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Journey To Radiance ☥ Sankofa ☥ Part II

Updated: Jun 29

You cannot sing African music in proper English.  ☥                                                   ☥                                                                                                                                ☥ Fela Aníkúlápó Kútì ☥

Although I worked with two major airlines during my college years, my favorite airline job was with a much smaller Caribbean airline. The majority of my co-workers were from various islands in the Caribbean and so our potluck events at work were epic. I got to eat all kinds of food from Columbia, Bahamas, Cuba, Nicaragua, Trinidad, Jamaica, Panama, Nevis, Mexico, Cayman and much more, and rum ☥ heavy cake were in constant rotation. During carnival and major holidays, we would have office parties and dance to the best Soca and Calypso music. There is one song that I love because it values Pan African joy ☥ celebration over eurocentric holidays that are worshipped by our society:

If you see me face looking fret                                                                               It's something that really gets me upset ...                                                              Me and the boss man just disagree                                                                       It nearly had big fight with me and he                                                                   Boy, what you think cause the telele? He want me to work on Carnival day!                                                                                                                                                                                                           I tell him, no Mr. Vidal                                                                                                  Don't ask me to work for Carnival                                                                             Mr. V. if you want to be me pal                                                                                   Don't ask me to work for Carnival                                                                              This could have serious bacchanal                                                                  Don't ask me to work for Carnival                                                                             Like J'ouvert could get all radical                                                                             Don't ask me to work for Carnival                                                                                                                                                                                                                  I working Ash Wednesday                                                                                           I working Good Friday                                                                                                  I working Christmas Day                                                                                             I working New Year's Day                                                                                                                                                                                                                               But from J'ouvert morning two o'clock                                                                     Don't ask me to work for Carnival                                                                              I don't want to hear nothing about work ...                                                                                                                                                                                                    I want to spread the news loud and clear                                                           Spread it for all employers to hear                                                                             Tell them when it come to Carnival time                                                                Work to a Trini [person from Trinidad] is a big crime                                                All before Carnival we go work                                                                                Sunday to Sunday right round the clock                                                                But Carnival Saturday is me last                                                                                Then we want the freedom to play we mas ...                                                                                                                                                                                             From The Song, 'No Wuk For Carnival' By Lord Kitchener                                                

The lyrics are layered with multiple meanings, including "Mr. Vidal" as representing "The Man," the dynamic of very few or no Black-owned businesses which forces people to work for colonizer employers who do not respect the culture or recognize the importance of carnival.

African woman comfortable in her beautiful skin

Prelude To The Process Of Defragmentation

"No Wuk For Carnival" is an example of a Sankofa mindset. In order for us to cultivate the Sankofa mindset, we'll need to hit the reset button in our minds, which includes becoming aware of, removing and defragging the sneaky ways that modern day practices of slavery uses social programming to facilitate fragmentation by hiding within our society in plain sight. Let's take a brief look at a few examples:

Prelude To The Process Of Defragmentation (continued)

☥ Separating us from our mother country and controlling the narratives in order to present

our mother country as undesirable. Then separating us by region, township,

preferences, etc. until we no longer see what connects us as a people. For example,

when I hear Black Americans say, "I'm not African, I'm Black," my response generally

goes something like this:

Me: Are Africans Black?

Person: "Yeah"

Me: Then why do you need to make a public declaration that you are not African, you are

Black, when Africans are also Black? Who stands to gain from your perception that

you are not African? Who stands to gain from an African's perception that you are not

African? Where do these perceptions come from and do they make any sense?

Person: "Damn. Why you so deep?"

Me: What is deep is that these public declarations do the work for colonizers even when

they are not the ones who are speaking. We claim to be woke, but we act like we are

sleep walking. We are swimming in so much trauma, we don't realize how deeply

colonizer concepts are imprinted into our minds. I must call it out so that we can

break the chains that bind us to their programming. You are making the distinction

because you haven't healed your childhood trauma of being spammed with Tarzan

and images of starving African children. Why else do would you need to make a public

declaration that you are not African?

Person: "Ouch, you crawling up my ass!"

Me: Well, consider this your radiant health enema, because it is time to release what no

longer serves you. For me, this is the divine dirty work that I do with love. Love is a

dynamic verb. We have to wake before we can be woke.

Sahku Sheti/Djaer [African Psychology] is the deep, profound and penetrating search, study, understanding and mastery of the illumination of the human spirit. The penetrating search, study and understanding requires an investigative approach that always seeks the deeper meaning of phenomena and explores the invisible aspects of reality. This process recognizes that a full understanding of reality acknowledges that spirit is the basis of all known and knowable perceptions.                                                                                                                                                   ☥ Dr. Wade Nobles

Prelude To The Process Of Defragmentation (continued)

I once heard a Black comedian say that when Black People were taken to America, Africans did not even send one boat after us. His perception that Africa allowed us to be taken and did nothing to rescue us comes from not knowing about/understanding the Scramble For Africa. We also saw a glimpse of this perception emerge within the storyline of the N'Jadaka/Erik "Killmonger" Stevens character, from the Black Panther movie, who was "left behind in America" when his father was murdered (by his family member from Africa). We also see it when T'Challa admonishes his father in the ancestral realm, "Why didn't you just bring the boy home? [back to Africa]" In "Killmonger" we see what happens to a person who is abandoned and cut off from their "tribe." It is vitally important for us to understand that europe held a comprehensive conference in Berlin in order to avoid a war over who gets what piece of Africa. europe's rape of Africa and process of psychological manipulation was very well researched, planned and executed.

Africans ☥ Indigenous People (particularly from the Pacific Islands) were kidnapped and forced to be on display at Human Zoos since the 16th century. These zoos were very popular, and I'm still attempting to understand the psychosis of a culture that makes a civic past time out of watching people of other "races" in their "natural habitat." When I saw the "People Are Alike All Over" Twilight Zone episode as a child, I didn't know about the Human Zoos. I now realize that Rod Serling was hiding his docudramas within the science fiction genre to attempt to humanize white people. Rod Serling is white, so his Twilight Zone work proves that white people can own and heal their ugly, change their behavior and, most importantly, work to raise awareness of psychosis + educate other white people to be accountable for and improve their actions.

When we don’t heal ☥ remove psychotic behaviors, they continually transform into new and often more covert and dehumanizing psychotic behaviors.

The observation of and experimentation on Africans ☥ Indigenous People provided europeans with the data necessary to take a continent that was three times its size. europeans have not healed from their compulsions to put people in cages and stare at them for amusement or study. Human Zoos still exist and show up in other forms that are more "acceptable" in our society such as displaying women in fancy cages at a night club, upscale sex clubs featuring sadomasochism, prisons, etc, They also exist as actual Human Zoos in the underground world and in the lives of sociopaths, psychopaths, sex trafficking (a billion dollar industry that can afford to hide in plain sight) and more.

The problem doesn't go away if we feel hopeless and ruminate in despair. If we want change, we will need to change. We cannot directly change others or force others to change. But, we when we change how we respond to outside stimuli, we can force a change to occur.

We may be outgunned and disenfranchised, but we still represent a $1.8 trillion+ dollar market. Yet, our behavior reflects that we don't understand/recognize our purchasing power. The products we purchase do not represent and often insult/mock us. What do you think would happen if we were to withold that money, save it, do not purchase products, watch TV/go to movies/listen to music that denigrates/dumbs down our culture? Send in written feedback on what needs to happen to respect us, earn our trust and patronage? As an example, after sending in four different feedback forms over the course of a year to an image bank, I started to see more, empowered images of Aborigine People. Financially support grassroots efforts that help us to evolve in consciousness? The change begins with us, yet unhealed trauma, convenience and herd mentality has kept us inactive. Our ancestors are eternal beings, but for us, in our current physical from, time is a limited resource. How are we using it? If we stopped watching one multimedia program that denigrates us and used that time instead to learn about our history ☥ culture ☥ practice Qigong, how would our lives change? Are we going to assume that we know the answers to these questions (passive behavior that empowers colonizers) or conduct investigations (active behavior that empowers us + humanizes colonizers)? How do we raise awareness of these issues to prevent people from falling prey to it? How to we raise our children to enjoy life while at the same time become aware of and know how to protect themselves from predators - especially those who hide in plain sight (schools, playgrounds, etc.)? How do we train ourselves to raise our level of awareness, monitor the health of our community, society and global ecosystems and practice an array of self-defense techniques (to protect ourselves from physical and psychological terrorism)? How do we cultivate benchmarks for trust and counterstrategies that thwart impending danger?

