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Auset ☥ Kamitic/Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) Goddess of Alchemy

Heal ☥ Nourish

Master ☥ Your ☥ Life

Visit this page often to learn tips and techniques for self-care, self-mastery and self-empowerment.

Connecting With Our Ancestors

Learning more about our ancestors allows us to connect with Spirit (God), however Spirituality manifests for you, and qualities to learn about ☥ cultivate within yourself.


Healing Through Movement

Experience healing strategies such as short breathing, movement exercises or interviews to guide you on your path to Radiant Health.


Enjoy health and healing content and wellness resources from community collaborations.

Heal  Nourish  Rise

Watch interactive videos to guides you on your path to the radiant health of your mind, body, emotions and spirit. 


Learn how our work inspired people just like you to get on the path to radiant health.