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What Is Qigong?

Updated: Jun 14

A part of the task that I see before me and all of us as descendants of the great African contributors to humankind is to restore our ancestors to their former and well-deserved dignity. We can best do this by demonstrating the power of their wisdom through applying it to our lives and condition. ☥ Na’im Akbar ☥

Shape clay into a vessel; It is the space within that makes it useful. Cut doors and windows for a room; It is the holes which make it useful. Therefore benefit comes from what is there; Usefulness from what is not there. ☥ Laozi ☥

From about 1885 to the end of the Second World War, most of Africa was under the yoke of colonialism; and hence colonial historiography held sway. According to this imperial historiography, Africa had no history and therefore the Africans were a people without history. They propagated the image of Africa as a 'dark continent.' Any historical process or movement in the continent was explained as the work of outsiders ... African history was seen as the history of Europeans in Africa ... Colonialism was celebrated as a 'civilising mission' carried out by traders, missionaries and administrators ... By Africa, for instance, many of the scholars meant 'sub-Saharan' or 'Black' Africa, definitions which were intended for various ideological and political reasons to divorce North Africa from the rest of the continent. Since the 19th century, many Western scholars have made strenuous efforts to deny the Africanness of North Africa and its peoples, especially the Africanness of the great civilization of ancient Egypt. Bethwell Allan Ogot

Bat Energy ☥ The Inception Of Yin and Yang

If you have not yet read "What Is Ayurveda?" and "Discernment ☥ Wisdom Of Our Chakras," I highly recommend them as your next reads for historical ☥ energetic context and to re-read ☥ study to help you put the puzzle pieces together as they apply to your life. Bat is the Celestial Goddess Of Interdependent Opposites. She existed thousands of years before the birth of Christ and the development of Qigong. She was so important to Pharaoh Menkaure that he commissioned several images of himself with her at his left side. Yin and yang are not what we have come to know as "opposites" in the Western world. Yin and yang are interdependent opposites which has a much deeper meaning that transcends the written word. A way to think about the concept is to ask ourselves:

How do we define hot without an understanding of cold? Hot and cold are interdependent opposites. As we explore hot and cold, we find our center, a place where we can live at peace that is warm and comfortable.

The Five Elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) utilizes a foundational theory of the Five Elements: Fire → Wood → Metal → Water → Earth. This image represents a very brief introduction. Its African origins places wood after fire instead of earth, includes many other Gods ☥ Goddesses and additional elements. For simplicity, I've included Ra ☥ God Of Fire → Geb ☥ God Of Earth (wood) → Ptah ☥ God Of Metal → Khnum ☥ God Of Water → Geb ☥ God Of Earth (earth). Similarly to Ayurveda, The Five Elements system represents a comprehensive way of understanding how to live our life and includes the practice of Feng Shui, physiological correlations to our organs, emotional balance and tendencies, seasons of the year, time of day, etc. Each element contains enough information → lifestyle strategies to fill several books. These healing systems can be a bit intimidating to comprehend, causing us to shy away from them, but complete understanding is within us in the same way that an entire tree is within its tiny seed. Daily Qigong practice activates the knowledge within us and teaches us how to apply it to our lives. Try to think of these healing modalities as a different way to approach healing. For example, we may use our phone to text, but our laptop to send emails. Our phone can send emails and our laptop can text. In a similar way, these different modalities offer ways of approaching healing that may be more appropriate for a given situation, but they all belong in our self-care toolkits. Through social programming, colonization endeavors to ensure that we don't know what the tools are or how to use them because they have been appropriated and re-presented to us as "foreign." When life happens, if we listen to our innate wisdom, it will guide us to the combination of tools that we'll need to solve our challenges.

One of the reasons why it is so challenging for us to demystify heal our emotions is because we are terrified to explore them. If we want to find happiness and peace, we must dive into the most unpleasant part of our pain without allowing the pain of our past to infect or affect us in the process. While this journey may appear to be frightening, it is the most efficient way to identify and remove the root cause of our pain which dismantles it and allows it to dissipate. Our hesitation to dive into our pain keeps us imprisoned within illusions, sort in the same way that a child is afraid of a shadow that turns out to be a sweater hanging over a chair once the light is turned on in their room. The fear of what the illusion might be feels so real that we may spend our entire lives avoiding it, even if it means destroying our health through poor nutrition, addictions or other distractions. The wisdom of Bat shows us how to turn on the light, release our fears and guides us through a process of traveling back and forth between interdependent "opposites" until we find our center.

The colonization of Africa

Thus African historiography was closely linked with the colonial period and its own official historiography, with prejudices acquired and disseminated as historical knowledge, and with Eurocentric assumptions and arrogant certainty. Social Darwinism accorded Europeans an innate superiority over other peoples and justified Europe's plunder of the rest of the world. Bethwell Allan Ogot

The Aryan religion was brutal and materialistic. The caste system was rigid and oppressive, and the Brahmins wielded great power. The Sramanas, as the yogis and other independent thinkers and teachers were known, were tolerated when their priests were not strong enough to eliminate them, but were hunted down and killed, and driven out of the area where the priests had full control.                                                    Vivian Worthington

Colonization has dissected, dismantled/destroyed and appropriated much of Kamitian (Ancient Egyptian) culture, preventing it from developing in Africa. However, it survived through Ancient Africans, such as the Dravidians (a.k.a. Sramanas), who brought their intricate system of spiritual development ☥ lifestyle strategies into India. The system spread to China around 65 AD, but it was the Hindu sage Padma Sambhava who was believed to introduce the concepts of Tantric Buddhism to Tibet. Kamitian hieroglyphics include deep intellectual and spiritual practices such as Cosmology, Elemental Theory (which evolved into the practice of Feng Shui in China), Yoga and Qigong that appear thousands of years before their development in Asia. Bat is the Goddess of Interdependent Opposites. The Tao of Bat became known as the yin yang symbol. When we say her name and share her image, we restore the dignity of our ancestors and reclaim our stolen legacies.

The new masters also outlawed the religion of the Blacks as they made their new religion the official one of the land. This caused the religion of the Blacks, which involved Cosmology, meditation, Deity invocation (predominately Goddesses), hatha yoga, pranayama, mantra yoga, kundalini yoga, yantras, spiritual initiations, talismanic magic, tantric rituals, etc. to break up into separate practices. ☥ Ra Un Nefer Amen ☥

Today, those who do not know the history of the yogic tradition, nor understand its inner constitution, speak of the 'Light Of The East' when in reality it is a modification of the Light taken by Blacks from Nubia into the Tigris and Indus Valley in prehistoric times. ☥ Ra Un Nefer Amen ☥

What Is Qigong?