What I find interesting about the following scene in "The Equalizer" is that The Equalizer offers a peaceful option and then takes the time to tell the criminal that their death could have been avoided and is the result of an emotional addiction to power. The last question that the criminal asked The Equalizer was, "Who Are You?" The intelligence and mastery of The Equalizer comes from knowing himself (Sankofa). We also see that The Equalizer doesn't fight impulsively. Every move was strategic and timed which is a reflection of continual mental and physical training and the cultivation of extreme focus and emotional control (he could not be distracted by or baited into knee-jerk reactions). These qualities ensured the success of The Equalizer even though he was outnumbered and outgunned (just like the disenfranchised/terrorized people that he represents).

Prelude To The Process Of Defragmentation (continued)

If we are tapped into and taking actions guided by the source of infinite wisdom and supply, does it matter if we are outnumbered/outgunned? Daily Qigong practice develops these qualities and shows us how to protect ourselves, enforce strong boundaries and require accountability without the use of violence (if we act when prompted by our innate intelligence instead of hesitating until the danger escalates) while also healing ☥ relaxing our body and mind. We often miss the message because our innate intelligence can ask us to take an action so far in advance, that we don't realize the action was taken to protect us from danger in the future (as mentioned in my pandemic experience). For example, we may be led to practice a Qigong technique for 10 years (because that is how long it takes for us to develop mastery of that particular technique), not realizing that we are being prepared and thwarting danger. Every moment of training is important, but we will not believe it until the technique saves our life. Yet, we can't afford to wait until we "see" proof with our physical eyes. When the colonizer ship was in the horizon, the shamans saw it and SPIRIT told the shamans to not allow the ship to come ashore, because they were not merchant traders who could be trusted. Once the ship came ashore, SPIRIT gave protection instructions that didn't match what the shamans could "see" with their physical eyes as necessary, and they were fooled by the colonizers smiling faces. So, they bypassed their intuition, and later, their common sense. Then, many more ships came, and Indigenous People from Africa and the Americas lost their land, people and, thousands of years later, are still attempting to recover. Our daily Qigong practice will show us what we need to make the best decisions for ourselves with our inner wisdom/third eye. How would our lives change if every second that we spent in despair and rumination was instead invested into daily Qigong practice? Investigate to find out for yourself.

Your investigation activates Sankofa.

Prelude To The Process Of Defragmentation → What's The Difference Between ...

Conquer + continuous divide and conquer strategies are implemented to sustain the fragmentation of Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant People. Let's look at this issue pluralistically. What is the difference between:

☥ Tribal wars in Africa and Black-on-Black crime in America? Both are used to distract us

away from colonizer behavior occurring in the background and even showing up as the

hero to stop or save what they purposely put in motion (psychological warfare).

☥ Sex trafficking in Africa and the rise of the Black Pimp in America? (economic

suppression, sexual perversion)

☥ Selling Africans into slavery to protect oneself and selling crack cocaine to children in

America to earn money? (violence, policing, economic suppression)

Phillis Wheatley funded to tour europe to showcase how a Black person who was

manipulated as a child, could be controlled as an adult to protect the interests of

colonizers and giving public platforms to hand-picked Black leaders throughout the

continent/diaspora who support and enforce a eurocentric agenda? (psychological


In 2016, 62% of Africa's population was living in shanty towns.[11] Khayelitsha in Cape Town, South Africa is reputed to be the largest shanty town in Africa and is a city in itself.[12] The 2011 census revealed its population to be 99% black and a 2012 inquiry found that 12,000 households had no toilet.[11] The Joe Slovo shanty town, also in Cape Town, houses an estimated 20,000 people.[13]  ☥ Wikipedia ☥

☥ What’s the difference between extracting resources from Africa and forcing Africans to

live in shanty towns, and disenfranchising + running major highways through Black ☥ 

Indigenous ☥ Immigrant neighborhoods/forcing them to become homeless, live in

tents, etc.? (economic suppression)

Birth Of A Nation (The Clansman) that presents Black men as rapists and Hip Hop Music

that presents Black women as whores (both examples are funded by colonizers)? (social

programming, economic suppression, psychological warfare)

Record companies would rather you stay dumb, not even think of it as a business, so they can either rip you off or get you out of the way in five years to make way for the new groups.  ☥                                                                                                                                     ☥                                                                         ☥ George Clinton Of Parliament Funkadelic

If you got maggots in your brain, everything you think is gonna be rotten.                                                             ☥                                                                          ☥ George Clinton Of Parliament Funkadelic

Prelude To The Process Of Defragmentation → What's The Difference Between ... (cont'd)

☥ white men raping Black women during enslavement and white men funding the sex

trafficking of Black women in present day? 62% of sex trafficking victims in America are

Black and the industry is funded by affluent white men. (social programming, economic

suppression, psychological warfare/terrorism)

white women raping Black men during enslavement and white women setting up

trauma bonds in early childhood and then using sexual manipulation to “get” and “lock

down” Black men as adults? (social programming, economic suppression, psychological


Before I understood trauma bonds, I was thoroughly confused by some of the

     relationships I witnessed. At the Caribbean airline, the only white female co-worker that

     I had was a middle-aged, bossy matriarch. She is married to a very attractive Cuban

     man who is 26 years younger than her, and she looks like she could be his      

     grandmother. He is a very quiet, white-centered, docile man and would occasionally

drop by to bring her something from home. She certainly used him for bragging rights

at work. In fact, the first time he came to the office, I thought he was a delivery man.

She called out to me, but I was on the phone, so I heard her make him stay until I was

off the phone so that she could see the look on my face as she introduced him as her

husband. She was obviously proud of the fact that his family "hated" her but could

do nothing about their relationship. Though I didn't have the language/experience to

define it at the time, he displayed behavior that was consistent with victims of sexual

trauma in early childhood. He also was almost completely dis-identified with his Cuban


Many years later, as I meditated on what a trauma bond does to a person, I

was led to the brides attack scene from Bram Stoker's Dracula. It provides an excellent

metaphor of how a person gets seduced into a trauma bond and then drained of their

energy which keeps them trapped within it. Jonathon (Keanu Reeves) struggles to

break free of the vampire's brides. Dracula arrives and orders the brides away but

confirms a deeper plan to also trap Mina (Winona Ryder), Jonathon’s wife. In a later

scene, Jonathon is once again trapped. However this time, he realizes that in order to

break free, his will must become stronger than the trauma bond (the art of self-

correction ☥ self-defense). Daily Qigong practice helps us to activate the power that

resides inside of us and cultivate the will to transcend manipulative tactics.

☥ Genital mutilation which prevents Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant women from

having/enjoying sex and white women who use narcissism to ensure that Black ☥

Indigenous ☥ Immigrant women do not have access to Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant

men + pornography which promotes sexual behaviors that prevent women from having

orgasms? Remember when “doggie style” sex became popular? Doggie style sex is a

way for white people to trend beastiality by first getting people comfortable doing the

position with humans. However, my research revealed that females were faking orgasms

to attract, keep or feed the ego of Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant men who were

learning these sexual techniques from pornography and white women. (social 

programming, economic suppression, psychological warfare, terrorism)

The apartheid enemy tries to separate us into ancient ‘tribal’ entities and pretends to be concerned about the preservation of our cultural heritage.  ☥                                                                                                                                   ☥ Oliver Tambo

I'm not sure why the perception that Africa abandoned Africans of the diaspora still lingers, but if we follow the inception of the idea back to its origin, we will run into a very strategic and effective set of social programs created by colonizers. At what point during the numerous invasions with cannons and other weapons of mass destruction, raping, pillaging of over 90% of our art, mutilation of Africans who refused forced labor and the hundreds of millions of Africans that were killed during the Scramble For Africa and Trans Atlantic Slave Trade would an African on the continent have the ability/access to resources to send a rescue boat after us? If we don't call these fallacies out within ourselves, how will we dismantle the programming? The programming is designed to create angst and division between + within the continentals and diasporans until we no longer remember that we are from the same family. Who stands to gain from that dynamic? If we skip the steps of transcending psychological manipulation and healing our minds, how will we move forward?

