happy, confident, powerful or successful? Why do we need to compare ourselves to others? Why do we have that secret envy when others achieve something that we haven’t achieved? What energy drives us to compare and compete? We have to investigate these questions, because that energy, left unchecked and free to run amok, will completely ruin our lives.

Happiness as an adult and child

Life has to be about something other than what we achieve, because what we achieve can be taken away or proven to be the empty illusion of the source of our happiness. In other words, achievement can be a reflection of our zest for life, but it cannot be nor sustain our happiness/fulfillment. Unless we get this concept deep down in our bones, we will always be reaching for something that cannot and will not ever fulfill us. This reaching is at the root cause of the psychosis.

We need to closely examine the 1891 lynchings because it was an extremely well-organized execution that relied on the manipulation of the public to ensure its success and prevent the execution squad from being brought to justice. It is a case study of social programming and a demonstration of how the psychosis embedded within the strategy of colonization plays out and causes colonizers to lose their humanity.

The Italians were merchants, setting up successful businesses. Like many cultural tribes, the mafia was established to protect Italians from outside violence. It was a response to the behavior of colonizers. I had always known about the mafia but was oblivious to its presence all around me. I certainly spent a lot of time in Italian pizza parlors, beginning in early childhood. My first exposure to Italians was actually a family of Black Italians who attended my church. They were gorgeous, and I had a major crush on one of the boys. My experience of Italian people has been a mix of mentorship, great food, lots of laughs, storytelling, but also there was the exploitation, heart break and rank pulling. Although the positive did outweigh the negative experiences, my new understanding of social programming has helped me to recognize how Italians were also being manipulated and pitted against Black People as well as each other. Italians would inflight as much as Black People and would rank between the “dumb/uncultured” and smart/assimilated Italians. Spike Lee and Robert DeNiro have endeavored to shine a light on some of the issues within our collective communities. I noticed that Italian people behaved differently around me when white people were not around, and when white people were around, I saw the inner conflict as the Italians navigated the pressure to conform. In popular culture, we see the Italian men who love and manage to date Black women, but often can’t figure out how to keep them.

Collage of Italians

I found quite a few discussion boards that explored the question of how Italians got their dark skin and curly/coarse hair. I was disappointed to read assertions that Italy’s proximity to the equator was the reason behind the “Mediterranean” skin tone/facial features. However, anyone who looks at a map can see that between Italy (the boot of which is almost kicking Africa) and the equator is a whole lot of Africa. In other words, approximately 67% of Africa’s land mass lies above the equator, which amounts to approximately 7,839,000 million square miles. Let’s take a look at other land masses that are less than 7 million square miles to help us visualize how much of Africa lies between Italy and the equator:

☥ Italy is 116,306 square miles, 2,784 square miles of which is water

☥ Europe is 4,066 million square miles

☥ South America is 6,888 million square miles

☥ The Mediterranean Sea is 965,300 square miles with a coastline that extends for

28,600 miles, and the distance between Morocco and the Rock of Gibraltar is 7.7

nautical miles.

☥ The distance between Italy and North Africa is 1,924 nautical miles

Ancient Africans migrated to Europe and Asia and produced many different kinds of people. For example, the Cainities migrated from Africa and primarily settled in Israel, and the Dravidians from Africa primarily settled in Southern India. In fact, we can see evidence of similar facial features of the Cainities in both Italians and Jewish people (the Cainities were portrayed as Black and evil in the Old Testament and by Gnostics). There was a Black woman who was married to an Indian man in my early childhood neighborhood who was the darkest skinned man that I had ever seen, and at the time, I had a Nigerian bonus Dad. He was such a loving, warm spirit, but most of the Indians I knew and loved succumbed to the pressure to conform to white culture. Through colonization we now have:

Skin lightening creams as a billion-dollar industry, targeting Africans and Indians. I was

so disappointed to see skin lightening cream being sold at one of my favorite East

Indian supermarkets in South Florida, and I thoroughly chastised the owner for

carrying it. When we think about the billion-dollar tanning industry that targets white

people, how can we not see the thread of insanity that weaves this behavior together?

