Collaborative Work with Community Organizations

Dr. Phyllis Shu Hubbard served as the Senior Director of BMA (Black Male Achievement) Health and Healing Strategies, an innovative wellness endeavor functioning within the Campaign for Black Male Achievement (CBMA).



Dr. Hubbard collaborated with CBMA in various capacities for over 10 years. She now serves as a co-branded community partner and role model to share, archive and preserve CBMA's Health & Healing content to ensure that the healing messages are available for open source use to the world.


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Master Your Life


Heal ☥ Nourish ☥ Rise

Dr. Hubbard spearheaded CBMA's Health & Healing Strategies initiative (seed funded with generous support from the California Endowment) which aims to improve health outcomes of Black males by promoting self-empowerment and wellness education among leaders in Black Male Achievement. 


In 2020, CBMA decided to sunset the organization. This page is dedicated to archiving and preserving the continuing health and healing work that CBMA inspired and supported. 


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Journey  Radiance: Health & Healing Strategies Impact Report


Under the guidance of BMA Health and Healing Strategies Senior Director Dr. Phyllis Shu Hubbard, CBMA worked with the Sacramento City and Oakland Unified School Districts to serve as lead partners in an effort to build strategic engagement of educators, parents/families and community members to increase knowledge and skill sets around strategies for improved physical and emotional health and overall wellness. Local and national community partners executing the work included: 

☥  A Touch of Life Leadership and Wellness Institute

☥  Flourish Agenda

☥  National CARES Mentoring Movement

 Strategic Destiny, LLC 

☥  Spearitwurx

☥  Radiant Health Strategies

☥  393Films 


During her last year with CBMA, Dr. Hubbard commissioned the "Journey To Radiance: Health And Healing Strategies Impact Report" to outline strategies to improve Health and Healing Outcomes for Black Males and BMA leaders nationwide. See below to access the executive summary and full report

Journey  Radiance:     Podcasts and Webisode

Dr. Phyllis Shu Hubbard was the Executive Producer of the Journey To Radiance Podcast series. Dr. Hubbard and WolfHawkJaguar (393Films) served as co-hosts and producers of the podcasts, which aimed to promote healthy lifestyles and shift the narrative around Black men and boys, specifically as it relates to health, cultural identity and healing.


The overarching goal for this collaboration was to elevate empowering healing strategies and provide accurate, positive and healthy depictions of Black men and boys. We invite you to actively engage in your own self-care by watching the webisode and listening to the theme song  podcasts below which are rich in content, healing demonstrations and tangible strategies that you can use right now to begin or level up the movement on your Journey to Radiance. Please share the webisode  theme song ☥ podcasts with your family, friends and communities. 

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Journey  Radiance      Webisode ☥ Theme Song