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Doctor comes from a Latin word that means 'teacher.' So, when a teacher teaches us something, we take what was taught that resonates with us and apply it to our life. While a doctor may know more about anatomy, physiology, medicine, etc. there is no one-size-fits-all health strategy and no one knows our body more than we do. Our life is in our hands. Our body is a self-healing genius. There has never been and will never be a machine that can do what our body can do. Even if a 50-year-old person has a heart attack, it means that their heart ran for 50 years straight on bad fuel and under high stress. What machine can do that? A car can't even handle a dose of sugar in its gas tank. If we give our body what it needs, our body will heal itself. Although I am also an avid student of Indigenous healing practices, my work is focused on 'teaching' people how to give their body what it needs helping people to transcend social programming in order to connect with, listen to and take actions based on their innate wisdom. One of my clients once told me that I popped up on her shoulder like a little angel one day and helped her to make a decision that served her highest good. I hope that she will one day recognize herself as that little angel. In the meantime, my job is to nudge us to actively engage in self-care.                                                               ☥ Dr. Phyllis SHU Hubbard ☥                                                                                       Health Warrior Who Centers Identity ☥ Ancestry ☥ Culture                                    Advocate For Self-Love ☥ Empowerment                                                                Creator Of 'A Cross-Cultural Healing Haven'                                                            

Headshot and photo collage of the work of Dr. Phyllis SHU Hubbard

About The Author ☥ Blogger

She designs interactive learning experiences using creative nonfiction, visual healing art and multimedia to advocate for and teach pluriversal wellness strategies for balancing the body, mind and emotions. Dr. Hubbard is a social programming researcher who facilitates racial healing and decolonization through reconnection to identity, ancestry and culture. Her previous work as a PBS TV Producer inspired her to create and edit most of her videos to revolutionize the way people engage with self-care. She intends to develop and establish a global media platform for her Rise TV Channel and aspires to collaborate with investors and filmmakers who can help her reach disenfranchised communities. She trains organizations to utilize healing centered engagement practices for transformational leadership, professional development and workplace wellness. She is the creator of “A Cross-Cultural Healing Haven: A Healing Space For Everyone That Centers Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant People” and continues to develop into comprehensive online time devoted to self-care.

She is the author of:

Health Promotion with Adolescent Boys and Young Men Of Colour

"Chapter 3: A Community-Based Ecosystems Approach for Promoting the Health, Wellbeing and Healing of Boys and Young Men of Colour of the academic text: Health Promotion with Adolescent Boys and Young Men of Colour: Global Strategies for Advancing Research, Policy, and Practice in Context," a Springer publication edited by James A. Smith, Daphne C. Watkins and Derek M. Griffith (The Menzies School of Health Research (Australia), University of Michigan and Georgetown University, respectively). This is the first global text of its kind that curates research and practice in a single

volume and is appropriate for policy makers, students, practitioners and community leaders.

Journey To Radiance: A Community-Based Ecosystems Approach for Promoting the Health, Wellbeing and Healing of Boys and Young Men of Colour

"Journey To Radiance: A Community-Based Ecosystems Approach for Promoting the Health, Wellbeing and Healing of Boys and Young Men of Colour," an impact report of her three-year health and healing program originally funded by The California Endowment through the now sunset Campaign For Black Male Achievement.

☥  "A Community-Based Ecosystems Approach for Promoting Health, Well-Being, and 

    Healing," a chapter for the three volume handbook, Concepts in Health, Health Behavior

and Environmental Health, a global Springer publication due to publish in 2025. "This

Handbook consolidates essential knowledge on health behavior, health literacy, health

    education, health promotion, and programs/interventions that can enhance global

    health. It is divided into three books and several parts covering health disciplines,

    theories, concepts in health behavior, health promotion, and illness prevention. Book one    will contain specific sections that address health-related concepts and health behavior.      Book two will embrace theoretical and practical aspects of health promotion, health

    literacy and health programs and interventions for promoting health. Book three will

    comprise health behavior and health promotion related disciplines, environment and

    health behavior, and research methods applicable to examining health behavior and

    illness prevention in individuals and groups. Chapters in three books encompass both

    theoretical and practical aspects of health behavior and illness prevention (Springer,


Dr. Hubbard is seeking funding to produce/distribute foundational content needed for the wellness and empowerment of Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant communities such as:

☥  "Sexual Health For Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant People" (production + distribution)

☥  "Root Cause Analysis ☥ Removing The Blind Spots To Solutions For Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ 

Immigrant People" (production + distribution)

☥  "A Community-Based Ecosystems Approach for Promoting the Health, Wellbeing and

Healing of Boys and Young Men of Colour" (distribution)

Dr. Hubbard has contributed to research, collaborated with and facilitated and/or customized workshops, seminars and retreats for organizations and educational institutions such as: The Obama Foundation, Forward Promise, Rafiki Coalition For Health & Wellness, The Center For Creative Leadership, Summit Eden, The United Way, Johns Hopkins University, University of Michigan, University of Louisville, Rutgers University, W.K. Kellogg Foundation, American Express, The Carillon Resort and Spa, Breast Cancer Project, Oakland Unified School District, California State University Chico, Sacramento City Unified School District, The Moriah Group, The Breakers Palm Beach, Swarthmore College, The Overtown Youth Center, Pritikin Longevity Center, African American Research Library and Cultural Center, Restorative Justice For Oakland’s Youth, Association for Black Foundation Executives (ABFE), Black Male Engagement (BMe), etc.




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