When you go by your body and intellect alone, life is a circus. When the intelligence of divine begins to play its role, life becomes a dance.                                                                                                                                 ☥ Sadhguru ☥

I suspect that this fallacy has lingered because we haven’t learned how to heal. As a result, the fallacies turned into unhealthy coping mechanisms whereby we disguise jealousy/envy over our brothers and sisters who were not stolen away, who have their native language and connection to who they are. But the fact of the matter is that jealousy/envy will not heal us, because it masks the core issue. It is virtually impossible for us to drill down to the core issue if we do not know how to heal because colonizers stole something from diasporans that is intangible, and the tree that connected us to Africa was pulled up by the root causing us to believe that we lost our anchor. What is worse is that this disconnection prevents us from recognizing the systematic ways that colonizers manipulated the continentals and diasporans through social programs and psychological manipulation beginning in early childhood. Because we don't know where else to put our pain, we project it on to group of imaginary African SWAT teams who abandoned us to distract us away from the truth - that there was no African SWAT team because Africans on the continent were also subjected to physical and psychological terrorism. The fragmentation of our understanding also occurs because the strategy to oppress Africans in America (where white people had larger population numbers) had to be different from the strategy to oppress Africans in Africa (where the population of white people was much smaller).

However, there is another truth that our unresolved trauma prevents us from seeing. Our spiritual roots cannot be pulled. Our connection to those roots can be muted or become dormant because of our lack of practice, but the essence of who we are is always with us.

Our connection to our innate wisdom will return to us what we’ve lost in consciousness. It may not look the same, but if we surrender to our inner excellence, it will show us how to fill in the gaps and tap into our unknown potential which often causes us to unleash/activate super powers to balance the scales. Consider what Stevie Wonder is able to do with and through music. What he doesn’t see with his physical eyes, he expresses through his music. His physical blindness is not an obstacle to his potential as an artist (he was a child prodigy) or in life. His voice is a true super power, and when he performs, he takes us with him to a soulful place that transcends words and physical sight.

Just because a man lacks the use of his eyes doesn't mean he lacks vision. I am what I am. I love me! And I don't mean that egotistically - I love that God has allowed me to take whatever it was that I had and to make something out of it. Ya gots to work with what you gots to work with.                                                                                                                                                                  ☥ Stevie Wonder ☥

It is also important to keep in mind that the original Tarzan TV show/movies were not shown in Africa. In fact, a woman from Kenya told me that when she watched “Good Times” as a child, she was amazed that Black People in America had running water. So continentals were programmed to think that the diasporans were wealthy and, knowing how impoverished many places in Africa was, chose to not come to Africa/support Africans/invest in Africa. This is a significant fallacy, because it is the African way to send money home to take care of your family who is less fortunate. At the same time, white people would show up in Africa as investors who want to “help” them and were often the only people who visited their country/purchased goods that Africans produced. The continentals had/have no idea that the diasporans were/are continuously disenfranchised, traumatized and programmed to be ashamed/terrified of Africa/African spirituality. At the very same time, the diasporans were programmed to believe that the continentals did not care about them, sold them into slavery and never bothered to send their African SWAT teams to rescue them. Colonizers erased the African ancestry from the continental ☥ diasporans, actively promotes xenophobic behaviors, rewards people who embrace eurocentric behaviors and punishes/disenfranchises anyone who embodies African heritage. We must find a way to exorcise these perceptions (demons of division) until our hearts and minds are clean.

Xenophobia is a covert strategy to keep colonizers in control of a tribe’s/region’s/state’s/country’s, etc. resources.

Black woman and precious diamonds

'Cultural resistance' is any act or experience designed to resist, retard, counter, or eliminate the attack on one’s design for living and patterns for interpreting reality—that is, culture that supports one’s understanding of the meaning of being human and the thoughts, behaviors, beliefs, and values supportive of that meaning. The question of cultural resistance, however, must be understood in the 'context' of geopolitical and sociocultural psychic terrorism. African American cultural resistance has, [p. 324 ↓ ] in almost every way, been in response to this terrorism.                                                                                                                                                                                            ☥ Dr. Wade Nobles ☥ From The Chapter, 'Cultural Resistance To Psychic Terrorism' Of The SAGE Encyclopedia Of African Cultural Heritage In North America ☥

Other examples of how social programming sustains fragmentation include:

☥ Using propaganda, economic suppression and competition to pit people against each

other (funding rebels, tribal wars, etc.)

☥ Normalizing/popularizing the projection of self-hatred onto each other 

     I have a colleague whose first name is "Precious." I love the idea of naming children in

     such a way that to call their name is to speak a positive affirmation. However, this

     colleague told me that some people struggle to call her by her first name (stumbling

     over her name, etc.). When we are connected to our innate wisdom, we become aware

     that these subconscious behaviors reflect a need for us to heal unresolved trauma. We

     project feelings of self-hatred onto others when we struggle to speak empowering

     words. In other words, if we were connected to the truest part of ourselves, we would

     be delighted to call a person "Precious."

There are many other examples, but the Sankofa mindset dismantles the various ways that colonization attempts to destroy the essence of who we are.

The meaning of terror as a psychological phenomenon is any feeling or instance of intense fear that results in immobilization. Terrorism is the systematic creation of terror to create horror, anxiety, or fear that results in immobilization. Psychic terrorism, then, is the systematic use of terror to immobilize and/or destabilize a person’s fundamental sense of security and safety by assaulting his or her consciousness and identity. In so doing, psychic terrorism targets and damages the meaning of being and diminishes the human will and belief in one’s limitless possibility and potential. For the African American, the very fabric of American society was woven with savagery, slavery, segregation, defamation, physical brutality, political domination, character assassination, economic exploitation, cultural denigration, and psychic terrorism. The most profound lingering psychological effect of slavery and colonization for African people has been a sense of human alienation resulting from being infected with or assaulted by long-standing, ongoing ideas of African dehumanization, negation, and nullification that required African American people to deny or morph their Africanity into images, ideas, and identities more congruent with not being African. This, in effect, was and is psychic terrorism.                                                                                                                                                                              ☥ Dr. Wade Nobles ☥ From The Chapter, 'Cultural Resistance To Psychic Terrorism' Of The SAGE Encyclopedia Of African Cultural Heritage In North America ☥

Multicultural connection to culture

Well-being/Wholeness: Synonymous with health and wellness. State of being love-filled, happy, healthy, joyful, prosper-ous and efficacious. Cultural well-being applies to a whole people. When the human spirit is 'whole' and 'healthy,' the experience of being human is characterized by confidence, competence and consciousness expressed by the sense of full possibility and unlimited potentiality.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ☥ Dr. Wade Nobles ☥

The Process Of Defragmentation Applying The Principles Of Sankofa

Now that we can clearly see some of the fallacies and biases that get trapped within our psyche, we understand why defragmentation is so important to our healing process. Sankofa is a process of activation that continuously runs in the background of our lives to defragg our minds and bring us back to our true selves. Social programming makes a big dramatic fuss over just about any new process, so we tend to automatically believe that doing something new or different is a big deal. It's not. Let's take a look at a few ways to get started.

☥ Spend more time learning our history and culture than eurocentric history and culture

and put eurocentric history in its proper + honest context. Keep in mind that colonizers

attempt to be the authority/control the source of information about our history so we

will need to study ourselves pluralistically.

☥ Encourage older family members to share their stories. Woven within their stories are

insights about life lessons, familial habits, personality traits, historical information, etc.