Black People of the African diaspora

☥ Ethnic cleansing throughout Europe and Asia, which appropriated African culture but

reframed the history of Africans in their countries. The ethnic cleansing of Asia

resulted in who we now refer to as the Pacific Islanders, African Asians who took to the

ocean in order to escape the wrath of Genghis Khan. I ponder how Black People judge

or perceive people like Dwayne Johnson who is Black + Pacific Islander, or Kamala

Harris, who is Black + East Indian (remember Indians got their dark skin from ancient

Africans, i.e., the Dravidians), not realizing that though they have light skin, they have

the same/potentially more African ancestry as/than the average Black American. How

much pain do we cause ourselves and others by playing into the psychological

manipulation of colonizers (by throwing shade in order to make ourselves feel better)?

How much misplaced hateration have we sent to them based on ignorance of who we

are/who they are that, at its core, isn’t even about them — it’s a projection of our own

unresolved trauma? Trevor Noah believes himself to be more African than Black

Americans because he was born and raised in Africa and speaks the language.

However, he is biracial (with a Swiss father who most likely has little/minuscule African

ancestry), so most Black Americans have more African Ancestry than him even though

we weren't born in Africa and our languages were literally beaten out of us. Do we

recognize the pain he experienced growing up in apartheid South Africa as a biracial

male? How then do we judge any of these people when we can see the ingredients

we’ve added to this toxic soup? These behaviors are a projection of emotional pain on

each other because we are not doing the work of healing the real issue: acceptance of

our unwanted european ancestry. It is a complicated path to healing because if we

accept ourselves, who pays for/what do we do with the pain inflicted upon us/our

ancestors? Instead of projecting pain on each other, we can heal the ancestral trauma

caused by people who raped their way into our bloodline. Our path to healing includes

learning how to demystify ☥ heal our emotions so that we can process and release

unresolved trauma and learning how to protect ourselves from succumbing to the

tactics of racism and oppression.

George Lopez asked viewers of his show, "Who is Blacker, Charles Barkley or

Snoop Dogg?" The segments were brilliantly done and hilarious, but they also

reflect a growth area for us. As it turns out, though Snoop Dogg has darker skin,

Charles Barkley has more Continental African Ancestry which is why I continually assert

the need for recognizing, healing and releasing our social programming. That we ask

the question, “Who is Blacker?” signals many levels of deep, subconscious

unresolved trauma that we cover up with humor. Our need to publicly announce that we

we consider ourselves to be "Black" and not "African American" when Africans are also

Black is another subconscious reflection of the impact of how Tarzan and other racist

propaganda has affected our psyche.

I feel that I am a citizen of the American dream and that the revolutionary struggle of which I am a part is a struggle against the American nightmare. ☥ Eldridge Cleaver ☥

We hate our european ancestry so much (another form of self-hatred) that we argue

over and will often ostracize our own people if they are not "Black enough" for us.

The only passion that guides me is for the truth ... I look at everything from this point of view. ☥ Che Guevara ☥

George Lopez jokingly told Charles Barkley that his "Native American” (Indigenous)

ancestry explained "the gambling." Colonizers forced Indigenous Americans into

casinos as primary sources of income and to psychologically "break" them because it

encourages competition within their culture/other cultures and goes against their core

values of connection with the Great Spirit. Does George Lopez recognize his own

Indigenous ancestry and if so, would he have made the comment? How would he


The erosion of humanitarianism
A snapshot of how the “acquisition of the object” destroyed humanitarianism. The arabs were traders in North Africa, but after the death the Prophet Mohammed in 639 A.D., and during the arab-byzantine wars, thousands of arab troops embarked upon the quest to acquire North Africa and convert it to Islam which forced millions of Africans to flee to Sub-Saharan areas and initiated social programming that still exists today (i.e. Egyptians/North Africans were not Black, North Africa is not a part of Africa, etc.). Prior to this time all of Africa was Black. spain and portugal obtained exclusive rights to colonize land outside of europe through the Treaty of Tordesillas of 1494. Millions of Indigenous People who lived in these lands were killed through conquest and disease, and then millions of Africans were brought in. The acquisition fights continued. british ships arrived in Australia in 1788 to establish a penal colony for their criminals. The purpose of the Berlin Conference of 1884 was to prevent war between european nations. They came together to decide which countries in Africa they would claim for themselves. The following year, europeans sliced up Africa like a Thanksgiving turkey and created the borders that we see today. In 1947, a british lawyer was hired to divide India into India (primarily Hindu) and Pakistan (primarily Muslim). Global borders are a european idea to separate and control that Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant People have adopted and internalized as self-hatred and xenophobia. We can heal ☥ erase the borders ☥ evolve in consciousness ☥ learn with ☥ from each other.