Qigong is the harmonious utilization, synchronization and catalyzation of breath and movement. The first part of the word is "Qi" (pronounced "chi") which has many meanings that transcend the written word, but the closest English translations are energy ☥ breath ☥ life force. Gong can be translated to mean cultivation ☥ movement ☥ work (activation). When we practice Qigong, we are cultivating our ability to connect with, learn about and evolve the potential of our energy. The practice of Qigong enhances the body’s innate ability to heal itself. Before teaching or defining Qigong, I conduct a demonstration because I firmly believe that the concept of "Qi" has to be experienced before it can be properly defined. To that end, I hope that you practiced connecting with your energy as instructed in the above video. If not, I encourage you to click on the picture below for an even shorter demonstration of "Qi."

Qigong is a spiritual practice in that we are connecting with the truest part of ourselves, but it will not interfere with any religious practice. Anyone (Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, etc.) can practice Qigong. We can think of Qigong as a tool - like a microphone that amplifies our personal religious spiritual practices.

[Our] thinking, emotions, physical activities, physiological processes and development of spiritual powers - in other words, all aspects of [our] life - are carried out by the life force or energy within [our] being. ☥ Ra Un Nefer Amen ☥

We know that many forms of energy cannot be seen with the naked eye. Many of us automatically attach an ominous feeling to the conscious cultivation of our own energy - a reflection social programming that has influenced us since early childhood. These feelings can cause us to fear what we do not understand even though it is an intricate part of who we are. My favorite way of teaching people about their energy is to have everyone stand in a circle. We rub our hands together until our palms become warm. Then, we slowly turn our palms to face the person's palm next to us and we get as close as we can without touching the other person. I instruct people to pause when they feel the energy of the other person in their palm. We then do a breathing exercise and notice how our palms can give and receive energy at the same time. I find that this exercise helps to make our energy less mystical so that people will be more more willing to practice Qigong. I also use it to demonstrate how we can offer healing energy to others without depleting ourselves.

It is now well known that the human body emits a broad spectrum of electromagnetic and acoustic radiation. Traditional medicine looks at these as by-products of biochemical reactions in the body. They are not considered by most biomedical researchers to be involved with the basic functioning (or healing) of the body. The basic tenet of energy medicine is that these fields are not only involved with functioning of the physical/chemical body but regulate these processes. ☥ Dr. Glen Rein, Electro-Medicine Researcher ☥

When we walk into a room and see a very attractive person, we feel energy (Qi). If we were to see a person whom has annoyed us in the past, we would feel energy (Qi). They are different kinds of energy, but they exist and they have always existed. When we don't practice Qigong, we become passive with these energies which puts those energies in control of our responses. Daily Qigong practice teaches us how to become proactive with these energies and firmly in control of our responses to them.

Asian man practice Tai Qi while holding saki

The Difference Between Qigong And Tai Chi

We can think of Qigong as the mother of Tai Chi (Tai Qi), the martial arts and healing modalities such as acupuncture. Qigong is an extension of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It is a moving meditation that seamlessly integrates conscious breath work. When we practice Qigong, we focus on a few slow-motion movements that are continuously repeated which facilitates the cultivation, catalyzation and expression of our Qi. The repetitions gradually cause our body to relax which increases circulation and flexibility. For example, at the beginning of the practice, our back may be really stiff which limits our movements. However, after 10 repetitions of the same movement, we may be surprised to find that we are able to touch our toes without overexerting our body. Because most Qigong forms consist of just a few movements with multiple repetitions and requires that we move in slow-motion, it can be challenging for practitioners to be present because it tests our ability to transcend boredom and distractions while staying open to deep insights coming from the body. Moving in slow-motion increases self-awareness and tends to make people feel self-conscious which causes them to attempt to speed up the form or jump ahead to the next movement.

Tai Chi is also a moving meditation, but it is a martial arts style that has many different movements and is performed three times faster than Qigong. The focus of the Tai Chi practice is the expression of Qi. In my experience, people tend to prefer Tai Chi because they don't feel self-conscious when they are focusing on perfecting the specific movements. Because the form focuses on the expression of Qi, they can perfect their form by going through the motions without actually connecting with their energy. Tai Chi may have 24 or more movements, some of which look really cool to do, which allows people to focus more on how they look doing the form than the cultivation of their Qi. As a result of these differences, Tai Chi has been mass marketed and is much more readily available through classes and private instruction.

All culture and tradition which has survived must have its benefits. Perhaps some of them do not fit in our world; however, they deserve our respect. Remember, if you get rid of your past, you have pulled out your root. ☥ Jwing-Ming Yang ☥

Power ☥ The African ☥ Indigenous Connection To Animals

This section continues to evolve, so you may find a comfortable reading space and healthy snacks to be useful. In the Discernment ☥ Wisdom Of Our Chakras blog, we learn about a hidden form of psychosis that is embedded within colonizer behavior. The psychosis is fueled by a thirst for power that colonizers believe they can extract through domination/sex, which causes them to rape people and animals to feed an emotional addiction to feeling powerful. In other words, because colonizers do not understand their emotions, they mistake the intense feeling that accompanies an orgasm with the extraction of power. To be clear, we do lose a type of energy called “Ojas” when we have an orgasm. The concept of “Ojas” goes beyond the scope of this blog, but for the sake of simplicity, what we recognize as orgasmic energy does not transfer to another person. Similarly to what happens to urine when we go to the bathroom, it gets “released” unless two people are engaged in an exchange of sexual alchemy which involves a spiritual connection. In the case of sexual alchemy, the yin and yang spiritual connection causes an energetic exchange between the couple which cultivates additional energy that is coming from SPIRIT. The depletion of “Ojas” eventually leads to sexual debility and often sexual perversion as the person continually attempts to “capture” energy instead of cultivating it from within themselves. My sexual health series will provide comprehensive coverage of “Ojas.” Daily Qigong practice will teach us how to replenish “Ojas.”

