How to Support Our Central Nervous System While Sheltering In Place

Decades ago, Dr. James Levine coined the term "Sitting is the New Smoking." I was so thrilled to adopt his catchy mantra to help inspire people to stand up and stretch after 30-40 minutes of sitting. Then COVID-19 happened, which forced us into our homes for extended periods of time with no real self-care plan. Inspired by National Public Health Week (technically April 6 -12th) I was determined to inspire clients, family members and friends to keep moving, I invited my chiropractor to share some strategies for caring for ourselves while sheltering in place. Check out our short interview here:

In addition to the strategies listed in the video, I recommend stretching the pectoral (chest) muscles. Stretching improves posture, reduces pain and prevents disorders of the neck/arm/back. It increases energy, circulation and oxygenated blood flow to brain and

helps calm and clear the mind.

Once Simple Stretch for the Pectoral Muscles

  • Stand with the feet shoulder width apart and slightly bend the knees.

  • Tuck the tailbone under and gently pull the shoulders up, back and down. Relax the entire body.

  • Place the hands at the lower back and relax the shoulders down. Then pull elbows in towards each other as pictured below.

  • Take a slow deep breath and out.

  • During each inhale, attempt to lift the chest upward towards the nose.

  • During each exhale, attempt to pull the elbows in towards each other a little more.

  • Repeat this process for 3 breaths. Slowly work up to 9 breaths.

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