Mexico/Central/South America was inhabited by Indigenous People and invaded by

Spain/Portugal. North America was inhabited by Indigenous People and invaded by the

British. These colonizers also brought in enslaved Africans. Indigenous People from

America identify themselves by their Indigenous tribes (i.e. Cherokee, Hopi, Choctaw,

etc.), or allow themselves to be called Native Americans. We identify ourselves as Black

or African American because the knowledge of our Indigenous tribes and languages

have been erased. The social programming of Spanish and Portuguese colonizers was

driven by a deliberate intention to completely erase the presence of Indigenous People

(the tragedy of “invisibility”). Christian boarding schools in North America attempted

similar tactics, but failed to convert Indigenous People into white people. However, the

social programming in Mexico/Central/South America was able to more successfully

force Spanish/Portuguese identification/naming conventions. As a result, even to this

day, people who are from Mexico/Central/South America identify themselves primarily

as Spanish/Portuguese derivatives and some them are unaware that they have

Indigenous ancestry. So a person from Mexico would call themselves Mexican instead

of Nahuan, Mayan, Otomían, etc., often because they are unaware of their ancestry.

Yet, and for the same historical reasons, they have as much Spanish/Portuguese

ancestry as Black People have white ancestry (~ or < 25%) and many of them have

about the same amount of African ancestry as Spanish/Portuguese ancestry, but don’t

know that they have African ancestry even if they have dark skin (also true of

Indigenous People from the Caribbean, i.e., Cuba, etc.). In fact, a large percentage of

Africans were brought in as the Indigenous People were killed off, so those people

have mostly African and Indigenous ancestry with ~10% or less Spanish or Portuguese

ancestry, yet they identify themselves as a Spanish/Portuguese derivative (i.e.

Columbian, Panamanian, etc.). Imagine attempting to explain these dynamics to

beings from another galaxy.

If a man like Malcolm X could change and repudiate racism, if I myself and other former Muslims can change, if young whites can change, then there is hope for America. ☥ Eldridge Cleaver ☥

Mental liberation

Instead of judging ourselves and each other, we can free ourselves from these webs

of deception which will allow us to rediscover and embrace all of who we are. We all

need deep healing which is why I continually assert that we recognize, heal and release      our social programming. We also need to overstand the fact that while we are overtly or       passively/aggressively hating on each other, we are doing the work of colonization for          colonizers. This is the power social programming will continue to have over us until we

make a conscious effort to dismantle it. How much pain do we cause ourselves and

others by playing into the psychological manipulation of colonizers?

You don't have to teach people how to be human. You have to teach them how to stop being inhuman. Eldridge Cleaver

Black People with white ancestors

More importantly, we become like that which we hate, so if we hate our unwanted

european ancestry, and refuse to heal and accept all of who we are, then we will be

unable to transmute the negative energy from within us to a higher level of

consciousness. That negative energy, left to run amok within us, will then cause us to

behave like the very thing we hate which is the root cause of Black ☥ Indigenous ☥

Immigrant People turning on each other. Colonizers like the fact that we hate them

because it keeps us angry and distracted so that we remain hyper focused on the

problems that they cause instead of healing, uniting and elevating our consciousness

to the level of the solutions. Howard Thurman brilliantly expressed this dynamic as

awakened to the power of my ancestral line, I don’t hate my european ancestors, I put

them to work, and if they want to rest in peace, they will comply. Their job is to:

☥ Alert me as soon as a white person is attempting to psychologically manipulate me

and offer the best ways to respond to shut them down.

☥ Study my work in order to overstand the pain they’ve caused and participate in all of

my healing sessions in order to heal past traumas. This also includes constantly

practicing breathing exercises, Qigong, Yoga and embodying my benchmarks for


This idea came to me during a meditation in which one of my white ancestors asked

me for forgiveness. After I cussed her out for about 10 minutes, I told her that she

could forget about resting in peace. There will be no resting at all until we reverse the

damage that’s been done. I then had to laugh at myself as I realized that this ancestor

was elated to have been given a chance for redemption. As far back as I can

remember, I've been in conversations with white people who have slipped and said

something to me that they did not intend for a Black person to hear. As I reflect on

their confusion, I realize that my white ancestors have been working for me all along. I

just had to come to a place of acceptance so that I could harness this power at will.