Indigenous man and woman with a buffalo and owl

The extraction of power misconception is reinforced by the trauma bonds that are formed through manipulative sex. A person who rapes a bear cannot become a bear or steal the strength/power of a bear. There is nothing a person can do to take the strength or power of a bear and put it inside of themself. However, SPIRIT can send bear energy (educational Qi) our way to teach us lessons that help us to cultivate power within ourselves such as how to harness the power of hibernation, assert strong boundaries (which develops our Qi), etc. Our attraction to the bear is not sexual. It is reverent in that we realize that the bear is bringing us a message from The Great Spirit to help us protect level up some area of our lives. In a similar way, power cannot be extracted because it comes from inside of us. However, a trauma bond creates an illusion of power. It would be like chaining a car to a tow truck to control if it moves and where it goes (a primary function of colonization). If the colonizer loses the chain, they lose the "power" which means that the "power" does not reside within them. If they were truly powerful, they wouldn't need the chain. Because the power that they seek cannot come from domination or sex, they cannot sustain the feeling that they are addicted to which causes the cyclical pattern of repeating their behavior. The power that African ☥ Indigenous People educe comes from inside through connection to the truest part of ourselves (connection with our Qi). An important missing link for African ☥ Indigenous People is daily Qigong practice because it is a strategy for the activation of our Qi, but because we confuse knowing with doing, we are left vulnerable to the incessant attacks from colonizers. Reading this blog and understanding the content will not activate our Qi. Daily practice = activation + strength + refinement of our inner power (Qi). Because we are not cultivating our inner power (which makes us passive with our energy), colonizers believe that they can extract this power without having to do the spiritual work which is how we ended up with economic suppression, the manipulation of herbs to create psychedelic and other drugs, alcohol abuse, pillaging, rape, beastiality, etc.

Daily Qigong practice protects strengthens us, offers a true understanding of power that we can directly access, the ability to thwart impending danger and the wisdom to recognize the futility of continually creating and perpetuating harm by attempting to extract power from an outside source. It is a silent yet formidable strategy for healing our world.

African man and woman with lion and ram in background

Let's review and repeat these concepts in Qigong fashion to ensure that we can apply them to our lives. Colonizers do not understand the African ☥ Indigenous connection to animals, but they want the power that they witness emanating from us as a result of the connection. African ☥ Indigenous People have deep connections with and learn from animals, but that connection is reverent, not sexual. Even Africans ☥ Indigenous People who eat animals, first talk to and pray with that animal before consuming it. In many African ☥ Indigenous cultures, it is believed that the animal comes to the person to be sacrificed for a spiritual purpose. The power that we get from animals comes from the embodiment of the lessons they teach us through their behaviors. Many of these lessons transcend words, so the animal is like a translator for The Great Spirit. Animals also visit us to bring a message or warning from The Great Spirit. When I was on a boat ride in Belize, I heard many birds singing. Our Indigenous tour guide said that the birds were telling the people at our destination that we were on our way. Before colonization, animals in captivity (chained, harnessed and even fenced in, etc.) was not a common practice for Africans ☥ Indigenous People. The animals roamed free in their co-existence with humans. One of the local hotels that I stayed at in Guatemala had wild turkeys roaming throughout the property. As a child, I loved learning about animals, but felt uneasy during my first trip to a "zoo," could not understand why people were so enamored with the "circus" and was confused by the concept of animals as "pets." The concept of an animal as a "pet" is a heavily promoted eurocentric idea and social program that alludes to some form of subjugation. Sex with an animal will not give a person power, but it does fuel sexual perversions that can be driven by:

☥ Loneliness (which may begin in childhood as the animal provides "secret" comfort)

☥ An unwillingness to learn how to have healthy relationships/resolve conflicts with people

☥ Emotional trauma from people, that they do not know how to heal, causing them to use

the animal for nonjudgmental emotional support

☥ Unresolved sexual trauma

Zoophilia can offer a person many forms of sexually transmitted diseases/other infections that will either manifest within them or (particularly if the person is a man and because they often don't show symptoms) will infect other people through sexual contact.

Zoophilia was estimated to be prevalent in 2% of the population in 2021.                                                From The Research Article, 'Review of cases, case series and prevalence studies of zoophilia in the general population' By Adalberto Campo-Arias, Edwin Herazo and Guillermo A. Ceballos-Ospino

The challenge with using animals for 'emotional support' is that, without a high level of self-awareness, they can become a crutch (emotional support → emotional transference or projection). Examples include people who make comments about animals being better, more loyal or dependable than humans. When we do the work of cultivating benchmarks for trust and set ☥ enforce healthy boundaries, we develop healthy relationships with people.

At what point will we actually deal with, heal and release the emotions/trauma (which will include experiencing some temporary discomfort)? If the animal is there soothing us whenever we feel bad, we may not do the work (which is too often the case), and over time we can develop an unhealthy relationship with the animal (i.e. begin to avoid people, conflict, suppress the urge to grow that is coming from our innate intelligence, etc.). As an example, a person may prefer an animal to a human, because all they have to do is feed/walk the animal to get consistent unconditional support (personal growth development is not needed). But with a human, the person will have to learn how to adapt and evolve in environments that are riddled with unknown variables (requires personal growth development maturity). Can we see how this behavior with the animal could turn into an emotional addiction or create a distraction that is no different than taking a drug? I get the distinct impression, from my conversations with Indigenous healers and from Bat ☥ Goddess Of Interdependent Opposites, that unhealthy behavior with animals is causing a global disturbance of our natural order and that there is a vital need for self-correction. Healthy people collaboratepluralistically communicate with and learn lessons from animals.

I will digress here to provide a few examples of pluralistic communication. I am defining pluralistic communication to mean an understanding (of people, animals, cultural or contextual situations, etc.) that is highly intuitive. This can include a feeling, insight or a cultural way of knowing or obtaining information. One day, I was hiking in Northern California. I was on a ledge that allowed me to see a large clearing that was about 1/2 klick (kilometer) away from me. I was surprised to see a lone wolf in the clearing. I wasn't afraid, and the wolf never addressed me, but I could tell that she had spotted me from her peripheral vision. I was too high up for her to reach me easily, but I couldn't tell if she was a scout or with a pack (female wolves don't usually scout). I cannot explain how, but she communicated to me (an example of intuitive contextual pluralistic communication) that it was not a good day to be on the trail. I immediately turned around and left. I chuckled as I walked back to my car and thought of a day when I went to an Italian pizzeria as a kid, and the guy who handed me the calzone said, "You're taking this to go right?" I was planning on eating at the restaurant, but the look in his eyes told me that it wasn't a good day to eat there. So, I took my food to go (an example of cultural contextual pluralistic communication).

During a long hike on another trail, an owl called out. I had just gone on a bird watching tour with the Outdoor Afro group, and no people were around, so I thought it would be a great idea to practice my owl calling. The owl was far away, but once I started practicing, it came closer and followed me back to my car. I got the distinct impression that it was critiquing and encouraging me to get it right. A professor, who is a Herpetologist at the University of New Mexico, was constantly recruiting me to take one of the university's snakes home. They were attempting to protect the snakes by allowing them to mature in a protected environment and then releasing them in the wild. However the idea of keeping frozen mice in my freezer and the thought of what I would do if the snake got out of its cage was enough for me to repeatedly decline the offer. However, one day I was on a hike, and I saw a long snake on the trail. It didn't have a rattle, but I was not going to get close enough to inspect further.