☥ Dr. Nobles brilliantly suggests that we ask “Why?” and “Who stands to gain from this

behavior?” questions such as:

☥ Who stands to gain from aggressive social programs that present Africa as having no

value to African people?

☥ Why do colonizers need to control the narrative of African history and culture?

☥ Why is there a push to not teach Black History in schools?

☥ Why does europe hold 90% of Africa’s art in its museums?

☥ Who stands to gain from Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant People fighting each other?

☥ Who stands to gain from stereotyping Black People as violent, Middle Eastern people

as terrorists, Mexican people as lazy, Indian people as nonexistent, white people as

the go-to standard?

☥ Practice Qigong regularly and periodically to revisit childhood traumas with our current

understanding. Old trauma doesn't go away because it happened so long ago. Think of

old trauma as a pipe with a very slow leak. If it is not addressed, it will eventually cause

systemic damage. Our Qigong practice will gently guide us through the process of

healing and releasing unresolved trauma. Self-hatred can prevent us from

recognizing hidden super powers. Our white ancestors have valuable information that

they cannot withhold from us because, like it or not, they are a part of us. As we learn to

love and accept all of who we are, we can use that information to identify and remove

the root causes of racism and oppression.

I once worked with a major educational publisher who published the most successful series of college level biology texts in the world. I had met the author many times during our sales meetings. He was a very personable, middle aged white man in excellent physical condition. However, four months after my conversation with him during our sales meeting, I was shocked to learn that he died suddenly of a heart attack. A month before he died (at the age of 48), he passed his physical and an intense series of stress tests, so his family was in utter disbelief. In retrospect, his death no longer surprises me. When I resigned from the organization, I was thoroughly burned out. The exhaustion that I felt lingered with me for a year. At the time of his death, he was working on three different versions of textbooks which is an enormous amount of work, even for revisions/new editions. He died because his understanding of biology did not translate into daily wellness practice. He certainly had an exercise routine and a relatively healthy diet, but his lifestyle priorities were way off balance and he had no Qigong, Yoga or meditative practice that would have helped him to process the stress, create more balance and enforce strong healthy work boundaries. His detailed, intricate and sophisticated knowledge of Human Biology could not save his life. I cannot stress the importance of daily Qigong practice enough. Getting started can be as simple as a consistent five minute daily practice. It may take a year of trial and error to train ourselves to commit to five minutes per day, but once we get through our rite of passage (commitment → defragmentation), our practice will no longer be something that we must remember to do. It will transform into how we do what we do.

'Spiritness' pertains to the condition of being a spirit. Being 'energy' or a power. When the person and/or community experiences congruity between the 'super, inter' and 'inner' realms of 'Spiritness,' then the sense of human integrity is achieved. It is only when one has a sense of their own 'human integrity' that one has the 'instinct' to resist dehumanization or oppression as well as the capability to even contemplate, let alone achieve, human liberation/freedom and believing in the certainty of victory.                                                                                                                                                                      ☥ Dr. Wade Nobles ☥

Technically, the Black family is comprised of several individual households with the family definition and lines of authority transcending any one individual household unit that comprises the 'family.' Familial forms found in Black communities are many and varied. There is no singular, monolithic type or kind of Black family. However, a great deal of similarity exists among the many different Black family forms. Black families are more similar than they are different. There is more that unites Black families than there is that separates them.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              ☥ Dr. Wade Nobles

☥ Participate in cultural exchanges with people throughout the diaspora. One of Dr.

Nobles' Sankofa processes is to have empowered dialogues with continental Africans.

     His practice of working with continental Africans to create a word for the diasporans is

     an essential part of our healing process. During these empowered dialogues, he asks

     continentals, "What is the word in your language for a child who has been stolen?"

     Because Africans didn't steal children before colonization, African languages don't have

     a word to describe diasporans which contributes to socialized divisions between us.

What can we do to dismantle these socialized divisions?

The diasporans are not foreigners/visitors to Africa. We are African children who were stolen from our homeland, and we need to know the African word that describes our experience in every African language. The creation or co-creation of that word from/with the continentals is like finding the roots of our tree that was pulled and putting it back in the ground.

Empowered dialogues help us to decolonize and cleanse our mind so that we can see

ourselves as we truly are. The Sankofa activation/practices help us to defragg the

colonization process by learning about and accepting our multidimensional nature. As

     we learn about East Indians, Africans, Caribbeans, Asians, Aborigines, Indigenous

     People, etc., we begin to recognize and accept parts of ourselves that were separated

     from us through the process of colonization and social programming. I may not agree

with all of the philosophies/lifestyle choices of many of the people that I quote in my

blogs, but I don't allow those differences to keep me from expanding my perceptions by

exploring the world through their experiences. Instead, I take the "stone" out of the "rice

pudding" and periodically revisit it after I've had more time to grow and learn to see

where I am in the process/track my perceptions over time. Multiple perspectives

protect us from blindspots caused by our unresolved trauma. As we contemplate the

     multiple perspectives in this blog, we'll begin to see a pattern. Even if I, as the author,

     am blinded by my personal beliefs, the different vantage points will bring the truth to

     life. It is an essential part of my work as a healer because of our world's deep immersion

     in traumatic experiences, and it is a strategy to hold myself accountable to the pursuit

     of healing truths that may push me beyond my comfort zone. Cultural dynamics such

     as cancel culture and character assassinations can cause us to discard the "rice

     pudding," and there may be a nugget of wisdom in that pudding that could assist us in

     solving a challenge. I include an array of quotes to encourage us to engage in pluralistic

     explorations of a concept ☥ transcend monolithic thinking in order to make decisions

that serve our highest good.

Africa Never Stand Still is a compilation of music from around the continent. I'm still

searching for a Black African distributor of the music, but I mention this work because it

provides an excellent example of multidimensional talent that has been mostly hidden

from Black People of the diaspora. I am in the middle of a year-long experiment where I

have this, and other African music that I've collected, playing in the background, all day

and every day. Sometimes I blast the music, and sometimes it plays low in the

background. Even though I do not understand the lyrics, the music has already

dismantled embedded fallacies, biases, stereotypes and programmed ignorance within

my subconscious mind.

The Nganga (Healer) is one capable of activating the process by which the body (persons or community) repairs, cures or restores itself to health and well-being. [They are] one who restores the physical, psychic, social and cosmic balance and harmony in and between persons, people (community), nature and the Divine. The Nganga (Healer) serves as a powerful mediator between the visible world and the realm of spirit and ancestors.                                                                                                                                                           ☥ Dr. Wade Nobles

The African mind has a lot to contribute, not only to world understanding of the arts but to an understanding of spiritualism. That is the contribution Africa will make to the world of the future—an injection of sanity into the environment of the universe itself.                                                                                                                                                                                                             ☥ Fela Aníkúlápó Kútì

Some of the African tribal songs that I've been listening to bear striking resemblances

to or is indistinguishable from Indigenous chant patterns that I've heard at Pow Wows.

One day, a family member who stopped by thought I was listening to "Spanish" music

and was surprised (almost to disbelief) to learn that it was African.