This insight caused me to put all of my ancestors to work in order to heal my family line

of ancestral trauma. Loving ourselves means loving all of ourselves. Whether we

accept ourselves or not, we are who we are. This is an invitation for us to accept

ourselves completely, because the healing of our world can’t happen unless we take

this step.

The true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love. It is impossible to think of a genuine revolutionary lacking this quality. ☥ Che Guevara ☥

Healing our world through healing ourselves

It is a call for black people in this country to unite, to recognize their heritage, to build a sense of community … ☥ Stokely Carmichael ☥

Through colonization we also have:

☥ Italians who reframe their origin story as “Mediterranean” to disassociate themselves

from having African ancestry in order to assimilate into white culture. During my first

trip to Oakland, CA, I stopped off at an Italian restaurant on the way to the airport and

thought it was hilarious that ham hocks were on the menu.

white people and the spread of infectious diseases

Reframing history to position Africa as the origin of infectious diseases. We have

believed this reframing even though common sense screams at us to consider that

europeans brought more than 15 different types of infectious diseases to America,

including an array of sexually transmitted diseases, that in combination with

murder through wars/battles for land ownership, killed off 90% of the Indigenous

population during their first 108 years in the US with similar results in the

Caribbean and Central America. Between the rape, pillage and suppression of

economic development during the scramble for Africa and the EuroAmerican Slave

Trade, europeans caused the deaths of hundreds of millions of Africans, an

existential problem that continues to be reframed as having originated in Africa.

This stereotype exists despite the fact that the only group of people who have

historically had, and because of affluence, still dominantly have, free and equal

access in and out of Africa and to the entire world, is europeans. It is important to

also note that the billion dollar sex trafficking market, through which Black women

are most vulnerable, is funded and sustained by affluent white males.

As mentioned in our Journey To The Dream blog ☥ podcast, immigration laws continue

to make it so difficult for Africans who are not affluent to travel, that MXO, a

prolific artist, was rejected three times before he was able to secure a visa to come

to America. Let’s also remember how Africa wasn’t even on the map during the

origin of COVID-19, but then news reports began to build the case for the epidemic

spread in Africa. What was the origin of that spread? How then can Africans, most

of whom are prevented from leaving the country, be responsible for spreading these

diseases all over the world? There is a world of difference between causing and

spreading disease and being infected by disease that was brought to your doorstep

either directly or via suppression of economic growth (i.e. colonization, pillage,

suppression of history, etc.). It is vitally important for us to overstand the price we

pay for false reframing. It not only deflects attention away from finding and

removing the root cause of the problem, but it literally infects the entire world.

The root cause of the false reframing is a desire to appear to be superior, another form of psychosis, which drives the psychotic to do anything, including spending unlimited amounts of money/bullying to suppress the truth as well as market and sustain the illusions. These webs of deception stick to all of us and will continue to perpetuate harm until we self and course correct. How much harm could we heal if we would simply tell and take action based on the truth?

☥ Practices such as Yoga and Qigong presented as having originated in Asia even

though we find evidence of both practices inscribed on the temple walls of Kamit

(Ancient Egypt) that predates their existence in Asia, and we find many forms of

martial arts within African tribes throughout the continent.

What do these behaviors say about our character? We cannot promote ourselves as intellectually credible or progressive if we are unwilling to heal and course correct. More importantly, we cannot heal what we are unwilling to face. Our emotional addictions to presenting ourselves as superior causes us to not see ☥ repair the cracks in the foundation of our lives. Not telling the truth about where we are as a society would be like a boxer not telling themselves the truth about an injury that, if not properly healed, will most certainly end their career, and potentially their life. Until we self-correct, what right do we have to be a voice of authority and respect on the world stage?

When I was in middle school, there was a particular place that us Black kids used to hang out at for the best calzones EVER! I loved that place, and it sort of reminded me of the pizzeria portrayed in Do The Right Thing. Except, that the Italians that I was exposed to were more friendly, at least from my perception. I did think it was strange for the guys in the back to be constantly meeting and talking about stuff, and there always seemed to be at least one “off the boat” Italian working there who hadn’t yet learned English along with the strategic speaking of Italian when something was going down. I didn’t understand the language, but I could feel the energy. Black kids learn quickly to stay out of grown folks' business. We were just in there to eat and have fun. Italian culture was as much a part of my life as Indian, African and Caribbean culture. I spent so much time eating authentic Italian food in the homes of Italian people, that when I moved to Miami, I realized that I had become an Italian food snob. I remember asking around for the best place to get a hoagie.