The professor, who was on a mission to get me comfortable with snakes, said that if I encountered a snake to make vibrations on the ground with my foot, and the snake would leave. But this snake would not budge. If I turned around, I would have been late for an appointment. So, I watched the snake for a few moments while I negotiated my courage level. I truly wanted to turn back, but I felt like I needed to keep going. I cautiously walked up to the snake while making vibrations on the ground, praying and asking the snake for permission to cross. I then stepped over the snake which was a major growth moment for me, and I must stress, is what the park service says NOT to do. The recommendation is to turn back if the snake doesn't move. The snake did not budge. I kept walking and when I was about 1/2 klick away, I looked back at the snake. In that moment, the snake slowly slithered off the trail Qigong-style as if to prove to me that it wasn't dead and could have moved at any time if it wanted to. I believed that the snake was teaching me something about facing my fears ☥ shedding outdated belief systems (translation from The Great Spirit), because the incident reflected messages that I was repeatedly receiving but rejecting from the professor. Would the snake have crossed my path at all if I had found a way to interact with one of the snakes in the Biology department (an example of contextual pluralistic communication)?

During my next visit to the Biology department, the professor was so excited to learn that I didn't turn back because he was attempting to rid the public of programmed fear of snakes. However, I told myself that if it happened in again, I would turn back in reverence for the snake and to honor its space (an example of intuitive contextual pluralistic communication). In my 14 years of daily hiking in that area, I had only seen two very small snakes, both of which quickly moved away from me as I approached them. In a different area, I walked past a snake that I thought was a strange looking stick, which brings my number up to three snake sightings in more than 20 years of hiking + one snake that our tour guide in Costa Rica stepped off the trail to find and show us. Daily Qigong practice heightens our ability to communicate pluralistically which allows us to simultaneously read a situation on physical ☥ emotional ☥ culturalcontextual ☥ ancestral ☥ other unknown levels that transcend the physical realm and guides us to take the action that serves the highest good in the moment.

colonizer chasing acquisition for fulfillment

Colonizers' misunderstanding of our deep connection to animals often occurs because:

☥ Colonizers use monolithic methods to study Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant People, but

because we are pluralistic in our thoughts and behaviors, who we truly are cannot be

understood monolithically. I understood Sadhguru to say that we can understand some

things about an animal by dissecting it, but we cannot understand who a person is by

dissecting them. He also implies that we don't know what we think we know about

animals. Monolithic methods of study are limited and can create dangerous delusions of

arrogance + willful ignorance.

☥ Colonizers have traveled far away from the truest part of themselves in order to commit

heinous crimes against humanity and their delusions of superiority causes them to

believe that they can create/control anything/anyone with enough resources. They

believe themselves to be superior to everyone else and that we all think and behave the

way they do. Because their response is consistently subjugation through violence,

they believe that all people respond in this way. Their low level of consciousness

prevents them from realizing that Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant People want to live in

peace. This doesn't mean that we will not protect ourselves, but it does mean that we

realize what violent, predatory and parasitic behavior does to our soul, and we have no

interest in becoming like the people who oppress us. Colonizers are blinded by their ego

and guilt-ridden fear of losing something that they don't actually have. Nothing that

they acquire seems to satisfy them, but because they don't know how else to soothe

their addiction to the "feeling" that acquisition gives them, they continue to acquire,

regardless of the cost to themselves or others. This misunderstanding keeps us trapped

within cycles of psychosis, a root cause that fuels mental imbalances, drives global wars

and other forms of oppression.

The Outshined music video features a backstory of a white man building a human-sized gerbil's wheel, stoically stepping into it and continuing to walk as the video ends. Chris Cornell, the lead singer of Soundgarden, hung himself in a Detroit hotel in 2017. He struggled with an array of addictions, and his family asserts that he would not have killed himself (and that medication was the contributing factor). I am haunted by the fact that he had a multidimensional understanding of depression, but couldn't get up on his feet again and liberate himself from it, despite his success and indisputable vocal talent. Acquisition and access to the best medications money can buy couldn't save his life, but if he learned to tap into the truest part of himself, heal past traumas and educe his inner power, that power would have outshined the depression and put him on the path to deep fulfillment.

☥ Colonizers equate power with acquisition. For example, colonizers believe that they are

powerful because they stole a country's resources. However, Black ☥ Indigenous ☥

Immigrant People believe that a person who has to steal in order to feel powerful is not

powerful at all because people steal what they don't already have. We see them as

thieves, bullies, parasitic, violent, predatory and psychotic, but not as powerful because:

Powerful Black man and woman

I started making connections about colonizers' misunderstandings of power through my psych experiments as I observed and interviewed narcissistic white women who date Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant men. I noticed that many of them exuded a deep sense of satisfaction when mistaking the look on my face for jealousy as they walked by me with their Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant man on their arm or bragged about their sexual conquests. I haven't ever felt jealous of a white woman as they have nothing that I want, including the Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant men that they are with (because these men will not be healthy mates for Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant women until Set can remove impurities and then Sobek can cleanse them in the Nile River). My Qigong practice taught me how to protect myself by becoming sensitive to energy, so Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant men who date these types of white women have an energetic signature or an odor that is often repulsive to me (and doesn't go away until the man becomes a King or Emperor). The only way I can explain the look on my face, that white women misinterpret, would be to say that it is the anger, frustration, pain and emotional fatigue that comes from knowing that a Page/Knight is locked within a deep trauma bond and is being continually molested, but because of social programming, that Page/Knight doesn't recognize the emotional manipulation and believes that he is achieving a high level of status through the connection. It is difficult to watch a person being used, especially through sexual manipulation, and know that nothing we say or do will convince them of the truth because they have been blinded by their ego which causes them to hide behind "status" to mask their pain. It is even more difficult to accept that the social programming embedded within our psyche, which places white women on a pedestal, was paid for by generations of murdering hundreds of millions of our ancestors. The pain of Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant women comes from the silent exchange with the white woman because she is keenly aware that we understand the deception, and she takes great pleasure in knowing that we can't do anything about it (hence her perception of exerting power over us). All we can do is watch and hope that the Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant men wake up ☥ heal on their own.