First of all, the music that people call Latin or Spanish is really African. So Black People need to get the credit for that.                                                                                                                                                                                            ☥ Carlos Santana

You know there is no such thing as a ‘Latino.’ The annoyance on the Indigenous

     leader’s face was an indication of extreme racial fatigue. We are Indian, African and

     have as much ’spanish’ blood as you have ‘white’ blood. As he spoke his truth, I was

     both astonished at how the obvious was elusive to me and honored that I created a

     safe environment for him to speak freely. You know that the Declaration Of

     Independence (DOI) refers to us as ‘merciless Indian savages.’ I knew that this leader

would not lie to me, but I found his statement so hard to believe. Didn’t I read the DOI in

     school? Why don’t I know this? After my conversation with the Indigenous leader, I read

     the DOI, and I realized that only one sentence was taught to me in school: “We hold

     these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are

     endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life,

     Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” After reading the DOI aloud, I realized that this            one sentence was the only part of the document that wasn’t utterly ridiculous to me. I

     cannot explain what it feels like to be a Black person reading a letter of complaint

     written by white people who are committing the humanitarian crimes against

     Black People that they claim England is committing against them. I had to sit with it for

     a while, because I needed to process the anger of the sneaky way that the document

     was presented to me in school. A few months after my conversation with the

     Indigenous leader, I was in an Uber with a “Latino” driver. I said something about “Black

     and Brown communities.” He asked, Who is Brown? And in that moment, I realized that

     my use of the term “Brown” didn’t come from Indigenous People, it came from white

     people. I was so annoyed, because I felt manipulated and became determined to

     take out the trash that is embedded within concepts in my mind until I am squeaky

clean. Over the years, I have experimented with different ways to acknowledge and

process our history. I eventually created an annual July 4th ritual which I write about in

African business man

I am also learning about people who live and work in the United States ☥ throughout

the diaspora, but whose work is not promoted to Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant

People, such as Kwaku Kwaakye Obeng (KKO), who performed on the "Africa Never Stand

Still" compilation and teaches African Drumming at Brown University. I also search for

"Journey To The Dream," it is very difficult for Africans to get their work promoted in

other countries which presents a major challenge in learning from/about continental

Africans because it allows for white people to appropriate, reframe and present our

history and culture before we can discover the truth for ourselves. In "What Is

      Ayurveda?," I share an example of how white people attempt to drive and control

the information by being the only sources of access or as translators of African lyrics

(which they infuse with their prejudices). It is imperative that continental Africans

control the process of translating their languages so that we can learn who we are

from an authentic and accurate source. When I was a child, some Jamaicans were

ashamed of the Rastafarans and stereotyped them as being ganja smoking hippies,

while at same time, we see Bob Marley playing to crowds of thousands of white people

in Santa Barbara, CA, London, England, etc. We have to question why we are

programmed to turn away from ourselves while colonizers get first access to our

culture so that they can define it and find ways to appropriate/sell it back to us. These

challenges caused me to make learning about Africa a fun detective game that I call

"Finding Kunta Kinte." Whether it is science, mathematics, history, music, art, dance,

etc., as we begin our process of discovery based on our personal interests, our innate

wisdom will kick in and our path will become clear. There are no rules to follow or finish

lines to cross, so we can take our time and enjoy our journey.

Our children are and will be, in ways that we cannot imagine, citizens of the whole world. To distort their socialization and continue to mis-educate is to cripple them as participants of a just world order. So what does Tut have to do with it? It has to do with our ability to correctly portray the image and identity of King Tutankhamun and in so doing teach the truth regarding the human past as a measure of our ability to give an honest account of Black people’s history and contributions. It is one small and great gift we can give to all children.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  From The Research Article, ‘The Whitening Of Black King Tut: Implications For Educating All Children' Wade W. Nobles, Ph.D. Vera L. Nobles, Ph.D.’

☥ Learn the lessons from our past, and combine those lessons with our current reality to

develop ☥ implement ☥ continuously refine effective strategies to heal our

communities. We cannot rely solely on legislation to protect us. Legislation

doesn't work without inner transformation because colonizers will continue their

    behavior in other ways. Imagine that coffee, your favorite beverage, just got outlawed.

What would you do if you knew that you would not be punished for your actions/you

    could easily hide your behaviors? How would you behave in the kitchen if you knew that

you would never have to clean it? Now, let us travel back to December 6, 1865, the day

    that the 13th Amendment was passed to abolish slavery in the United States. What do

    you think colonizers did on December 7, 1865? Did they say, Well, now that it is against

    the law to enslave Black People, rape anyone that we want and sell our biracial children

for profit, we’ll drop our competition with Europe and our emotional addictions to

terrorizing people so that we can feel powerful. We don't need economic suppression

any more. We'll collaborate with the Blacks and Indians because they seem to know

how to provide for themselves without harming the earth and causing climate change.

We will learn how to earn wealth without the forced use of free labor, lying, cheating,

stealing and forcing Indians to attend boarding schools so that we can convert them

into white people to increase our population numbers. We will learn how to respect

and have healthy romantic relationships so that we'll no longer feel the need to

rape/sex traffick Black☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant People. We'll stop stalking and

    threatening unknown Indigenous tribes in order to tag/research them, medical           

    experimentation, creating circus/other medical 'freaks' and figure out how to have fun       and earn money without taking our family to human zoos or appropriating Black ☥

Indigenous ☥ Immigrant culture. We admit that our behavior is psychotic so that we can

heal, release our addictions to hoarding and inflicting pain. We'll learn how to tap into

and value the human in us and collaborate with nature instead of attempting to

conquer and compete with it. Instead of disenfranchising and sabotaging Black☥

Indigenous ☥ Immigrant businesses to ensure our success, we'll focus our efforts on

creating high quality products and serving our community. We'll engage in win-win

honest trades with Africa, making sure that we do not extract resources from any

community until that community has confirmed that they have the resources that they

need to flourish and thrive. Our healing allows us to feel fulfilled so that we can

recapture our humanity, clean up the messes that we made, change our lives, become

better people and work together to create a healthy, free and open society ... Is that

what happened? Nope:

The 1889 Parisian World's Fair presented a 'Negro Village' and was visited by 28 million people. The 1889 World's Fair displayed 400 Indigenous People as the major attraction [construction of The Eiffel Tower was completed in 1889] ... The Louisiana Purchase Exposition, informally known as the St. Louis World's Fair, was an international exposition held in St. Louis, Missouri, United States, from April 30 to December 1, 1904. Local, state, and federal funds totaling $15 million (equivalent to $489,000,000 in 2022) were used to finance the event ... A group of Igorot (Indigenous People of the Cordillera in northern Luzon, Philippines), Ota Benga, a Congolese 'pygmy' [and many others] were on display at the human zoo during the fair. Some of the people to be exhibited died en route or at the fair; bodies were immediately removed, and funeral rites had to be conducted without the bodies, in front of an oblivious public audience of fair attendees. Ota Benga was later given the run of the grounds at the Bronx Zoo in New York, then was featured in an exhibit on evolution alongside an orangutan in 1906Ota committed suicide in 1916.                                                                                                                                  ☥ Wikipedia ☥     

After the 13th Amendment was passed, colonizers aggressively pressed forward with

their agendas which included Jim Crow laws, prison chain gangs, sex trafficking, the

largest mass lynching in United States history and many other forms of oppression

and economic suppression. Legislation is a first step, but we behave as if it is the

     solution. Learning from our past means that once we get the law on the books, we

     realize that our work has just begun. Inner transformation begins with us being rooted

     in and taking actions that are driven by our innate intelligence. It also includes

increasing self-awareness, protecting ourselves and cultivating ☥ enforcing

benchmarks for trust ☥ strong healthy boundaries that hold us and all citizens of the

earth accountable to exemplary behaviors that serve the highest good.

There are many social programs designed to shift public narratives and perceptions.

