Can We Talk About Love?

Updated: Apr 20

Run towards love.

Our feelings arise from love or fear.

Love simply wants to love and be loved. It has no other agenda.

Love is a verb that heals and sets healthy boundaries.

Love forgives.

Love grows, evolves and transforms.

Love speaks truth to power and liberation.

Love seeks the win-win solution.

Love works to elevate consciousness and serve the highest good.

Love requires, cultivates and inspires strength and courage in the self and others.

Love has nothing to prove only gifts to share.

Fear is a verb that:

Causes us to take actions to just to see how others will react or to attract attention

Plays games with the mind and heart

Gaslights and projects to avoid healing issues within one's self

Is passive-aggressive

Seeks revenge

Continually attempts to control and manipulate

Hides behind false personas to mask insecurities and feelings of unworthiness

Cannot celebrate the accomplishments of others and feels that what others achieve