Black woman lifting a heavy weight and Black woman connecting with Spirit

The pain and emotional fatigue that Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant women feel is fueled by the injustice of societal norms that permit/celebrate manipulative behaviors. The behaviors don't rob us of our personal power, but it is both painful and emotionally exhausting to watch Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant men exuding self-hatred while knowing that they are being manipulated into believing that they exude power. The targeting of the most affluent Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant men by white women also represent a creative form of disenfranchisement. white women have used Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant men to become millionaires/billionaires and they have offered nothing to help Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant communities evolve financially or in consciousness. Many of these white women hang in there long enough to make the necessary business contacts, get exposure, have a few kids and then enjoy the benefits of a lucrative divorce settlement. Their kids are often just weapons to be used for emotional leverage. Because men aren't taught how to process their emotions, they punish themselves by dating/marrying the same types of women which locks them inside the trauma bond.

... elephant handlers often train[ed] baby elephants to be submissive by chaining them to a post. They'll fight with all their will to break free. Day in and day out they'll try, but eventually they just give up. When the baby elephants become adults they no longer need chains to be tied in place; just a thin rope will do. HuffPost, From The Article, 'Elephant Ropes: Our Continuing Attachment To Fear'

Black man succumbing to white female manipulation

A biracial person once told me that their Black father attempted to sell them to get rid of them. This is a deep complicated issue.

This is not the first story I’ve heard about selling biracial children, and I haven’t dived deeply into the data, but the idea of/opportunity to sell a child on the street would not exist if it were not somehow heavily promoted in the underground market. It is imperative that Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant People share our stories so that we can expose and dismantle hidden forms of corruption spawned by racism and oppression. This type of hidden corruption feeds into the human trafficking market and proves that enslavement has not ended. It continues to be reinvented because our society has not healed and removed its root causes.

I tried to help this person understand that our parents are just people who had sex. Procreation does not make a person a parent. I deduced that this person's father was raped and manipulated by their mother, and trying to get rid of them was the father's way of attempting to release himself from the manipulation because he didn't know how to heal. I saw a response that this person's white mother made on social media that led me to the conclusion that she attempts to manipulate them through co-dependency. It is vitally important that biracial people healcleanse ancestral trauma and their current environment. A seed cannot grow under the tree, which is why the wind blows the seed to a clearing where it can find its own space to grow. In a similar way, we have to take the lessons that we learn (positively or negatively) from our birth parents and use those lessons to help us evolve in consciousness - which requires that we heal and remove ourselves from toxic relationships. Our value is not determined by the actions of others, and beautiful flowers ☥ sweet fruits can grow from the stinkiest compost. This biracial person's attachment to how they wished their parents were kept them trapped within a toxic cycle of emotional pain. This person is doing phenomenal work in their community, and they cannot afford to waste time or energy on anything/anyone that jeopardizes their mental/emotional wellbeing and keeps them from fulfilling their potential. Daily Qigong practice teaches us how to see things as they truly are, tap into the truest part of ourselves and educe our inner love ☥ power. As we heal and grow, we may have to spend some time in solitude and distance ourselves from toxic biological family members, but we will attract healthy people who become a part of our spiritual family. Black grandmothers can often end up raising/being an anchor for their biracial grandchildren, but grandmothers can only offer healing if they have done the work of healing themselves. The emotional and racial fatigue that Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant women experience causes us to feel like we must lift the heavy burdens of racism on our own which often traps us into rumination instead of lifting our consciousness to the level of SPIRIT where our solutions reside.

Black men protesting with Black women supporting

The targeting of Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant men leaves Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant women exceptionally vulnerable to abuse. In America, 62% of confirmed sex trafficking victims are African American. A Community-Based Ecosystems Approach To Healing Our Village shares a few stories of creative ways that middle/upper class Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant women are targeted for sex trafficking.

The emotional fatigue can cause Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant women to either:

☥ overlook the strong Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant men who stand beside us, are

truly in the fight with us to empower our communities and who do not succumb to the

incessant advances of white women; or,

☥ over burden Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant men with our complaints about the men

who have abandoned us ☥ our communities.

I have personally worked with many brilliant Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant men who are under tremendous pressure to co-create healthy communities in the midst of inhumane resistance. Our daily Qigong practice teaches us how to demystify ☥ heal our emotions so that we can "see" and positively affirm the men in our community who stand in solidarity with us. Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant women have become masters at using the insurmountable racial pressure imposed upon us to turn our coal into diamonds. I have yet to witness that kind of inner power emanating from a colonizer, but they continually hunt us to take the diamonds that we produce by force. The constant "taking" creates a false sense/definition of power that colonizers must keep "taking" in order to sustain. We cannot afford to be passive with our Qi. In today's society, this "taking" is gaining momentum and will make Africa (and people of the African diaspora) even more vulnerable to many forms of manipulation as its youthful population is causing it to be targeted for yet another modern day scramble:

Until colonizers overstand how to harness inner power, they will be stuck in the madness of seeking something that will forever remain elusive to them and will cause them to continually create and perpetuate harm everywhere they go. If they don't shift their behavior to humanitarianism, they will destroy everyone and everything on this planet.

African governments are scrambling for dollars, and that’s creating a new dividing line for investors … Investors are rewarding nations whose efforts to boost dollar liquidity are paying off. But they’re punishing those that can’t guarantee access to the currency they need to invest and repatriate returns, and are steering clear of countries without adequate reserves to cover import costs or debt repayments. African currencies are the worst performers in the world this year, with about a dozen sliding at least 15% against the dollar … Eurobond issuers who were forced to devalue this year include Egypt, Nigeria and Angola.                                                                                                                         Bloomberg

How do we justify raping Africa for its resources for thousands of years and then re-invent economic suppression so that African governments are forced to scramble for dollars? Losing hundreds of millions of Africans to genocide and enslavement is not even considered as a lost resource. Stealing art that provides european museums with billions of dollars in revenue is not factored into the balance sheets. How did these investors get their money in the first place? Why is Africa in debt to any country? If we briefly explore African art, we find that:

europeans were paid to steal the art from Africa.

europeans are paid when people go to the museum to see the art (including Africans

who have to pay money to colonizers to learn about African art/history/culture).

europeans are paid to take/disseminate pictures of the art which often includes white

people in those pictures to insert white people and their interpretations of our culture

into African history and culture.

Africans people of the African diaspora who cannot afford to travel never learn about

the art because African art and history has been erased from the educational

curriculum. Similar erasures of history occur in America and globally.