What Is Qigong? explores the challenges of using pets for emotional support, because

this trend trains people to distract themselves away from pain instead of learning how

to process ☥ heal trauma and cultivate healthy relationships (which includes continual

personal development and the emotional maturity to resolve conflicts). So many of our

problems could be easily solved if we learned how to heal during the Page stage of

development. Instead of making the self-correction (which is temporarily

uncomfortable, and can feel unbearable to people who have not learned how to

demystify heal emotions), our society continually develops new ways to run from

pain and promotes/excuses a lack of self-mastery as being uncontrollable so that we

avoid taking responsibility for our actions. Consider this plot description from the TV

show Dexter:

Orphaned at age three, when he witnessed his mother's brutal murder with a chainsaw, Dexter (Michael C. Hall) was adopted by Miami police officer Harry Morgan (James Remar). Recognizing the boy's trauma and the subsequent development of his sociopathic tendencies, Harry trained Dexter to channel his gruesome bloodlust into vigilantism, killing only heinous criminals who slip through the criminal justice system. To cover his prolific trail of homicides, Dexter gains employment as a forensic analyst, specializing in blood spatter pattern analysis, with the Miami Metro Police Department.                                                                  ☥ Wikipedia ☥                                                              

If Dexter learned how to heal as a child, he would not have developed sociopathic tendencies. However, the police officer who adopted him did not know how to heal, so instead, he distracted the child away from processing the pain of the trauma which leads to a life long compulsion to kill (an emotional addiction), and is justified through vigilantism. The show strongly suggests that it is impossible to reform a sociopath, which creates a social idea that is untrue. The cultivation of self-mastery and self-control requires emotional maturity and discipline, but similarly to the use of psychedelics, we are sold a quick fix trip to the finish line (avoiding processing/healing the pain of the trauma) which creates and endless loop of jumping from feel-good sensation to feel-good sensation. The social program justifies:

☥ Feeding into the emotional impulses of a traumatized person (which is tantamount to

giving heroin to an addict) instead of teaching the person how to heal and cultivate self-


☥ The use of torture on criminals instead of working to fix the many problems within the

justice system

☥ The cultivation of professional development through criminal activity

So, we have a child who grows up to be a sociopath with a salary, and a justice system that continues to perpetuate harm. Episode after episode, we watch Dexter sawing bodies into pieces (feeding his emotional addiction) until we become desensitized to the graphic violence, which we are programmed to accept, even though his actions do not address or remove the root causes of any of these problems, because he is "taking criminals off the street." Instead of healing addictions, the public is programmed to believe that addictions cannot be healed. We are sold the idea that we should search for creative ways to distract ourselves from pain (even if the distraction causes more pain) instead of healing and removing its root causes. What would happen if the police officers, Dexter and the criminals learned how to heal and process their emotions as children? Even as adults, we can learn and must be held accountable to the cultivation of self-control. Because our society would rather be driven to the finish line, than do the work of training, it attempts to promote the idea that we cannot control ourselves. We may think that we cannot be influenced by television, but if we look at the spamming of "Tarzan," first published in 1912, there can be no doubt that its effects still linger within our culture. Tarzan was created by a man who had never traveled to Africa. The description within Wikipedia states that, "Tarzan remains one of the most successful fictional characters to this day and is a cultural icon ... Tarzana is a suburban neighborhood named after Tarzan in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles, California, where the author purchased a ranch [with the millions of dollars that he made off of creating fallacies that traumatize Black People]. The author of Tarzan was an explicit supporter of eugenics and scientific racism in both his fiction and nonfiction; Tarzan was meant to reflect these concepts."

Atomic dog concept: Dog with its tongue at looking at a cat

It's easier to see how sociopathic behavior, fueled by emotional addictions, manifests in a TV character like Dexter, but it is much more difficult to accept that emotional addictions also drive behaviors that we've been programmed to believe are uncontrollable within us.

Why must I feel like that?                                                                                     Why must I chase the cat?                                                                                   Nothin' but the dog in me.                                                                                                                                                                          ☥ From 'Atomic Dog' By ☥ George Clinton Of Parliament Funkadelic ☥

The “Atomic Dog” Metaphor: How Social Programming Promotes Fallacies To Drive Subconscious Perceptions → Behavior

Atomic Dog is a great example of a song that reflects some of the fallacies we have adopted because of social programming through spammed multimedia that inundated our early childhood experiences. The lyrics reveal what happens when men are not taught how to heal or master their emotions during the Page stage of development which traps them in the Knight stage of development (a problem that is not limited to a specific gender). The single was released in 1982, and just like so many other bands at the time, its music video included predominantly white women for “mass market appeal.” However, in this case, we see a true reflection of social behavior where a Black man is playing one computer game, but then is lured by a white woman to play a different game on a lower level (first down the steps and then tricked into a secret elevator that travels towards the bottom floor). The “dog” in him (lack of self mastery) is then justified as an uncontrollable compulsion. The Dexter character's compulsion to kill is also justified as an uncontrollable impulse. The "dog" in the Black man is a "character" whose behaviors are justified as "just the way men are" (a fallacy based on a cleverly distorted truth) and the "dog" in Dexter is justified as "just the way a person behaves who experienced a trauma" (a fallacy based on a cleverly distorted truth).

The behavior of both 'character types' reflect what happens when a person doesn't know how to heal → lack of self-awareness → lack of self-mastery/control → succumbing to impulsive behavior that is driven by subconscious trauma.

In the case of the Black man, instead of mastering his body, mind and emotions so that his innate wisdom guides him to choose a mate at his level of consciousness/who forces him to grow/level up, he allows the "dog" in him to drive his behaviors and chases after the first "cat" that strokes his ego. We also see how white women use sexual manipulation which enables them to easily "do the dog-catcher" because the Black man is acting on default/impulse. Impulsive behavior is a social program that is heavily marketed, subsidized and celebrated in our culture because it helps to sell products/ideas and dumbs down our culture so that we can be controlled through herd mentality. But it only works as an effective tool of manipulation if we lack self-awareness ☥ mastery ☥ control.

Energy can be positive or negative. Because the energy signature is similar in intensity when it drives our emotions, we may not be able to distinguish between the impulsive 'dog' (which is celebrated and spammed via multimedia) and the 'empowered dog' (which we don't recognize because we haven't learned how to heal).

One day, I noticed that I could bend my thumb on my left hand by itself, but when I bend my right thumb, my right pointer finger wants to bend as well. I couldn't isolate the muscles of my thumb in order to bend it independent of my pointer finger. Energy like a muscle, and when we practice Qigong, we learn how to isolate energy in a similar way to isolating muscles. Isolating and identifying different types of energy is a vitally important skill for us to develop because it helps us to distinguish between energy that evolves us and energy that sabotages our efforts.

Because the man in the "Atomic Dog" video hasn't learned how to isolate and identify subtle energy signatures, it was easy for the white woman to use manipulation to "catch" the "dog" in him by taking advantage of a subconscious weakness caused by social programming (which reinforces internalized self-hatred, pressure to conform to eurocentric societal norms, etc.). When a healthy woman captivates a man, he also feels the pull of attraction, but since he doesn't understand his emotions, he connects this feeling to the "dog" in him - fusing energy that could level him up with energy that lures him into his dark side. Instead of judging ourselves for running on default, we can transcend the social programming (that started in early childhood) by training ourselves to be stronger in will than the pull of the herd/social programming. Daily Qigong practice would provide clarity ☥ help the man distinguish between the "impulsive" dog (chasing/being targeted by a mate based on manipulation) and the "empowered" dog in him (choosing a mate based on quality).

The empowered dog vs the impulsive dog

What is interesting is that in nature, it is a dog’s prey or play instinct that could cause them to chase a cat. In other words, the dog sees a cat and its prey instinct kicks in, causing it to chase the cat in the same way that it will chase any smaller animal that tends to run away. The prey instinct is not about the cat, but about the fact that it is a smaller animal running away. Cats don’t usually chase dogs unless they are much smaller and for similar reasons. So, the cat sexually baiting a dog does not occur in nature (because of DNA incompatibility) and the dog’s natural/healthy impulse to chase a cat is not sexual. Whenever we use cultural idioms that contain fallacies - promoted as amusement/socially acceptable inaccuracies, we can be sure that we were subjected to social programming in early childhood (i.e. cartoons, spam advertising, etc.). With enough spamming (i.e. using music/jingles to get 'stuck' in our minds), what is unnatural becomes natural/acceptable in our minds even though it is untrue. I was studying in a remote area in Northern California and noticed that the roosters were crowing at all different times of the day and night because our lifestyles have confused them and pulled them out of their natural alignment. We see this behavior occurring more and more because of people who 'train' animals and socialize them to engage in unnatural behaviors (i.e. training a dog to have sex with a cat) because of a sexual/other perversion, for amusement, to earn money off of them or to fit into some sort of social program.