“What the hell is a hoagie?” I would explain, to which they would reply,

“Oh! You mean a SUB!” You haven’t lived until you’ve had a sub!

A sub? OK I have an open mind. So, I go to the “sub” shop and eat this flavorless thing that I can’t believe I actually paid for. I forced a few bites down, before I finally realized that they didn’t put any oregano in the “sub.” How the hell do you eat a “sub” without oregano???!!!? Then some white kids were bragging about this new chain of Italian restaurants that I had to try. After that experience, I decided that I do not and will not ever do Italian chain restaurants. Fortunately, I met some Italian friends who were great cooks and was able to get my authentic fix. However, the mafia became real for me in my teen years. Peer pressure was not as influential in my life because I had moved a few times, and between those friends ☥ my church community ☥ other activities, I had a broad network of peers. If the kids became hostile at a school I attended, it didn’t bother me because I had other friends elsewhere.

Most of the time, I lived about 40-ish minutes from Atlantic City. No matter where I lived, there were a lot of Italians who lived in the area. One of my Italian friends didn't go on the annual spring break trip to Florida, because I went with the theater arts club to England, so she felt like I owed her a girl's trip to Disney World. I tried to explain to her that I had to make a choice. I worked nonstop to scrape together enough money for that trip to England, and so another trip was financially out of the question. It was ruff barely being in the middle class because there was an expectation that I could afford what other people could afford. However, she was way ahead of me and invited me to drive with her from NJ to Florida to experience Disney World on her parent's dime. They were covering everything but our food and gas, which we could split, so I could swing that. I knew that her family was in "The Family," but she talked about it so nonchalantly, that I realized there was more to the mafia than my perception of it.

You found paradise in America. You had a good trade; you made a good living. The police protected you and there were courts of law. So, you didn't need a friend like me. Now you come and say 'Don Corleone, give me justice.' But you don't ask with respect. You don't offer friendship. You don't even think to call me Godfather. ☥ Don Corleone ☥ From The Movie, 'The Godfather'

When we got to the hotel, we were totally snubbed by the staff. My presence at such a nice hotel was apparently unacceptable, and they told us that we didn't have a reservation. I was prepared to leave, but she got on the phone and cried as she explained the situation to her father. He told us he'd take care of it, so we went to the park. When we arrived back at the hotel that night, the scene was totally different. As soon as the bellman noticed me, he signaled the staff inside. Everyone stood at attention like we were commandants of the Marine Corps instead of teens. He addressed us by saying "Good Evening Ms. ________ and Ms. Hubbard and welcome back. We apologize for the mix-up earlier, but your room is now ready."

Mix-up? They were reframing the scenario. I’m pausing here to illustrate how often reframing occurs in everyday life to avoid addressing the actual issue. I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone. I've never seen white people jump so fast and so high to serve us. They upgraded us to a suite, and when we arrived in the room, there was a huge fruit basket, a bottle of champagne (we were 17 years old), chocolates and a serious letter of apology beautifully laid out on the beds. I had never seen such a fancy hotel room. As I looked around the room, I jokingly said to her, "Gurl .... I hope I never get on your bad side ... " to which she nonchalantly replied, Oh you don't have anything to worry about, my family loves you. And besides, we're not on the killing side, we're on the investment side." Oh Lawd!!! Did she just say "billing?" or "killing?" Please God, let her have just said billing! Nah ... she definitely said killing! Attempting to hide my shock/fright, I reply, "Uh ... uhhhhhhh .... if the investments don't go well, ain't they gon' be some killin'?" She laughs one of those deep belly laughs, and I decide that I don't want to know anything else EVER. My mind starts racing as I think to myself while trying to look unrattled, Lawd have mercy, that stuff on TV is real!!!?!?! She continues, You know that you have an open invitation to come with me to Italy and meet 'The Family' and you can see for yourself that …

Black woman with fingers in her ears

"Oooooh girl, please stop talking." She thought I was hilarious, but I reiterated, "Please ... stop ... talking! I don't want to have any knowledge that could put me on the witness stand in the future. Let's see what's in these fruit baskets. Oh look chocolates! Where are the glasses for the champagne?"