Our daily Qigong practice reminds us to make the best of the resources that we do have so that we can cultivate an evolutionary growth mindset, even if our financial resources are currently limited. runs on faith ☥ fumes, and the three projects that need to be developed ☥ produced are stalled until they can be funded. It takes a long time and persistence amidst constant rejection, especially of healing work, to secure large grants ☥ funding. Many years ago, one of my clients insisted that I allow someone to take a picture of myself shaking my finger at her so that she could put it in her pantry to prevent her from buying junk food. Her request inspired some of my fundraising efforts, and I now say that I need your 40, junk food and gambling money. When you donate money to that you would have spent on disempowering distractions, you empower yourself through a conscious decision to make better choices, regularly donate money that you aren't going to miss and that helps to heal yourself and our communities. 40, junk food and gambling money would pay for a month's access to the beautiful images that you see or one of the many business fees that are designed to shut down and disenfranchise healers. How many times have you seen a great idea disappear? It disappears because we spent money on 40, junk food and gambling instead of supporting the great idea. If everyone regularly gave a little and offered love gifts, we would be surprised at how much we could accomplish. However the heavy weight of oppression tends to keep us in cyclical loops of frustration and lures us into disempowering distractions which increases our stress and causes more problems for us to solve. The constant pressure often prevents us from taking actions - even small ones that could create lasting change.

We can't afford to wait for colonizers to wake up. Qigong was outlawed for hundreds of years because of Aryan influenced oppression and the constant extraction of its African origins. During this time, the Qigong masters learned how to practice concealed Qigong in public and kept it from disappearing off the face of the earth. In time, Qigong became so valuable that it went from being outlawed to respected as a primary system of health care in Asia. We've learned a great deal from their experiences and the actions we take today can create societal change without having to go underground for hundreds of years.

Because we have been passive with our Qi, we may not see the invisible ways that colonization reinvents and reinforces itself. Daily Qigong practice cultivates the self-awareness to consider that while Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant men and women are prevented from having healthy relationships with each other, colonizers can more easily extract our resources and prevent us from building and sustaining strong communities (or consider the insanity of the desire to prevent the cultivation of any healthy community). Our Qigong practice teaches us how to implement counterstrategies for protection ☥ recovery ☥ empowerment.

Qigong teaches us how to cultivate consistent, disciplined self-care practices, harness our inner power to build a better world, resist oppression in a way that does not deplete us, protect ourselves from the many ways that colonizers attempt to "take" from us and tap into the infinite source of energy required to cultivate wellness ☥ transcend the madness of racism and oppression.

Ruby slippers and the yellow brick road to Oz

Let's review ☥ apply these concepts Qigong style to help us heal and move forward. Colonizers function like the Wizard in that they use resources to create illusions of power that are sustained through psychological manipulation to the point that ☥ Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant People succumb to coping mechanisms that cause us to willingly pay colonizers to hustle us (Portia sacrificial webs of deception). Daily Qigong practice dismantles these concentric circles of psychosis and teaches us how to pull back the curtain on the Wizard in order to see the truth and realize that our power was hidden from us because we were passive with our Qi. Once the Wizard is exposed, he becomes relieved to release the burdens of sustaining the illusion so that he can heal and learn how to cultivate his own inner power. With daily Qigong practice, the concentric circles of psychosis are then transformed into ripples of healing that reverberate out to the community allowing us to build a better world.

Sloth in the foreground with multicultural people in the background

The sloth is like a Spirit Guide for the practice of Qigong. We can see from its genetic makeup, that it holds what appears to be a permanent smile on its face, and it moves slower than any animal I've ever seen. Baby sloths move slightly faster than the adults. I learned about sloths in Costa Rica during a four hour tour at a sloth sanctuary. They are delightful animals, and they have helped me to gain a deeper understanding of presence, cultivating joy in the midst of hardships and the art ☥ magic of slow movements.

Think about your favorite radio station. It is always on the air at a particular frequency, but until we turn the dial to the number of our station, we will not hear its broadcast. Similarly, our Qi is always available to us, but we need to move slowly in order to tap into its ‘frequency.’ Slow movements are like turning the dial on the radio to the station of ourselves. ☥ Dr. Phyllis SHU Hubbard ☥

Why Qigong Movements Are So Slow

In the Rising With The Sun blog, we are introduced to the power of slow movements. Imagine that we are in pool of water. As we look off in the short distance, we see a beautiful flower. We begin to move quickly towards the flower and make ripples in the water which pushes the flower further away. The faster we move, the more ripples we make. If we continue to move quickly, we will never get to the flower. However, what if we were to stop, gather ourself and move in slow-motion towards the flower? If we could move so slowly that we didn’t make a ripple in the water, we would be amazed at how quickly we would reach that flower. Sometimes, fast is slow and slow is fast. I first came across this concept while studying to become a Qigong teacher.

I learned that we often do not achieve what we want, but not because we don’t deserve it. We don’t achieve our goals because we too often move towards those goals with the wrong energy.

Have you noticed that the really cool looking shots on TV and in the movies are revealed to us in slow-motion? In the example above, we were presented with two ways of approaching the flower. The fast way represents acting on impulse which causes a ripple effect that pushes our goals out of reach. The slow way represents what happens when we are led by our innate intelligence. It is the way that comes to us when we breathe, pause and then check in with the truest part of ourselves before acting. Sometimes the action that we are guided to take seems slow, but it gets us to our goal quicker than the action that appeared to be faster. Examples of when fast becomes slow include:

☥ Throwing trash across the room and then missing the trash can and having to get up

and put the trash in the can

☥ Saying “yes” to something without checking our calendar and then realizing that

we’ll have to figure out how to back out of the commitment or fit it into our schedule

☥ Having to redo a project because we rushed through it

Black woman reading instructions and building

Qigong is an art ... You should understand that it does not matter which version you practice; the basic theory and principles remain the same. ☥ Jwing-Ming Yang ☥

Let’s look at some examples of how slow can become fast:

☥ Taking the time to learn a software program that simplifies and reduces our tasks

☥ Setting and enforcing healthy boundaries with family and friends and then reaping the

benefits of earning their respect ☥ having healthy relationships

☥ Reading the instructions and understanding the process before installing hardware

Now that we have a better understanding of fast and slow, let's apply this concept to the practice of Qigong. Fast abrupt movements keep us from accessing the Qi. In the same way that slow movements allow us to reach a flower floating in a pool of water, slow movements allow us to make direct contact with our Qi (energy field), which we can actually feel. The feeling can manifest in a number of ways including:

☥ Temperature changes such as a feeling of heat or cold

☥ Vibration, pulsation or tingling

A magnetic feeling, sort of like two magnets of the same polarity pushing each other

apart or two magnets of the opposite polarity pulling towards each other

A feeling in another part of the body such as a sore muscle, a taste in the mouth, etc.