In this case, a major root cause of the man's lack of self-mastery is a gumbo soup mixture of impetuous behavior caused by a lack of self-awareness, emotional addictions to "feel-good" sensations (fueled by internalized self-hatred) + ego stroking and passivity, which includes allowing himself to be targeted without vetting the quality of the person and being driven by impulse instead of innate wisdom. The continuous ego stroking of the "cats" distracts the man from recognizing himself as a target or understanding the costs of playing the game at a much lower level. The object of most computer games (which, incidentally, is the name of the album from which the song "Atomic Dog" originates) is to master the level that we are on and move up to a higher level. However, the seduction in the lower level (reinforced by social programming) causes the man to celebrate his arrival, enjoy it and write off the chase as something inside of him that "forces" him to comply. At the end of the "Atomic Dog" music video, the Black man finds his way back up to the ground level and we see the same white woman who baited him walk behind him in search of a new target. Because we are not taught about the history of the extremely lucrative Human Zoos, we don't realize that colonizers have been kidnapping and formally studying us in zoos since the 16th century looking for weaknesses to exploit and earning millions of dollars. By the 19th century, their experiments had hit a series of jackpots, such as the programming of Phillis Wheatley and others. The results of these experiments provided them with an array of algorithms to embed within our social culture that allows them to:

☥ use us to enforce a eurocentric agenda (through financial coercion, high salaried public

positions of power, heavily subsidizing work that dumbs down our culture, etc.); and,

It is vitally important to recognize that emotional addictions are not limited to sociopaths, psychopaths, etc. The Dexter character developed sociopathic tendencies over time because of a subconscious unmet need that no one in his life knew how to heal. This means that, at some point, this character was no different than us.

If the onset of trauma can turn a person into a psychopath/sociopath, then what can the healing of trauma do? Self-mastery keeps us safe from self-sabotage and keeps our world safe from the development of behaviors that create and perpetuate harm.

Our society relies on emotional addictions to create a need so that a product we purchase can fulfill that need. After the 13th Amendment was signed, we saw an ever greater effort to create and fuel emotional addictions. Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant People have proven over and over again that we can create and sustain successful businesses without lying, cheating, stealing, murdering, engaging in psychological manipulation or cultural appropriation. However, colonizers are so addicted to their slave-and-master version/foundation of capitalism, that our attempts are continually thwarted. A few of these events that I've covered in other blogs bear repeating because we cannot heal what we will not face or understand, and we cannot afford to allow history to repeat itself again:

☥ 1891 - The Committee Of Fifty (an elite group of white doctors, lawyers and politicians),

used false propaganda to incite a riot and psychologically manipulated the crowd so

that they could break into a prison in broad daylight, brutally murder and mutilate

bodies in front of the crowd without being brought to justice. The Committee Of Fifty

became an execution squad who forced the economic suppression of Italian immigrant

merchants who had created profitable businesses (that threatened the slave-and-

master foundation of capitalism), and one of the murderers became the 44th

Mayor of New Orleans. This event is the largest mass lynching in American history.

When we analyze this event, and then look at how present day white politicians can still

commit crimes and run for/win political races, we can see how the cycle repeats. We

can also recognize that these emotional addictions will cause colonizers to turn on

anyone, including themselves.

☥ 1921 - Black People created hundreds of profitable businesses without the need for

white patrons. These businesses were so profitable that they were called "Black Wall

     Street." However, because businesses that survive an economic depression, will have

considerable economic power once the economy stabilizes, these "Black Wall Streets"

triggered colonizers' emotional addictions to their delusions of superiority and

compulsions to inflict pain as a coping mechanism for their failure to maintain some

form of slave-and-master subjugation. This time, angry white mobs burned down

hundreds of Black businesses and went on a killing spree from Tulsa, Oklahoma to the

     east coast that was so bloody, this time period is now known as Red Summer.

We can track similar efforts of economic suppression and violence occurring ~every 30 years since Red Summer, including the creation of homeless populations by running major highways through Black neighborhoods (1950's), Crack cocaine and the rapid expansion of the prison industrial complex (1980's), another surge of violence/police brutality, including the murders of Trayvon Martin (2012), Eric Garner (2014) and many others that followed. Overt enslavement will not be tolerated by Black ☥ Indigenous ☥ Immigrant People, so the "dog" in colonizers drives them to find other ways to continue covert forms of enslavement. The feel-good sensation of inflicting pain on another without being held accountable for their actions feeds their emotional addictions and perpetuates their behaviors. We have enough resources to feed, clothe and care for every person on the planet. However, if we take care of everyone, how will we determine who is better than another? It is maddening to consider that the suffering of our world is perpetuated by a group of people who insist on creating problems that only they can solve in order to make themselves appear to be superior to others - an appearance that even they don't believe is true. As uncomfortable as it may be to see that we are not as far away from extremely dangerous behaviors as we'd like to think, acceptance of the potential for creating harm helps us to reel ourselves in when the "dog" in us attempts to assert control. Acceptance ☥ Sankofa activation also helps us to value ourselves and our culture so that colonizers cannot use money or psychological manipulation to tempt, bully or sway us into denigrating or dumbing down our culture.

Nsaka Sunsum (Touching the Spirit) is an educational pedagogy and process that captures the interdependent meshing of African intuition (the voice of the spirit), consciousness (the voice of the ancestors), and information (the voice of experience). The three key Nsaka Sunsum pedagogical ideas are (1) Love (the undeniable desire of one’s spirit to connect, merge, extend and to expand into a greater oneness with another (spirit); (2) Culture (the critical milieu without which human life can not develop or exist. It is represented as the vast structure of behaviors, ideas, attitudes, values, habits, beliefs, customs, language, rituals ceremonies and practices 'peculiar to a particular group of people and which provides them with a general design for living and patterns for interpreting reality;' and (3) Education (the process whereby humans both formally and informally reproduce and refine the best of themselves by guiding the student to human mastery, perfectibility and excellence).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ☥ Dr. Wade Nobles

I understood Deepak Chopra (a continental ☥ diasporan) to say that events occurring in our lives are either good for us or are creating a situation for us to go through [heal] in order to create good for us. The creation of what is good for us is determined by our choices. We can take actions that evolve us, or we can take actions that prevent us from evolving. Do we have a positive "dog" in us that can help us elevate to higher states of being? Anpu is the Kamitian (Ancient Egyptian) God Of Change ☥ Resourcefulness ☥ Servant To Lost Souls ☥ The Disenfranchised. He is represented with the head of a jackal which is very significant. Jackals were the first animals created by Roog the Supreme Creator of the Serer People of Senegal ☥ Northern Gambia ☥ Southern Mauritania. Jackals are related to the dog ☥ the wolf, symbolizing dog-like integrity ☥ loyalty and community wolf pack strategy. Let's consider how we will choose to integrate what we are learning to inform our Sankofa activation strategy.

☥ The empowered "dog" in us is the manifestation of honesty ☥ integrity ☥ benevolence ☥

competence ☥ loyalty ☥ connection to innate wisdom.

☥ The "wolf" in us is the master strategist and will not take actions that endanger the wolf

pack. If we see a lone wolf, we are most likely already surrounded by the pack. Every

action that the wolf pack takes is designed to sustain its health and keep it safe from


Anpu as the God Of Change nudges us to recognize that we have a choice and encourages us to make the choice that evolves us. When we are doing something that does not serve our highest good, it is time for us to make a change. Change in the positive could include stretching our muscles after 40 minutes of sitting. Change in the negative could include sexual perversion/promiscuity. Stevie Wonder's philosophy of "working with what you've got to work with" is an example of Anpu as the God Of Resourcefulness. Anpu as the Servant To Lost Souls shows up in our lives as those moments when our innate wisdom transforms the impulsive "dog" in us to the empowered "dog." Anpu as the Servant To The Disenfranchised appears in our willingness to accept our "quirks" and heal/develop them into super powers.