And I ain't never did a crime I ain't have to do But now I'm back with the facts giving it back to you Don't let 'em jack you up, back you up Crack you up and pimp-smack you up You gotta learn to hold your own They get jealous when they see you with your mobile phone Tupac Shakur ☥ From The Song 'Changes'

I didn’t actually think I was in danger, but I understand how easy it is for Black People to be targeted, so I wanted to remain in the dark about the details of "The Family." There was a time when cultural tribes such as the mafia were the only people out there who would hire us, and when the Black Panthers were targeted, it was the Underground Railroad of off-the-radar people who helped to get them out of the country so that they could seek asylum some place safe. So, the concept of a "criminal" is complicated for me. I spent a fair amount of time visiting a few family members in prison during my youth. It seemed to me that Black folks went to prison when they didn't commit crimes, and white folks didn't go to prison for the crimes they did commit. The Dan Freeman archetype offers an intriguing examination of how our society criminalizes people while participating in crimes against humanity. In order to reclaim our humanity, we need to ask ourselves some tough questions. One family member was incarcerated during my entire childhood and teen years, so if I didn't visit them in prison, I wouldn't know them at all. Many of them were targeted by the police, so it was real important that we gave them hope to help them get through. No one talked about our code, but we had one. We would visit so that they knew family loved and cared about them, but no details please. I had to explain this code to my friend who wasn’t at all concerned about sharing details about “The Family” that I definitely didn’t want to know.

What is justice in America?

Between slavery, Red Summer, Jim Crow, medical apartheid, the prison industrial complex, etc. we see very strategic and deliberate attempts to keep Black People disenfranchised. Did any of the white people who committed those crimes (rape, theft, murder, etc.) go to prison? So, another question that we need to grapple with is, did cultural tribes such as the mafia just spring up for no reason or was it a response to a need for self-protection from people who wanted to kill them and steal their assets/increasing power? Colonization is in and of itself a crime that creates "criminals" and forces oppressed people into corruption. We also see that colonizers strategically endeavored to train immigrants to either exploit or turn against Black ☥ Indigenous People via social programming, local/national policies/laws or business practices - for the benefit of the illusion of assimilation. The talent and ingenuity of Black People proved to be so good for business that we often inspired people to push for social change. The first feature film of Italian director Vincente Minnelli (father of Liza Minnelli) was Cabin In The Sky, a musical that featured an all-Black cast. At the time, many theaters would not show films with an all-Black cast, an indication that Vincente inherited his Sicilian grandfather’s revolutionary spirit.

I have been the personal victim of criminal activity. My experiences are not unusual and are mild in comparison to the experiences of other Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant People. My childhood neighborhood was targeted and attacked by a white sexual predator. I worked with businesses that stole money from me, but by the time I figured it out, it was too late to do anything about it. I was raped by a white male but was so traumatized that I couldn’t remember it until recently and the statute of limitations for that state has passed. Then there are the intangible crimes such as the many teachers and guidance counselors who attempted to steal my sense of self, intelligence, visions and dreams. The predatory white women who relentlessly and actively pursue any Black man that I date or attempt to date (not because they are interested in the man, but because they want to sabotage my happiness). The organizations that wouldn’t hire me, promote me or pay me a fair wage. The social programming that manipulates the thoughts and actions of people all around me. The ideas that were stolen from me for the profit of others. I could go on and on. Even though it’s not too late for them to atone for their actions, none of these people have done anything to right their wrongs, and they are alive and well today with the means to self-correct without hurting themselves. Yet, not one of them have offered an apology, compensation or have even supported/donated to the work that I’m doing now to help us heal. So, when we use the word “criminal,” about whom are we speaking?

Ways to give to your community

These webs of deception are sticky indeed, but they don’t have to remain that way. Every one of us has the Panther spirit within us. We all play a part in the co-creation of a better world. It begins with us right now. I became an intrepreneur to work within an organization. My plan was to save money to build a Cross-Cultural Healing Haven. However, the organization shut down abruptly, forcing me to rethink the process as well as relocate to a place that wasn’t so expensive so that I could focus on planning. Even though I had lost my primary source of income, I still had something to give before I left. It was so expensive to move my belongings, that I decided to give everything away except for my research books/clothes which I could easily ship. Here’s how I was able to give from my excess without using money:

☥ During a visit to The Black Female Project’s office, I noticed that they had this tiny little

monitor, but they gave such impactful p