A sudden insight or "ah-ha" moment such as a realization or a solution to a problem

Black woman meditating

Although we may be doing the exact same movement repetitively, each movement is different because of the energy flowing through us in that moment. This is because we are feeling what is going on with us in the present moment. People who become bored with Qigong because of the repetitive movements are unable to remain present. However, presence comes with our ability to stick with the practice and learn to transcend the distractions. In time, our practice will evolve to the point that each Qigong session becomes a pathway that takes us into deeper levels of fulfillment. It is true that some feelings may be unpleasant. The discomfort during the practice is usually a reflection of energy that needs to be cleansed and removed in order for us to heal. During these moments, it is important for us to stay focused on breathing and moving through the discomfort. Our body is a self-healing genius and will lock us down before allowing us to hurt ourselves.

I have experienced this locking down of the body directly and witnessed it with my participants as a Qigong instructor. The first time it happened to me was during a 40 minute power breathing session. I was concerned about the length of time because I was struggling with lower back pain and didn't think I could lie on the floor that long in one position. Before the exercise began, our Qigong teacher prepped us for the possibility of the physical lock down, so I was not afraid when it happened. Our teacher explained that the lock down could happen to prevent us from interfering with the body's healing process. That said, it was still a somewhat intimidating experience and an awesome display of the healing power of our bodies. After about 15 minutes of power breathing, I realized that I couldn't move. I was literally paralyzed from head to toe. The only thing that I could do was breathe. So, rather than panic, I stayed focused on the breath and connected to the exercise. My body remained in the locked down position until we got to the cool down part of the exercise. Then, I realized that I could move my hands and feet. Within a few minutes, I was able to move my entire body. I slowly rolled over to my right side and inhaled as I lifted my body up. My lower back was hot. It felt almost like it was on fire, but the rest of my body was completely relaxed. I looked under my yoga mat to see if I had accidentally placed it over a heat vent and was surprised to find nothing there. Then I went to the bathroom to look at my back in the mirror because it was so hot that I thought it was glowing red. The heat persisted for another 45 minutes, and when the heat finally dissipated my back pain was gone. I had only attended the Qigong conference to get some continuing education credits for my massage license, but after that experience, I was convinced that I had to become a Qigong Instructor so that I could teach it to Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant People.

Black man practicing Qigong

How To Practice Qigong

Although there are many different styles of Qigong and a litany of protocols established around the mass marketed forms, the truth is that no one can teach us about our Qi. Teachers and those who call themselves "masters" can only help us to find the connection that leads us back to ourselves. If I only taught you one movement and left you alone to practice that movement consistently, your Qi would eventually teach you all of the movements that YOUR body needs for you to learn for whatever path you are to take during your life. To my dismay, I've discovered that very few people want to hear that truth. Most people want me to tell them exactly what to do, and they spend more time looking at me to make sure that they are doing it "right" than connecting with their own energy. This pattern of behavior is yet another reflection of our social programming.

The rebel in me generally teaches a free-form style of Qigong during workshops in order to encourage people to trust themselves and connect with their own energy. I basically give participants a few guidelines and then we practice with music and no instruction until I lead them through a closing procedure. I love to observe the transformation in people. At first, they are self-conscious and watch me to see if they are doing it "right," but after a time, they transcend their inner critic, begin to relax and settle into their own style. If they are moving too fast, I slow down even more and ease my way in their direction which helps them to slow themselves down enough to connect with their own Qi. Then, finally, they start trusting and listening to their innate wisdom, and their Qi begins to guide their movements - the true beginning of their Qigong practice. It generally takes at least 15 minutes of silent practice with no instruction to get them to this point. I keep them practicing for at least another 20 minutes so that they can distinguish between their energy and the energy of the other participants. This is when the energy of Bat ☥ Goddess Of Interdependent Opposites becomes apparent. Even though the entire group is doing their own movements, I begin to notice a dynamic synchronicity within the group. When I taught Qigong on Miami Beach, people would often slow down as they walked by. The bliss in our practice space becomes almost palpable at this point.

I'm sharing these stories because I don't want the details of any specific form to keep us from practicing Qigong right now. There are only a few rules to follow that serve as a framework to help us connect with our energy and maintain good posture ☥ body mechanics:

☥ Move in slow-motion, as if moving through water without making a single ripple.

☥ Breathe slowly and deeply. Most movements that expand outward are driven by our

inhale, and most movements that relax inward are driven by our exhale, but if we

focus on our breathing, this will happen naturally without having to "think" about

it. The "thinking" will abruptly jar us out of the flow of the exercise.

Stay in the present moment.

Resist the temptation to fidget.

Inhale through bodily discomfort.

Practice sitting/lying down if fatigued (in other words, if we start to practice but

suddenly feel extremely tired, continue the practice either sitting or lying down). Qi

follows the mind, so even if we are imagining ourself doing the form, we are practicing


Place our feet shoulder width apart.

Tuck our tailbone under.

Gently pull shoulders up, back, down.

Keep our knees and elbows slightly bent.

☥ Keep our spine erect but not rigid.

Relax the focus of our eyes (this is the "glazed over" look that people give you when

they have "zoned out").

Consistency is key and the power is in the practice. Five minutes of Qigong every day is better than an hour sporadically. Consistency cultivates trust between our body ☥ mind and strengthens our energy field. Would it be better for us to brush our teeth everyday or once in a while when we feel like we'll have the time?

We now know all that we need to know to get started. Applying many of these "rules" to our everyday life and work is tantamount to practicing concealed Qigong in public. Start moving and breathing. Our body will take over and teach us the rest. Ah, but I know my readers, so I've included another short video (below) that combines a few sitting and standing forms that we can practice until we trust ourself enough to be led from the inside. We'll know when it happens because we'll see something in the video, but we'll naturally feel like doing something different. It will feel right to us and will be a calm, quiet, intelligent nudge. When this happens, it is our Qi guiding us so go with the feeling. Qi is dynamic so the feeling we have today may be totally different from tomorrow. Social programming is in our head right now judging whether or not we can do Qigong "right." However, because Qi is everywhere, there are no limits to when and how we can practice Qigong. We may only want to watch videos for a while, and then suddenly we'll want to be in nature by ourself. Trust that the wisdom of our body is guiding what we need for that particular day. Second guessing ourself is a social program that will dissipate over time with daily Qigong practice. When in doubt, breathe and move with the feeling in super slow-motion.