Extended Self is a re-conceptualization of Black self-concepts that recognizes that awareness of self is the awareness of one’s historical consciousness (collective spirituality) and the subsequent sense of we or being one. Defined as such, Black self concept is the personal transcendence into the collective consciousness (extension) of one’s people.                                                                                                                                      ☥ Dr. Wade Nobles

A Few Ways To Apply The Principles Of Sankofa In Everyday Life (continued)

☥ Take action ☥ self-correct ☥ repeat. Social programming causes us to hesitate or get

stuck in analysis paralysis: If I do this, they may think that … What will people think if I

     don’t ______? What if it doesn’t work? Taking action is our ticket out of these mental

     trappings. Go directly to a person instead of wasting time wondering what they are

     thinking/how they will respond. Jack Canfield has a great saying that has helped me to

     escape this prison. He says that we need to take the shot and then adjust our aim. If we

     don’t take the shot, then we can spend the rest of our lives “perfecting our aim (a            fallacy)” without experiential practice which prevents us from perfecting our aim in

     reality. Taking the shot shows us what we need to refine in order to adjust our aim.

Insecurities and fear will “arise and pass away” but, as S. N. Goenka asserts, we must not

allow those feelings/"sensations" to prevent us from taking the shot. A strategy that

can help us through the fear is to breathe, pause, take the shot. Then breathe, pause

and adjust our aim … repeat.

Be a vigilant spam detector and dismantler.

☥ Lies are spammed so that they will eventually become the truth in our minds. Tarzan is

a spammed lie, borders are spammed lies, competition is a spammed lie, manipulative

commercials that use shame or false taglines to trend a concept are spammed lies

     and eurocentric domination in the media is a spammed lie that creates hard-wired

     social programs in our mind that we must work diligently to dismantle if we want to be       free. Spam continues because we accept it, but we can be the generation that renders

     spamming inert through daily Qigong practice, a determined refusal to accept,

     and follow along passively with social programs (which means that our will must be

     stronger than the herd) and through diligently protecting our children from the influence

     of the media. For example, if our child doesn’t know that Shango is the God Of Thunder,

     Ogun is the God Of Metal, Horus (Hawk) is a Sky God, Kali is the Black Goddess,

     Dhumavati is the Widow Goddess, Ọya is the Goddess Of Lightning ☥ Storms ☥ Wind,

     etc. but our children are aware of conventional superheroes/sheroes/humans, then we

have work to do. Our children need to know who they are FIRST before we expose them

to eurocentric appropriations of our culture.

It is OK if we don’t know this information. It is NOT OK for us to shame ourselves/others for lack of knowledge. Colonization and social programming is designed to strategically prevent us from access to this information.

I have yet to discover an upside to ignorance/downside to self-discovery. It

is vitally important that our children do not idolize us as all-knowing. Let them see us      

     grapple with simple problem solving so that they get a real life understanding of what it

     takes to solve problems (with a solutions-based focus that they can understand at their

     particular level of development ☥ with the reminder of how to heal so that they are not

     traumatized by the “problem”).

It's important that children learn as soon as possible that it cannot be a problem unless there is a solution. We may not see the solution because we need to take some sort of action that takes us out of our comfort zone (growth) or have to heal something that is blocking our vision/sabotaging our progress, but the solution is waiting to be discovered. This approach trains us to focus on the solution/healing instead of stressing over the problem.

Let them see us self-correct so that they develop the habit early. Let them see us learn

and grow, so that they participate in their growth ☥ evolution. Let them contribute so

that they learn to trust their innate wisdom. As we start ☥ deepen our Sankofa process

of learning about our history and culture, we teach and learn with/from our children.

This type of learning can turn into fun family activities/games and is an outstanding

method for dismantling self-hatred while cultivating self-love.

For [children] to truly be educated [they] must know about [themself]. It doesn’t matter what [they] know about other people - all the facts that [they]  might have memorized that made [them] sound smart ... If [they] don’t know anything about [their] land of ancestry … [their] history then [they] are not educated.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ☥ Dr. Ama Mazama ☥ Associate Professor ☥ Director Of The Graduate Programs ☥ Department Of African American Studies ☥ Temple University ☥

☥ Cultivate benchmarks for trust for self, family and everyone. We do this to protect

     ourselves from self/outside sabotage that is driven by subconscious trauma. Seek

     understanding and cultivate self-awareness to dismantle the long term affects of

     colonization and invisible ways that it controls behavior. In other words, until we

     completely heal from the legacy of enslavement, we accept that colonization has

     influenced every aspect of our lives and that influence can show up in the form of

     internalized/projected self-hatred, internal/external sabotage, jealousy, envy,

     competition, rank pulling and ego games. Our benchmarks for trust ☥ relentless

commitment to the art of self-correction holds us and others accountable to exemplary

behaviors. For example, our strong, healthy boundaries would assert, "Don't ask

     colonizer's tactics far in advance so that we cultivate the self-control to resist being

baited into knee-jerk reactions/pressured into engaging in substandard behaviors. It      

     teaches us how to recognize the ways that we have been fooled into swimming

     with the sharks so we will heal, wake up, connect with SPIRIT and if we get pulled into

the water, we can "dance underwater without getting wet." Our empowered behaviors

form a protection shield around us which takes the "heroin" away from colonizers and

forces them in the "fire" where Ra ☥ Sun God ☥ God Of Fire ☥ will hold them until they

are humanized ☥ purified.

Study the work of African scholars throughout the diaspora such as Dr. Lesiba Baloyi, Dr. Wade Nobles, Dr. Na’im Akbar and Dr. Bethwell Allan Ogot. Their work is often purposely suppressed, so we will need to make a special effort to find “Kunta Kinte." It is vitally important that we study the work of spiritual scholars who have been the keepers of essential parts of our history ☥ culture that left Africa such as Osho, S.N. Goenka and Ayurvedic scholars such as Dr. Vaidya Bhagwan Dash. No matter how aggressively white people force their way into our history and culture (which they heavily subsidize and spam), they cannot be trusted as an authoritative source (i.e. whatever we learn from them must be vetted for fallacies, biases, etc.). Keeping in mind that we’ve endured thousands of years of oppression + trauma, how can we educate ourselves to learn who we are pluralistically?

     During this Journey To Radiance podcast, Sunni Patterson offers simple ways for us to

connect with our ancestors such as asking ourselves, “What would Uncle _____ do in

     this situation?” Ancestral work is not complicated. We can light a candle, meditate, pray,

     remember stories that we heard about our ancestors, etc. Sankofa continually

facilitates the defragmentation process for us in the background and nudges us to take

empowered actions that serve the highest good. We do not need to limit or separate

any aspect of ourselves. We can sing gospel songs, Orisha prayers, mantras, play,

dance, meditate and more to heal and celebrate all of who are. Sankofa work does

not turn us into a different person, it helps us to become more of who we truly are.

☥ Use these suggestions as a nudge to create your own Sankofa healing process. No one

knows you or your experiences more than you. Trust yourself and enjoy your lifelong

Sankofa journey.

Be transformed by your love. Be moved by holy intention. Be steadied by your faith; And take heart as you trod.                                                                                                                                                                                                ☥ From The Poem, 'Akoma' By Sunni Patterson

The idea of radiance is critical ... when we come together, we sparkle like diamonds. Dr. Wade Nobles

Journey To Radiance ☥ Sankofa explores Sankofa through the wisdom of Psychologist ☥ Elder ☥ Dr. Wade Nobles and Griot ☥ Artist ☥ Educator ☥ Healer ☥ Sizwe Abakah, and how we can use the wisdom of Sankofa to heal ourselves, our families and communities.

For over four decades, Dr. Wade W. Nobles has studied classical African philosophy (Kemet, Twa & Nubian) and traditional African wisdom traditions (Akan, Yoruba, Bantu, Wolof, Dogon, Fon, Lebou, etc.) as the grounding for the development of an authentic Black psychology. Dr. Nobles is a founding member of the Association of Black Psychologists and former national President (1994-95). He is Professor Emeritus of Africana Studies and Black Psychology at San Francisco State University and the author of over one hundred (100) articles, chapters, research reports and books; the co-author of the seminal article in Black Psychology, 'Voodoo or IQ: An Introduction to African Psychology.' Dr. Nobles is the Co-founder and past Executive Director of the Institute for the Advanced Study of Black Family Life and Culture, Inc., a free standing independent community-based, nonprofit Black 'think-tank' and scientific, educational training and research corporation, based in Oakland, California.