Can We Talk About Love?

Our feelings arise from love or fear. Love simply wants to love and be loved. It has no other agenda. Love is a verb that heals and sets healthy boundaries; forgives; grows, evolves and transforms; speaks truth to power and liberation; seeks the win-win solution; works to elevate consciousness and serve the highest good of all; requires, cultivates and inspires strength and courage in the self and others; has nothing to prove only gifts to share.

Fear is a verb that causes us to take actions to just to see how others will react or to attract attention; plays games with the mind and heart; gaslights and projects to avoid healing issues within one's self; is passive aggressive; seeks revenge; continually attempts to control and manipulate; hides behind false personas to mask insecurities and feelings of unworthiness; cannot celebrate the accomplishments of others and feels that what others achieve takes away from their opportunities; is jealous and envious; takes things personally; plays the zero sum game; is constantly seeking approval.

What else would you add to these lists? Reflect upon your life and ask yourself: In ______ area of my life, am I running towards love or fear? Then celebrate or change course and keep going.

Sending you all love for your journey. #HealNourishRise #MasterYourLife #MentalMassage #BMeALLIn #leaninwithlove

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