Healing Benefits Of Qigong

Consistent Qigong practice enhances our body's innate ability to heal itself and offers a wide array of benefits such as:

Enhancing circulation

☥ Developing reflexes and dexterity

☥ Preventing osteoporosis

☥ Nourishing our nervous system

☥ Reducing stress, blood pressure

☥ Healing internal scar tissue, injuries, etc.

☥ Improving communication ☥ connection between body ☥ mind ☥ emotions

☥ Increasing mental focus ☥ acuity ☥ self-awareness

☥ Transcending psychological manipulation, racial and emotional fatigue

☥ Sending advance warnings of entrance into/progression of the stages of dis-ease 

The advance warnings come to us through our intuition and sometimes in the midst of our Qigong practice. During the debrief of one of my extended power breathing sessions, one of the practitioners, who is a high level executive, said that they now see how their reluctance to speak up for themselves is a major blindspot that has been sabotaging their efforts at work. As they were doing the breathing exercise, they kept having to clear their throat and recognized this phenomenon as communication from their soul on a way to level up their life. Another practitioner had a similar throat clearing episode, but for them it was an indication that their body was doing some deep cleansing because they finally recognized the pattern of their body's communication. I mention these stories because people can have similar experiences with different interpretations that apply to their life, or they can have wildly different experiences. This particular session was with 70 people. Here is a snapshot of a few other reports from the debrief:

I'm on medication that gives me dry mouth, but as I started the power breathing,

my mouth filled with saliva for the first time in seven years.

Breathing has always been hard for me, so I am amazed that I was able to get through

this exercise. I had a heart attack three years ago and this is the first time since then

that I've been able to take a deep breath.

Thank you for walking by and nudging me to push through my resistance. I now realize

that whenever I am afraid, I hold back. But your nudge forced me to see how I sabotage

my own success and convinced me that I need to take a deep breath to push through

the fear and take action.

I was so angry with you for putting me through this exercise. I couldn't wait until it was

over so that I could get up off the floor and smack you in the face. But then something

happened, [she starts to cry] and it's hard to explain, but it's like the anger reached a

crescendo and dissipated - then I was filled with so much joy ...

All of these reports were evidence that a person's innate wisdom can heal them. I did not do anything except guide them through the technique that helped them make the connection with themselves.

People do not wish to feel that death ensues from neglect on their part … they seem to forget that there is a cause for every ailment, and that it may be in their power to remove it. My chief desire in presenting this book is to impress upon somebody’s mind the possibilities of prevention. ☥. ☥ Dr. Rebecca Lee Crumpler ☥ From, 'A Book Of Medical Discourses: In Two Parts'

Social programming has convinced us that dis-ease is a random occurrence that spontaneously erupts within our body - leaving it helpless and causing it to break down. However, our body is a self-healing genius. There has never been and will never be a machine that can do what our body can do. Even if a 50-year-old person has a heart attack, it means that their heart ran for 50 years straight on bad fuel and under high stress. What machine can do that? A car can't even handle a dose of sugar in its gas tank. If we give our body what it needs, our body will heal itself. Qigong is a practice that teaches us how to listen when our body speaks and nudges us to take action based on what we hear.

One of the participants who attended a different power breathing session happened to be in a wheelchair, the result of an accident that "paralyzed" them. However, they reported that, in the middle of the exercise, they were shocked to feel a tingling sensation in their spine, and the last time they felt anything in their spine was when it snapped during the accident. I had an extended conversation with this person after the debrief and urged them to keep practicing even though they may not notice improvement, because it takes nerves a very long time to heal. This person posts their progress on social media. The last time I checked, I saw a picture of them in a physical therapy session. They were using parallel bars to assist them in strengthening their muscles and sharing their determination to walk. My nerves were cut during an intense wisdom tooth extraction which left my chin completely numb for a few years. My dentist said that the feeling would not return to my chin, but I never gave up hope, because I know how long it takes for the nerves to heal ☥ the necessity of putting in the work when there is no physical evidence of improvement. After two years of daily Qigong practice and massage, I finally felt some tingling. The numbness completely disappeared after another year of work. I am positive that this person will walk again if they continue to put in the work. The healing potential of Qigong is vast because Qi is everywhere. Harnessing the power of our Qi is somewhat like brushing our teeth in that it needs to be done everyday. Qigong is not something to try. Qigong is a lifestyle. If you've been reading my blogs, you may begin to see how colonization has strategically broken up and dispersed these healing practices. I invite you to continue to study until you recognize the patterns that emerge from Ayurveda, the Chakras, Qigong and other healing modalities that we'll cover over time. They are the pieces of one puzzle ...

Exhausted Indian man with white men drinking beer and Statue of Liberty in the background

Daily Qigong Practice also helps us to balance our Third Eye Chakra so that we can recognize and transcend herd manipulation. I was having a conversation with an East Indian researcher from an Ivy League institution. He said that he had been in the United States for eight years, and the pressure to conform to eurocentric culture was "overwhelming." I had just published my Three Elephants Blocking Our Healing blog, so I sent it to him. I told him that if he caved into the pressure, everyone loses because he becomes "white" and we don't get to learn about East Indian culture from an authentic source. About five months after our conversation, he decided to move back home to India. I was happy for him, but sad for America because if we had allowed him to show up as his authentic self, we could have enjoyed a lifetime of cultural exchanges. Colonizers often use social programming to “trend” unhealthy behaviors that they want to continue. Consider the following scenarios that we've seen promoted and celebrated in multimedia:

☥ Colonizers use words like “prude” as a peer pressure device to lure Black ☥ Indigenous ☥

Immigrant People into unhealthy behaviors.

☥ Male colonizers use words like “douchebag” as a peer pressure device to lure Black ☥

Indigenous ☥ Immigrant and even white males into proving their worth or manhood.

☥ Affluent Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant males will ignore or divorce a compatible,

striking, accomplished and professional Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant woman in order

to date or marry a white and often much less attractive/accomplished porn star.

Other examples include colonizers who attempt to minimize their historical or current behavior by making comments such as:

Africans had slaves too (without mentioning that colonizers forced Africans to either

sell or be sold)

Slaves were given free room and board (without mentioning that the enslaved were

forcibly removed from their land, raped and pillaged)

My organization helps feed the poor in Africa (without mentioning how colonizers made

money by stealing Africa's resources and then makes more money by obtaining funding

to set up organizations to pretend as if they are feeding the poor - even though the poor

are still poor and hungry)

Gentrification helps clean up bad neighborhoods (without mentioning the strategic

efforts to disenfranchise the neighborhood which also includes purposely bringing in

drugs, etc.)

Biracial man boxing